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Venus and the Way You Love 2/2

You can instantly get the position of your Venus in sign and in house. All you need to do is locate the pink glyph of Venus (a circle above a cross) in the house area near the zodiacal wheel. Then you can check the accurateness or the resemblance between your personality traits and the relevant texts below.


One last remark: our indications are based on the meaning of a given configuration taken on its own. Other different or contradictory elements of the natal chart may weaken or modify its basic meaning. Furthermore, it is often difficult to separate what is concretely experienced from the symbolic and internalised aspect of a configuration. A manual analysis appropriately puts all the different pieces of the puzzle in place, such as assessing that an extroverted person is very likely to be successful, etc.

Let's take the example of the 9th house now. It highlights keen interests in far-away matters. But the concept of distance may be expressed on an abstract, mental, or spiritual plane, and it does not necessarily translate into frequent travels by air to the other end of the globe. Astrology works perfectly well, and verifications of its accurateness are rewarding for those who study it, but... it discloses its secrets only after many years of learning. In this regard, astrology is similar to any other discipline, and confirms that nothing is easily or immediately granted.

Venus in the 7th House

Warmth and seduction are at the service of your future or current marriage. Venus in the 7th House suggests commitment, need for reciprocation, and concrete manifestation of feelings. The emphasis is on your desire to love and be loved. In the romantic area, your entire being aspires to harmony, diplomacy, and broad-mindedness in order to find, at any cost, the common ground which might help you achieve your goal, a sweet idyll leading to a nice marriage, if possible.

Should any issue arise, such as a disagreement or a misunderstanding, you immediately undertake to cool your partner down and to put the accent on what brings you together, while cleverly erasing what might have harmed the harmony you value so deeply.

It is obvious that, with such a complacent behaviour, you steadily progress towards your goals. However, the price to pay might be quite high. Your dependency upon your couple becomes tangible. Surprisingly enough, you don't mind at all because that's just the way you are. All things considered, you prefer to carry on your constant game of self-sacrifice and reap its fruits rather than to push yourself to the forefront and run the risk of being less attractive...

Actually, nothing makes you happier than to legalize your relationship, and it is certain that once you are married, you become a perfect spouse who makes every effort to make life enjoyable for both of you.

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Illustration with Singer Julien Clerc's chart

Singer Julien Clerc

Talented and elusive Julien has a complex and dynamic chart reflecting his personality which cannot be immediately understood by the members of his entourage. He has a bowl pattern, with all the planets gathered within a semicircle, which indicates that his energy is highly concentrated into three main areas. Julien is characterized by his charm and his spirit of conciliation.

He has three planets, including the Sun and Venus, in Libra, the sign of Venus' rulership. He is above all a seducer, and he cannot refrain from charming since Venus in Libra in the 7th House inclines him to give the best of himself to other people. Venus' influence also translates into greatly enhanced artistic talents.

Sun is also in the 7th House, which prompts Julien to seek harmony and consensus. His exact Neptune-Sun conjunction turns him into a man of inspiration capable of completely merging into his art and his public. His commitment as an artist is genuine. He lives with and for music and completely melts into it. Whenever he comes on stage, his enthusiasm and his communication skills are wildly unleashed (the Air element strongly prevails, followed by Fire), along with the elusive seduction and the all-pervasive charisma which his bewitching Pisces Ascendant pours out.

The second main trait of Julien's personality is his changing moods and his quick wits. He instantly picks up his interlocutors' emotions, and in a split second, he may shift from the most exuberant enthusiasm to the deepest discouragement barely because of a few upsetting words. Nevertheless, the Moon-Mars sextile enables him to keep his emotions under control. Owing to the “Moon in Gemini effect” on the 3rd House's cusp, the house of communication, his personality is subtle and endearing and has very appealing qualities, although perhaps a bit too sensitive to atmospheres. Lastly, Julien is not as gentle as he may seem.

