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Tue 20 October, 09:05 AM UT
Sun 2726'   Libra
Moon 1715'   Sagittarius
Mercury  856'  Я Scorpio
Venus 2044'   Virgo
Mars 1907'  Я Aries
Jupiter 1934'   Capricorn
Saturn 2542'   Capricorn
Uranus  909'  Я Taurus
Neptune 1835'  Я Pisces
Pluto 2233'   Capricorn
Chiron  615'  Я Aries
True Node 2118'  Я Gemini
True Lilith 1907'  Я Aries
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Waxing Moon, 16.33%
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Sat 31 Oct 02:48 PM UT
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Atlas for astrology: Latitude, Longitude, and Time zone

Our Free Astrological Atlas provides the latitude, longitude, time zone, and Universal Time for any given city and date. In addition, you may also display the interactive astrological chart using your own parameters.


N.B.: for the city of birth, just enter the first letters of the name of the city (nothing else), then select it, and click Next. Several cities of the same name can appear: scroll down if neccessary, and choose yours in the list.

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