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Venus and the Way You Love 1/2

Since our astrological website puts a strong emphasis on the compatibility of couples, we thought that it would be a good idea to offer our valued visitors a series of articles about the particular ways in which we express our feelings. Indeed, the astrological Tradition enables us to get a considerable amount of interesting and relevant pieces of information.


The way one approaches love is indicated in the natal chart by Venus' position in sign and in house and by the aspects she forms with the other planets. Since Venus can be posited in one of the twelve houses and one of the twelve signs, there are 144 basic possibilities. This figure is almost infinitely increased by the influence of all the other planets.

Venus and the way you love Part 1/2: Aphrodite de Cnide by Praxitèle, Musée du Louvre

In order to understand Venus' symbolism, it is necessary to consider the following points:

The first one is the position of Venus in sign since it is the main track, or the basic indication. It may be likened to the backdrop colour which the verb "to love" puts on. It describes the "how".

The second one is the position of Venus in house, which is only slightly less important than her position in sign, and shows the field in which one is most likely to express best one's powers of seduction. It describes the "where".

Then, one must analyse the aspects Venus forms with the other planets, which may have a magnifier effect, add colour, hinder, or sometimes prevent the characteristics previously identified from manifesting concretely. Aspects describe the nature of alterations.

In addition, it is necessary to consider the 5th House, its planets and aspects, if any, and to a lesser extent, the luminaries, i.e., the Sun and the Moon. Assessing Venus' general state also provides indirect information on what the chart's owner may expect in the affective area. When feelings are numerous and strong, so are the chances that hopes are fulfilled, at least generally speaking and on the long run, which means that one is most likely to achieve happiness. Indeed, one can receive only what one gives, and this principle is utterly appropriate in love, regardless of the transient and incidental vagaries which confirm the rule even more firmly.

In our first series of articles, we focus on the areas of life in which our feelings are expressed most easily. We explain the meaning of Venus' positions in the twelve astrological houses. We must underline that the indications we provide do not include the state of Venus, which depends on tense or, on the contrary, soft aspects formed by other planets. To a lesser extent, the position of Venus in house gives additional information regarding the areas in which we are at our best and how we enjoy relaxing. It also indicates those areas in which we are a bit passive, in some state of dilettantism, and unwilling to make an effort...

You can instantly get the position of your Venus in sign and in house. All you need to do is locate the pink glyph of Venus (a circle above a cross) in the house area near the zodiacal wheel. Then you can check the accurateness or the resemblance between your personality traits and the relevant texts below.

One last remark: our indications are based on the meaning of a given configuration taken on its own. Other different or contradictory elements of the natal chart may weaken or modify its basic meaning. Furthermore, it is often difficult to separate what is concretely experienced from the symbolic and internalised aspect of a configuration. A manual analysis appropriately puts all the different pieces of the puzzle in place, such as assessing that an extroverted person is very likely to be successful, etc. Let's take the example of the 9th house now. It highlights keen interests in far-away matters. But the concept of distance may be expressed on an abstract, mental, or spiritual plane, and it does not necessarily translate into frequent travels by air to the other end of the globe. Astrology works perfectly well, and verifications of its accurateness are rewarding for those who study it, but... it discloses its secrets only after many years of learning. In this regard, astrology is similar to any other discipline, and confirms that nothing is easily or immediately granted.

Venus in the 1st House

When your Venus is in the 1st House (also called the Ascendant), which represents your behaviour or the character you readily show to other people, she contributes to give a gentle touch to your personality. She endows you with a lot of natural charm and a relaxed attitude, along with a sparkling, attractive, and sexy vitality. You have no difficulty in expressing your feelings in affectionate and appealing ways because they are an integral part of your nature, of the way you see things, and how you present yourself to people. You want to please, and you have a strong taste for beauty, luxury, the arts, and music. You seek harmony in all things, and your sense of diplomacy is one of your renowned primary qualities.

Of course, you are lucky in love. You make friends easily, and you have every reason to hope for long-lasting ties because you readily show your feelings, and it is just right that you harvest the fruits of what you sowed, sooner or later. There is no contradiction between your behaviour and your feelings, and this is what constitutes an outstanding asset for seduction.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Venus in the 1st House.