Despite his self-control, owing to his sharp intellectual acuity (Mercury in Scorpio), he may literally explode when he faces anything he deems unacceptable such as deceptions or unfair judgements. His Mars-Mercury square (in the 5th and 7th Houses) naturally prompts him to sometimes react instantly and forcefully to whatever he dislikes.

In any case, soothing Venus in the 7th House brings about powerful feelings, seduction, and all the assets needed to get that which makes him really happy, harmony in his couple. The nice Saturn-Venus sextile reinforces the qualities of faithfulness and seriousness in his love commitments, and even though the Moon in Gemini on the 7th house's cusp (marriage) in Virgo (a double-bodied sign) does not incline to an only marriage, his main concern is to achieve happiness within his couple and to make it last. He is most likely to be successful in this regard.

Singer Julien Clerc's Natal Chart

Venus in the 8th House

According to the Tradition, this configuration tightly associates feelings and sexuality. When you fall in love, your feelings quickly reach a high level of intensity and carry you into the world of passion. You are not half-hearted, and you love deeply or not at all.

Your personal view is that love physical aspects and desire are intrinsically linked to feelings. Besides, it does not take you long before you deliberately distil a fair amount of torrid eroticism into your behaviour and turn your idyll into an affair as burning and deep as your inner feelings!

If Venus receives no adverse aspects, possessive tendencies are expressed positively. You happily care for your sweetheart and you watch over his/her financial interests. Indeed, Venus in the 8th House protects everything that is related to the management of other people's assets, particularly those of the spouse. You behave with benevolence in your couple and also in your dealings in general, which usually brings about good surprises in the guise of inheritances.

Sometimes, when transiting planets form square or opposition aspects with your Venus, there may be a risk that you fall into the trap of obsessive and painful jealousy. Such a situation would be a disgrace since, as the saying goes, groundless jealousy is uncalled-for and damaging, while it is useless and belated when harm has been done.

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Illustration with Actress Carole Bouquet's chart

Actress Carole Bouquet

Lovely and brainy Carole blends amazingly well her warm sensitivity (Moon in Taurus exalted in the 4th House) with the highly “cerebralised” natural reserve of her affectivity (Venus-Mercury in Virgo in the 8th House). With a Moon-Saturn dominant, Carol blows hot and cold, which is only a superficial appearance.

She is dynamic, with her feet on the ground (prevailing Fire and Earth), and at the same time, she has a strong taste for concealed topics such as mysteries, sexuality and its complexities. She is a passionate intellectual willing to lucidly explore without inhibition with enthusiasm many hidden aspects of this area. She is curious, constantly analysing what she experiences, and she has no problem in doing so thanks to the help of her nice Moon-Venus trine in earth signs.

Actually, gorgeous Carole is endowed with a warm sensitivity, and therefore she does not find it difficult to hide her reserve, as far as feelings are concerned. Indeed, the Moon stands for our daily sensitivity, whereas Venus comes into play as soon as feelings arise. Venus symbolises the ability to seduce regardless of feelings. In the case of Carole, the Moon is very warm-hearted and effusive and harmoniously connected with her dispositor Venus. Therefore, it is obvious that feelings may quickly and easily shift into the sensitivity mode, especially as Carole's mental control is good since Mercury is in rulership in Virgo.

Besides, Carole is a simple and natural person, for whom fame may be experienced as a burden since it is difficult to feel protected at home (Moon in the 4th House) and simultaneously to be exposed to promiscuity and the violation of her privacy (Moon-Sub square en the 4th and 7th Houses). In this area, Carole had to make clear choices. Regardless of consequences affecting her career, incidentally very successful, she gives top priority to her tranquillity and her home.

She prefers so much more to revel in the balance of a simple life than to bask in the superficiality of a frantic society life. At the same time, it is obvious that Venus in soft aspect with Jupiter, in the 8th House also, enables her to turn her love life into a passionate, exalted, and enriching quest.

