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Thu. 2 Feb., 09:04 AM UT
Sun 13°14'   Aquarius
Moon  6°24'   Cancer
Mercury 18°29'   Capricorn
Venus  7°48'   Pisces
Mars 10°35'   Gemini
Jupiter  6°19'   Aries
Saturn 26°01'   Aquarius
Uranus 14°59'   Taurus
Neptune 23°38'   Pisces
Pluto 28°43'   Capricorn
Chiron 12°41'   Aries
True Node  8°31'  Я Taurus
True Lilith 24°37'   Cancer
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Waxing Moon, 90.00%
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Sun. 5 Feb., 06:27 PM UT
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Astrotheme: About Us

Why Astrotheme

Astrotheme was created in 2002 on the initiative of Philippe Lepoivre de Vesle with a view to offering to astrology enthusiasts the best reports and transits forecasts, and an Internet tool as powerful and friendly as a quality professional software for their computer.


In a few years, Astrotheme became one of the main actors in the world of Francophone astrology websites. For 20 years, it has ranked first among French astrology websites in terms of traffic. It also provides astrological services to hundreds of websites in various countries.

We regularly add astrological applications, specific articles, and astrological reports such as horary reports, career and vocation reports, as well as the latest version of forecast reports. They have been carefully crafted in order to devise the best of what can be obtained at present with the transit method.

Quality and seriousness are our guiding principles. For that reason, the reports we sell have been elaborated in such a way as to avoid two pitfalls commonly found in astrological texts: boredom, instilled by texts which are too abstract and pedantic - of which not much is remembered - and on the contrary, frustration aroused by interpretations which are too down-to-earth and simplistic.

Furthermore, all our texts have been written with the constant concern to suggest some advice and some solution for each "negative" interpretation, whether in our portraits, our compatibility reports, or our astrological forecasts. Astrotheme is neither a fatalistic nor a polemical website. The purpose of our texts is to help. This is what astrology is all about, even though some topics are controversial, such as the meanings of symbolic degrees or of fixed stars. It must be underlined that they are not included in the reports we sell because they are not reliable enough. We publish them as a reference for researchers.

While astrology is interesting for friends and relatives, it is even more valuable for observing the world. To illustrate our reports and our applications, we have set up a database that we maintain daily. As a result, visitors can study over 60,000 natal charts of celebrities using search tools devised to this end: search by planet position and aspect, by social and professional category, by date of birth, etc.