Illustration with Actress Emmanuelle Béart's chart

Actress Emmanuelle Beart

Sublime Emmanuelle has quite a rare chart. She is a double Leo (Sun and Ascendant in Leo) with a Venus-Sun conjunction on the Ascendant forming a sextile with the Moon! Beauty and charm of the devil, or instead, of the angel which has come down to earth. Instant seduction and charm, femininity and "female-ness" concentrates are her features along with the warmth of the fire and the brightness of the Sun. She never goes unnoticed, whether she is dressed in casual or sophisticated clothes. She is a focus of attention, and one remains dumbstruck by her bewitching and fascinating magnetism as soon as she makes her enchanting appearance.

Emmanuelle is much more than that. Her powerful chart prompts her to seriousness. With Saturn (solemnity and hindsight) in opposition to her Venus-Sun conjunction, Emmanuelle is a living paradox. She displays the duality between her dazzling nature as a celebrity and her capacity as a woman to detach herself from everything and to steer clear of the tricks of fame. Indeed, with Jupiter culminating in the 9th House and activating her Venus-Sun dominants and her Moon, she feels a keen interest in serious topics, particularly in spirituality. This is a really beneficial and major outlet for Saturn's opposition. As she has it, "There must be in me some sort of exhibitionism coexisting with a terrible modesty."

Emmanuelle Béart's Natal Chart

Venus in the 2nd House

You usually associate possessions and feelings. At first, they crop up slowly, but they gradually take root and become more intense as soon as you grow attached. You then need to be sure that the person whom you set your heart on is faithful and that, somehow, he/she belongs to you.

Feelings and material well-being usually go hand in hand, and the material circumstances in which you experience love are of paramount importance to you. Living on love alone is out of the question. A cosy and opulent-looking nest, or a quite luxurious environment, is the almost indispensable condition under which you can give free rein to your sentimental impulses.

This does not mean that you are only motivated by self-interests. Actually, you often have great qualities of generosity and compassion, but you find it quite hard to separate the pleasant and materialistic aspect of things from the happy principle of forming a couple.

Besides, you crave affective security, and if you don't have it yet, you manage to obtain it at all costs.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Venus in the 2nd House.

Illustration with Actor Jean Gabin's chart

Actor Jean Gabin

Jean Gabin had four personal planets in Taurus out of a total of five. He embodied the archetype of the Earth, stable and strongly rooted in concrete life. His feelings were deep and he was faithful. He could, and he would, become attached as soon as a love story would come up on his horizon. Beautiful things, the soil, nice mansions, out-door life, and security, all these subjects were of major importance to him.

The warmth of his personality was clearly perceptible under his gruff manners, and his feelings were as deep as they were enduring. Whoever betrayed him was in trouble! He could not tolerate despicable acts and unfaithfulness.

Jean Gabin's Natal Chart

Venus in the 3nd House

With such a configuration, your feelings tend to manifest in a scattered way, and they may become particularly exalted whenever you are exchanging with several people at the same time, or when you are surrounded with people who understand you. Your feelings often stem from the base of common interests you share with your interlocutors in various fields, be it cultural, journalistic, scientific, or related to travels. It is during frequent short trips that you may open your heart, possibly because you then have the certainty that you do not commit yourself more than you really wish to deep down.

Correspondences of all types are favoured, whether they come in the form of letters, or through the Internet –oh! Virtuality... – and telephone calls. You tremendously appreciate this light and quite distant means of communication which enables you to open up and mix love with friendship without asking yourself too many questions.

You may be an SMS champion, always welcoming change and thoughtlessness. To tie yourself down with a sole commitment is a real challenge.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Venus in the 3rd House.

Illustration with Actress Isabelle Adjani's chart

Actress Isabelle Adjani

Beautiful Isabelle is a real charmer. Her Venus in Gemini in conjunction with Mercury in the 3rd House turns her into a formidable “gentleman-killer”, even though she may not intend to do so all the time. She twirls around and flutters like a butterfly among the members of her entourage. She has so much charm and finesse that she is able to make almost anyone succumb just as she appears or drops a few sparkling words.

