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Astrology and Compatibility: check your astrological affinity

Get an assessment of your astrological compatibility with 60,607 celebrities, or measure it among them. Click on Your Profile, Star1 or Star2, lateral thumbnails or the random generator to select a celebrity. This app uses our compatibility programs with all birth data including city and time when known. Note that when the dates of birth are too close, it decreases the reliability of the rates due to the artificial accumulation of the presences of the slow planets at the same position. Ideally, a difference of at least 45 days is preferable. About 0.2% of couples can have a rate of 100%.

Compare two celebrities together or with whomever you want
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Astrology DataBase on September 20, 2021 at 5:13 PM, CEST
60,607 people and events, 25,949 of which with a known time of birth
Search by filters, aspects, positions, categories or heights
Celebrities clicked on in real-time: 738,937,855 times
Top 5 Couples
1.Dove Cameron and Booboo Stewart180.14% (7,566.03)
2.Zhang Ziyi and Christopher Buchholz179.81% (7,552.11)
3.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alain Amselek178.88% (7,512.88)
4.Sakura Tange and Simone Pedroni178.54% (7,498.86)
5.Sakura Tange and Gaylon Nickerson178.00% (7,476.11)
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