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Fri. 14 May., 02:27 PM UT
Sun 2403'   Taurus
Moon 2500'   Gemini
Mercury 1542'   Gemini
Venus  650'   Gemini
Mars 1252'   Cancer
Jupiter  005'   Pisces
Saturn 1327'   Aquarius
Uranus 1128'   Taurus
Neptune 2244'   Pisces
Pluto 2644'  Я Capricorn
Chiron 1123'   Aries
True Node 1043'   Gemini
True Lilith  108'   Gemini
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Wed. 26 May., 11:14 AM UT
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Should you notice that the celebrity whose natal chart you would like to examine is not in our database, do not hesitate to let us know, and send us the corresponding Wikipedia link, after you have checked that the city and the date of birth are available.


Our team will do its best to include him/her as soon as possible.

Do not suggest more than 3 or 4 names per email (and no lists!), and wait for them to be added before proposing others. Indeed, we try to please everyone, thank you for your understanding.

Please, kindly note that sometimes, the spelling of a name may be different in different languages, such as for instance Prince Harry of Wales or Henry de Galles. Therefore, we would suggest that, when you do a search, you try different possible spellings in order to ensure that the person you are looking for is not in our database. Generally, we use the same names as Wikipedia.

The best method to check if a celebrity is on Astrotheme or not is to click on the OK button to search by name and biography in the whole astrology database.

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