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Child Astrological Portrait

Successful education often depends on a fair understanding of the child. Indeed, because all individuals are particular, their personal rhythms must be respected.

All parents put forward many questions. Should I be more severe? More lenient? Does my child study too much? Or not enough? Those question marks have no absolute answers suiting everyone.

A natal chart does not tell what you ought to do. It provides the keys to a new approach to those we never fully comprehend without external reference. And therefore, avenues to a better education, indirectly.

N.B.: this report will be useful until adolescence. From age 14 or 15, or slightly earlier depending on the maturity of your child, the Comprehensive Portrait is well-suited for efficiently taking over from this document.

Thanks to the detailed analysis of the natal chart, discover the various facets of your child's personality, and read our advice enabling you to implement the best support toward adulthood.

Immediate online delivery in your account and by email, round the clock.

USD 28.50
EUR 25.90
GBP 23.30
CAD 37.55
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