Actress Carole Bouquet's Natal Chart

Venus in the 9th House

The choice is yours between love encountered during your trips abroad or the love for travels, and focussing your feelings on your ideal of escapism into distant topics. Or both, perhaps. In any case, you often tend to fall in love or to marry a person of foreign descent because exoticism and differences quite mysteriously appeal to you, and there is nothing you can do to prevent this phenomenon. This applies more frequently to males, since in their chart, Venus symbolises the ideal woman, whereas in a female's chart, Mars symbolises the type of man which is bound to attract them.

As far as feelings are concerned, your thirst for space and change is expressed very early. You cannot be content with routine, and you need to experience exciting, new, unusual, and unknown events. You have itchy feet, and you feel fine only when you find yourself in a ship at the other end of the world, or in any airport, with your senses on the lookout, ready to be seduced by the strange charm of a person who does not resemble you at all.

Your feelings are immense and generous, sometimes even sublimated and idealised because you adamantly refuse any kind of limitation. You are driven by a constant need to acquire the higher knowledge which can only be found in spiritual matters or, in the literal sense, in the exploration of remote lands, or by analogy, in the company of people of foreign culture who are so enriching.

Your personality is endowed with the tinge of nobleness and long-term vision which characterizes mature people who do not look at things from a self-centred and simplistic perspective. It is true that, seen from a plane, the authenticity of all things important finally stands out with more acute sharpness...

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Illustration with Singer and former tennisman Yannick Noah's chart

Singer and former tennisman Yannick Noah

Charismatic and talented Yannick could not go unnoticed on our earth! Above all, he is a man with an extraordinary destiny. With four planets on the angles of his chart, he inherited at birth an amount of personal riches which is quite rare. His Sun-Mercury conjunction on his Midheaven (destiny) is a frequent indication for fame and turns Yannick into a thoughtful and warm person deeply rooted in reality. Pluto in Virgo conjunct his Ascendant endows him with the magnetism and the charisma which we all notice in his personality. Lastly, the Moon in Pisces conjunct his Descendant heightens his sensitivity, his taste for the arts, his generosity, and his compassion. Selflessness and service to others are Yannick's obvious and natural features.

With Mars and Venus dominants of equal strength, Yannick is blessed with the possibility to live his temperament to the full. Venus in rulership in Taurus predisposes him to the arts and music in general (the Tradition believes that Taurus and Leo favour singers), whereas the Moon in Pisces definitely strengthens his taste for music and rhythm. With this type of sensitivity (Moon) and affectivity (Venus), it is not surprising that Yannick very quickly and successfully found his audience and demonstrated his artistic talents. In his case, one may talk about a real communion with his audience rather than a mere encounter. With his boundless sensitivity, there is an obvious possibility that during his concerts, he is inhabited by some sort of trance, otherwise it would be difficult to explain his catalyst powers and the way he fuses the public and his music together, creating a bewitching and intense atmosphere similar to that of some initiatory and magical celebration (Pluto on the Ascendant and Moon in Pisces).

Venus and Mars are equally strong. Mars' energy is striking and swift since Mars is in rulership in Aries. This has enabled him to excel very early in tennis, a sport which requires at the same time strength and swiftness, and which perfectly suited him. In 1983, he became a Roland Garros champion and ranked as world number three.

With Venus in the 9th House, Yannick is an excellent illustration for our article since no one else is more committed than he is to humanitarian causes and to generosity, but also to all things remote such as travels and one or two marriages with persons of foreign descent. Indeed, Yannick is deeply involved in charity work, more particularly in the association "Children of the earth", a centre for children in distress created with his mother in 1988. He also participates in various activities of “Celebrate the Wall”, an NGO he sponsors, and which provides deprived youths with sports equipment. Despite a full life, he is the caring father of four children, two of which are born from his first marriage to Cecilia Rhode (Miss Sweden 1988), and the two others, from his second marriage to top model Heather Stewart White.