Seduction is basically a game of skill in which she can but win because her lively, nimble, graceful, and soft manners are so attractive.

Moreover, her Venus-Mercury conjunction in sextile with her Ascendant increases the almost magical impression that she is a woman, very naturally, although she apparently has no concern for that. All the people who have the privilege to meet her are immediately interested and feel the desire to get to know her.

Isabelle Adjani's Natal Chart

Venus in the 4th House

In order to achieve a fulfilling sentimental life, you need a strong and reassuring family base from which you can eventually consider the world outside and give free rein to your romantic excitements. It might be that you have had a happy childhood with a lot of affection and loving care, and that now, you want at any cost to reproduce the same reassuring and enduring warm feeling.

On the contrary, it might be that fate had turned your childhood into a painful period during which you underwent emotional loneliness, and that now, you want to obtain at any cost what you were deprived of in the past. In both cases, for the rest of your life, the harmony of your family structures remains an absolute necessity without which you feel that you are unable to blossom.

You usually need this security in the literal sense of the term before you can open up. When a serious relationship starts, one of your first concerns is to purchase or beautify your nest, a cosy and opulent-looking one of course. To you, interior decoration is as important as security, and you are most likely to spend a lot of time hunting out refined art works which reflect your deepest feelings, secret but warm, and reassuring, yet reasonable.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Venus in the 4th House.

Illustration with Actress and humorist Michelle Laroque's chart

Actress Michèle Laroque

Lively and charming Michèle has a paradoxical and amusing chart. There is a sharp contrast, on the one hand between her need for security and her deeply-rooted feelings, and on the other hand, her incredible agility and mobility.

Dynamism prevails, and with a Mars-Venus-Jupiter dominant, Michèle's nature is in a state of constant change. She is quick, adaptive, and elusive. She also has a deep and unusual intuition.

Her Sun in Gemini (multiplicity, swiftness, and versatility), her Ascendant in Pisces (intuition, compassion, and malleability), and the powerful trine which Neptune in Scorpio sends to her Moon on the Ascendant, enable her to understand her interlocutors as if she were a radar. Her Venus-Sun conjunction in Gemini in the 4th House creates a constant movement tinged with the desire to almost automatically seduce, which can make her entourage feel dizzy.

She is also fond of calm, and she needs to get back to her roots in a protective place of her own. Once she is refreshed, she expresses feelings which are much more intense than her apparent superficiality might suggest. Indeed, with a strong Water element (second to Fire), and as indicated by the Moon, the ruler of her 5th House (feelings), conjunct her Ascendant and linked to Neptune (Venus' higher octave, exacerbated sensitivity) and Pluto (passion), mischievous Michèle is a romantic and passionate person.

The odds are that throughout her life, Michèle spends a lot of time rebuilding her home in accordance with her natural mobility and the need for security she has in all areas in general and in the affectively realm in particular.

Michèle Laroque's Natal Chart

Venus in the 5th House

There is a definite affinity between house and planet. Here, Venus feels very comfortable and gives her best in terms of powerful feelings, artistic creation, leisure and entertainment, talent for fine arts or music, and the capacity to easily communicate with children.

The intensity of your affectivity is greatly increased, and more than in any other house, Venus bestows an active and enterprising attitude in this area of life. Indeed, creativity is ruled by the 5th House, and Venus enables you to blend pleasure with motivation, not only in the field of artistic creation or entertainment, but in the romance department also.

She prompts you to create fearlessly or to actively develop romantic ties with the person whom you chose. Besides, you look your best, and you are willing to display much more kindness, warmth, and seduction than in your other daily activities.

The danger with this position is that, owing to romantic dissipation or to the sheer pleasure to shine, you may fall prey of your own ability to please or to have fun.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Venus in the 5th House.

