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Astrological Reports

Your Detailed Summer Forecast

What is in store for your love life, your projects and your career during this quarter (July 1 to September 30)? Make the most of your lucky days, and take action at the right time.

With this offer, it is the very tool used by professional astrologers that is made available to you.

This detailed forecast report, latest version, is clear and dense - approximately 60 pages - and includes one of the most comprehensive astrological forecasts. Thanks to its interactive graphic aspectarian, you can quickly and easily enjoy your report.

This report takes into account all the transits that activate your natal chart: it constitutes a real schedule for the quarter and includes not only important forecasts - slow planets' transits - but also their daily fluctuations, which translate into mood changes and minor events that you are likely to experience.

You can also read more information about the forecasts using the transit method.

N.B.: a free additional document which includes the Moon transits is also available in your account, at "My orders".

Immediate online delivery in your account and by email, round the clock.

USD 26.35
EUR 23.95
GBP 21.55
CAD 34.70
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Scarlett Johansson

Detailed Quaterly Forecast
Example: Scarlett Johansson

without Moon transits / with Moon transits

All Astrotheme Forecasts display the new aspectarian, the overall graphic of the transits analysed for the relevant period. Below is an example of aspectarian:

The interactive aspectarian

N.B.: in your report, the image is bigger, very crisp, has two pages, and is interactive.