Singer and former tennisman Yannick Noah's Natal Chart

Venus in the 10th House

Unless this configuration receives hard aspects from other planets, you tend to link career and love, and even marriage, and to combine business with pleasure in ways that may affect your destiny. Females in general may be instrumental in your social promotion, and their support may speed up your success. You do not hesitate to make use of your charm and your powers of seduction for your own ends. (This characteristic is increased if you are a male.) Sometimes, you are attracted to « Venusian » occupations such as the arts, aesthetics, decoration, luxury trade, or diplomacy. In any case, you tremendously appreciate your occupation. You feel very good and you enjoy an affective popularity which results in outrageous luck and may propel you to the top, or at least, to where you long to be.

More often than not, you are a perfectionist, and the careful attention you pay to the pursuit of your objectives greatly contributes to their achievement. You never forget them, and nothing delights you more than rubbing shoulders with important people in the higher spheres of diplomacy, politics, or business. You are happy to act as mediator or go-between and to reap the well-deserved reward for your irresistible charm.

In some cases, the Tradition considers that this configuration indicates that males are strongly attached to their mother, which has a greatly beneficial influence on their destiny. In some adverse circumstances, you may lack constancy or perseverance in love. The other possibility is that, owing to your carelessness, love may somehow thwart you professional objectives. You may be controlled by women, or you may lack authority. You are very likely to find yourself doing a balancing act between your love life and your professional life without being able to make a decision, and as a result, damaging both.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Venus in the 10th House.

Illustration with Film director Luc Besson's chart

Film Director Luc Besson

Luc's Sun sign and Ascendant alone describe very well the general features of his character. He is a Jupiterian-Neptunian, a perfect blend of Water and Fire since both elements equally strong. Although an active and inspired man with a lot of energy, he is also influenced by his feelings. He constantly releases his creative inspiration in nice and outstanding ways.

He is as mobile as he is creative and loathes settling down (strong predominance of mutable and cardinal signs). He moves around, he creates, and he manages to get things moving. His life is in a state of endless movement and change. He did not need the lessons of life to understand things, for his deep nature is driven by the continual urge to release the colourful range of his emotions.

With Venus and Mercury in Aries in the 10th House of career and destiny, he loves speed and action. His talent enables him to create fast-paced works which have the originality to display sheer violence in an atmosphere of nostalgia or poetry. Speed is found everywhere and sometimes overshadows the sentimental and poetic components which are used as a watermark in his movies.

Like Balzac (a renowned French author of the 19th century) who felt a compulsive urge to write, Luc creates and progresses under the inspiration of countless different topics. He hardly makes a pause since he is obsessed by the frantic need to transcribe the dreams of his childhood into images on the screen. He has the support of a nice Moon-Jupiter-Sun trine which endows him with a steady and strong creative drive (Jupiter in rulership in the 5th House). He is definitely an out of the ordinary person and embodies the archetype of the successful, yet explosive, alliance of Water and Fire. His career is wonderfully favoured by the Pluto-Mercury trine which generously provides the intellectual acuity and the sound judgement needed in order to spot a good bargain or steer clear of any potential danger.

Since action and emotions are equally important, it is logical that love can blossom only if it involves the career. Luc throws himself heart and soul into his work, which leaves little time for anything else. He is unable to separate the affairs of the heart from professional matters which, in a way, are all his life. In line with the enthusiastic and spontaneous nature of his Venus in Aries, he certainly falls in love and experiences his passions while keeping on creating, without taking the time to ponder or to wonder where he is heading to. Life is short and time is swift!

Spontaneity implies short-lived enthusiasm, and Luc's infatuations may pass as quickly as they cropped up despite the powerful influence of the Water element which provides him with profuse feelings of nostalgia for his past loves.

His fragility and his strength share the same source. His generous and inspired affectivity harbours a flaw or a break which at times makes him feel abandoned and lonely. With the Moon in the 12th House and in exact opposition to Saturn, in many instances Luc probably was distressed by separations which he believed he would more easily overcome. However, thanks to his Fire temperament and to Jupiter protecting this area of his chart, he reacts to all events, affective or not, in open and constructive ways, without giving potential grief the time to grow. All this, at a frenzied pace!

