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 Born:November 24, 1885, 9:00 PM
In:Oberbalzheim (Germany)
Sun: 2°46' Sagittarius AS: 8°12' Leo
Moon:6°08' Cancer MC: 20°36' Aries
Dominants: Sagittarius, Cancer, Leo
Sun, Moon, Mars
Houses 5, 11, 3 / Fire, Earth / Cardinal
Numerology: Birthpath 3
Popularity: 5,578 clicks, 16,849th man, 25,343rd celebrity
Biography of Christian Wirth

Christian Wirth (24 November 1885 - 26 May 1944) was a senior SS officer during the program to exterminate the Jewish people of occupied Poland during the Second World War, known as Operation Reinhard. He was a top aide of Odilo Globocnik, the overall director of Operation Reinhard, and his responsibility was scaling up the T-4 Euthanasia Program, in which disabled people had been murdered by gassing or lethal injection, by developing extermination camps for mass murder. Wirth was the chief of the Criminal Police (Kripo) in Stuttgart before being transferred to head the T-4 program. As the head of the Kripo he obtained results through the use of force. In one case, a suspect who was known to be responsible for a crime but who would not confess was left alone for a time with Wirth; not o...


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