Illustration with Composer and singer David Hallyday's chart

Singer and Composer David Hallyday

This prolific artist has a chart which perfectly matches the meaning of Venus in the 5th House. This crucial house position is strengthened by a triple Moon-Sun-Venus dominant, a particularly highlighted 5th house hosting five planets, and a Moon-Venus conjunction in Cancer.

Cancer and Leo are very strong, indicating that the water of dreams is blended with the desire to shine and create. All these characteristics turn David into a highly creative and sentimental person.

The Mars-Jupiter conjunction, which is part of his stellium in the 5th House and linked to Saturn by a trine, endows him with the necessary energy and perseverance to carry through his numerous artistic projects, and certainly his love life as well, on the long run.

Owing to his dual nature, he alternately switches from the desire to have his human and artistic qualities acknowledged by the public and by his close friends alike, particularly through his work (the Sun in Leo on the 6th house's cusp), to a form of detachment from the throes of fame. He prefers to indulge in nostalgic and romanticism-packed dreams, as well as in leisure, which are most likely to be as numerous as they are engrossing, given his active 5th House.

David Hallyday's Natal Chart

Venus in the 6th House

This position of Venus is quite special because the essence of Venus' symbolism, i.e. feelings and absence of limitations and control, does not blend too well with the symbolism of the 6th house, which rules constraints, daily life or work, lifestyle, subservience, and the principle of being of service. As a consequence of this association, that feelings are tied down to a framework or to some sort of obligation, even though it is not necessarily disturbing.

You are most likely to meet your spouse or your love partner in a professional setting, an association, or some specific work-oriented activity such as common professional projects, etc. (This applies more particularly to males' chart). It seems that such contexts can more easily lift the inhibition or the self-restriction produced by this house-planet combination. Besides, it is traditionally believed that affairs with servants (with subordinates or «socially inferior » persons) or with colleagues are very favoured with this configuration.

Furthermore, if Venus in the 6th House receives no tense aspects, your daily life is fun. You appreciate working, you happily mix pleasure with necessity, you experience pleasant encounters, and you keep on discovering new and enthralling centres of interest. Most of the time, you win the friendship, the dedication, and the esteem of your colleagues, particularly the females. It is in your interest to work.

You are one of those rare persons for whom work never constitutes a constraint, but a daily pleasure, probably because you know how to tend towards what you find enjoyable. Just be careful not to fall in love too often in this context.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Venus in the 6th House.

Illustration with Journalist and writer Patrick Poivre d'Arvor's chart

Journalist and Writer Patrick Poivre d'Arvor (PPDA)

Great Patrick is also a perfect illustration of Venus in the 6th House. He has the Sun in Virgo, the Ascendant in Taurus, four planets in the 6th House, and nice Sun-Venus and Mercury-Neptune conjunctions. Venus, ruler of the Ascendant, is part of his triple Mercury-Venus-Pluto planetary dominant. The Air (communication) and Fire (action and energy) elements prevail.

Patrick is a man of action with a quite inexhaustible energy thanks to his perfect Mars-Jupiter trine, the usual signature of CEOs assuming heavy responsibilities and capable of working fifteen hours a day during many months. He is also a man of communication with excellent conciliation skills (strong Libra). In addition, Venus and his Mercury-Neptune conjunction endow him with finesse, intuition, and an undeniable sense of diplomacy in any circumstance. He loves his work above all. He is a Mercurian who gladly dedicates all his willpower and energy into his numerous professional activities.

His natural charm is expressed to the full in this area (Venus in the 6th House and in rulership). He has strong negotiating talents and he is always reliable (Jupiter in the 7th House, sextile Sun and trine Mars). Within a couple of years, he became a quite unavoidable star of the French media industry. With such a configuration, it is not surprising that, in many instances, his love life involved his professional settings...

The formidable Uranus-Sun square in the 3rd and 6th Houses represents Patrick's major challenge and plays out with the other influences described above. The slightest annoyance, perhaps some authority issue, may deeply upset him at any time, and it is clear that it is preferable not to bridle his creativity or impose constraints on him because his reactions may be explosive. Indeed, he feels comfortable only when he is completely free.

Patrick Poivre d'Arvor's Natal Chart

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