Film Director Luc Besson's Natal Chart

Venus in the 11th House

Your sociability is usually impressive, and this strong characteristic of your personality enables you to navigate with ease between love and friendship. You are so welcoming and charming that your entourage do not know where they stand. It is most likely that you get great satisfactions out of your friends and that, in most cases, your relationship imperceptibly and gradually shifts from friendship to true love! Besides, should your tie be short-lived, it is certain that you will remain in excellent terms with your ex and that you will get back to the warm friendship which had been the foundation of your idyll with memories as a bonus...

Your affectivity is quite paradoxical, at the same time warm and devoid of self-interest. Indeed, as indicated by this astrological house and its natural ruler Aquarius, in matters of love, you are a refined and tolerant person, and you are more interested in collective and broad visions than in strictly individual approaches.

You are often granted protection for the implementation of your projects, particularly by your numerous female friends who highly value your education, your refinement and your thirst for outings, whether they involve the theatre, a concert, or a conference, etc.

Your potential weaknesses may precisely stem from your detachment or from your lack of involvement, which, as natural as they are to you, may offend or shock some of your love relationships. Your partners may criticize what they consider to be aloof or half-hearted attitudes and request that you change the way you express your feelings. In such moments, being slightly more demonstrative is all it takes to prevent budding reproaches...

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Venus in the 11th House.

Illustration with Actress Juliette Binoche's chart

Actress Juliette Binoche

Charming and unpredictable Juliette enjoys the privilege of being a woman who is as sentimental as pragmatic and stubborn. Her Sun in secretive and sentimental Pisces is in triple conjunction with Mercury and Mars, near the Midheaven, and supported by a nice Neptune in the 5th House (inspiration and artistic creativity). This configuration could but propel talented Juliette to the pinnacle of fame through the path which she chose for herself and perfectly suits her nature. Renown might have been a matter of concern to some extent. Indeed, with the Ascendant in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn, Juliette is quite reserved and serious in her daily life, even though Venus is in rulership in Taurus in the 11th House. The Moon in Capricorn loathes gushing gestures in public. As to Cancer, she prefers the sweet reverie of her imagination to superficial functions...

Owing to three personal planets in Pisces supported by Neptune and to her Cancer Ascendant highlighted by an exact conjunction to her North Node, Juliette is very sentimental. She is willing to live her temperament to the full and to throw herself heart and soul into her career. The support of Saturn in the 9th House (sextile Venus), symbolising rigour, effort, and time, enables her to persevere and conquer her public and reviewers alike. She imposed herself, and she is one of the very rare French stars whose popularity goes beyond France's frontiers. She is stable and stubborn, but also extremely warm when her affectivity is involved. She is not her ordinary self any more when her feelings spring up, and then, there is nothing she wants more than to see that these feelings grow roots and take concrete form in her life.

However, with Mars and the Sun (the husband and the lover in a female's chart) in double-bodied Pisces, it is obvious that Juliette finds it difficult to settle down for a long time despite her deep feelings and her faithfulness (sextile Saturn-Venus). Their position in the 10th House prompts her to establish relationships directing linked to her career, which does not mean that they are not genuine, intense and long-lasting. However, duration does not necessarily imply eternity...

Her weakness probably stems from the Jupiter-Moon square in the 7th and 11th Houses which has thwarted a few projects close to her heart. Between 1989 and 1991, as she was shooting one of her major films, Saturn activated this square and brought about endless delays fraught with countless pitfalls. The quite harsh Uranus-Pluto conjunction opposite her stellium in the 10th House might also have played tricks and prevented her from harmoniously combining private life and professional destiny at various periods of her life.

Such a great talent and success owe nothing to chance. Juliette is above all a passionate and inspired woman whose courage and perseverance have been so far rewarded with glory, and who will certainly remain highly regarded in her professional sphere.

