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Your Comprehensive Compatibility Report

Special Offer: until November 23, 2017, you get 25% off the regular price. The price indicated below includes our Promotion discount.

The richest analysis of your couple's affinities - 68-75 pages, depending on the charts - with the two partners' astrological portraits, along with the comprehensive couple's analysis including your compatibility ratings. The whole report is sent immediately to your email with all its features:

  • Your two comprehensive psychological portraits - latest 5.3 version - with the interpretation of planetary dominants and repartitions, psychological and karmic analysis,
  • Your comprehensive couple's report, including the description of the assets and sensitive issues of your relationship, both on the romantic and human areas,
  • Potential long-term inter-actions between your partner and you,
  • Your four compatibility ratings (conjugal, affective, sexual, and communication),
  • The diagnosis of your couple.

This is a meaningful way to move further in the knowledge of your couple. It is also a captivating analysis which enables you to better understand your partner and to get closer to each other.

This modern couple's compatibility report takes into account all the parameters of the partners' natal charts, not only the Sun, the Moon, Mars, or the Ascendant, as it is the case for older generation methods.

We strongly recommend this report. It is the best buy since you pay only for one comprehensive portrait instead of two. A deep knowledge of each partner is the best tool to get a good grasp of your relationship. To make the reading even more interesting, we have combined both portraits for easy comparison.

Immediate online delivery, round the clock, including non-working days.

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