Actress Juliette Binoche's Natal Chart

Venus in the 12th House

Whether you like it or not, you embody the French saying that « To live happy, let's live hidden »! As far as your love life is concerned, nothing suits you better than tranquillity, calm and secrecy. This may be linked to many different reasons such as shyness, romanticism, modesty, etc. In any case, it is true that you tend to be better off when you experience your romances in the clandestine mode, and that legal marriage, usually so much sought after, frightens you more than anything else.

You are romantic, secretive, and sometimes melancholic. You tend to sublimate or spiritualise your feelings. As a result, you may go through moments of solitude, but they don't affect you seriously. Indeed, you are a bit fatalistic, and you associate love with ordeals in general. Is it owing to your dedicated and loving nature or to your innate goodness? Whatever the answer, you are likely to meet your soul mate in the midst of difficult circumstances or in a context of sorrow. In most cases, you establish significant ties during such occasions. It may happen in closed settings such as a hospital, a convent, or a prison, for, mysteriously enough, they are the places where your love springs up and develops easily.

You are a philanthropist with a genuinely compassionate soul, and you give of your best whenever the situation is fraught with sorrows and uncertainties. You belong to the category of people who commit themselves into humanitarian action with sincerity and fervour. This type of work offers a good outlet to your feelings, in so far as you don't express them strongly enough in your real love life. Despite misleading appearances, you are shy and reserved in the private sphere of feelings, but you are so nice, dedicated, and generous that you are not any worse off than anyone else. Actually, you manage to turn adversities into personal and enriching experiences for your spirituality and your destiny alike. In addition, you are blessed with some sort of protection against life hardships. To the astonishment of your entourage, the ravages of loneliness leave you unaffected.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Venus in the 12th House.

Illustration with Actor Gérard Depardieu's chart

Actor Gérard Depardieu

This French movie star is above all a man harbouring a concentration of sheer energy. Four planets are gathered in the 1st House, the Ascendant is in Sagittarius, and Jupiter, ruler of the Ascendant is in conjunction with the Sun. All the planets are in the Eastern half of his chart, and the six personal planets are posited within approximately sixty degrees of the Ascendant! The Cardinal mode clearly prevails over the Mutable and Fixed modes, emphasising even more strongly the willpower, the creativity and the vital force indicated by this configuration.

With such a splendid planetary dominant (Sun-Jupiter-Mars-Mercury), Gérard can do anything. He is really versatile, personal, and determined. He is as deep and intellectual as he is energetic, and he can afford to play his life, and the parts in the movies, in several different styles.

The third facet of his personality is rigour and perseverance, as dramatically shown in the part of the hunchback he played in “Jean de Florette”. Indeed, Saturn forms a perfect trine with his Sun-Jupiter conjunction and endows him with the power to achieve in the long run, as well as to gradually build his personality. Time is Gerard's ally, and it is most likely that he became aware of this quite quickly. Saturn structures and does not cheat, especially when he is posited in the 8th House, where he endows with clear-sightedness and prompts to move forward.

Furthermore, the concentration of planets in the harsh sign of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, strengthens the characteristic of discipline and rigour. Gérard was offered a Ferrari engine (Sun-Jupiter-Mercury conjunction in the 1st House on the Sagittarius Ascendant) controlled by Saturn's clock as a birth present: a choice asset for an out of ordinary destiny...

With Venus in Sagittarius in the 12th House, Gérard might not be willing to flaunt his affairs or to have them legalised. His nature prompts him to adopt discreet attitudes. Besides, the planets of affectivity and sensitivity (Venus and the Moon) are slightly withdrawn in the general framework of the chart, as if the enormous amount of willpower and talent generously granted at birth had encroached on the more private facets of his personality. Venus in Sagittarius is rather expansive and warm, and she is enhanced because her ruler Jupiter is very strong. However, Jupiter in the 12th House and square Saturn indicates that his affective life is a challenge... which he takes up confidently thanks to his iron will.

Actor Gérard Depardieu's Natal Chart

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