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Jupiter's arrival in Sagittarius and its meaning

Jupiter, the biggest planet of the zodiac, revisits Sagittarius, the sign he rules, on 8 November 2018. This is usually a rather favourable position, because the planet is in its domicile, and nothing can hinder the full expression of its energy. Since power and expansion are among Jupiter's characteristics, he is most likely to be talked about.


A quick flashback

This transit happens roughly every twelve years. The last time Jupiter passed through Sagittarius was from 25 November 2006 to 19 December 2007. What took place in the world then? We shall not list all the events but only a few.

First of all, the European Union increased the number of its members to include Bulgaria and Romania. This was actually the very typical large-scale energy of Jupiter, who cannot be bothered with prejudices.

A representation of Jupiter made of marble, dating 100 BC, author : Sailko

A representation of Jupiter made of marble, dating 100 BC, author : Sailko

Then, on 7 January, Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone, an invention which gave communication an unsuspected global dimension. In France, Nicolas Sarkozy rose to the presidency with his well-known ardour, whether people appreciated or not.

However, situations never recur identically in the sky. During this period, almost throughout 2007, Jupiter in Sagittarius had to deal with a square with Uranus (exact three times owing to retrogradations, in January, May, and October). The conflict between these two celestial giants often heralds a climate of exaggeration, rebellion, and intolerance.

Indeed, the year 2007 was clouded by several attacks. On the other hand, simultaneously, Jupiter trined Saturn (March 2007), an auspicious aspect for the economy (schematizing), which allowed to build sound social projects.

Lastly, Jupiter formed a nice sextile with Neptune by the end of October 2007. This aspect, which united two planets related to philosophy and spirituality, brought about a quite soothing climate which offset the effects of the Jupiter-Uranus square.

And for the rest?

This time, the sojourn of Jupiter in Sagittarius is taking place in a totally different context. On the one hand, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, though without major aspects with Jupiter, suggest a much tougher, more severe social ambiance in which resources are scarce.

In a way, Jupiter counterbalances this tendency by showing potential positive solutions or openings, because he protects companies involved in foreign affairs. Therefore, it is most likely that the world trade or big international meetings benefit from this. It does not necessarily mean that this trend will prevail over the Capricornian climate, which will last much longer than the transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Furthermore, Jupiter will have to struggle against Neptune in 2019. This aspect will be even more interesting, for it will bring into conflict two slow-moving planets posited in the respective signs they rule.

On 13 January 2019, the square will start to become exact and will set the tone. Jupiter and Neptune disagree. Their aspect will be exact again on 16 June and 21 September. One might as well say that the confrontation will influence most of the year.

What should be expected?

Should the mystical and religious side prevail, it is certain that tolerance and generosity will not be the response chosen by the peoples. For instance, it may manifest as migration crises, since Neptune symbolises seas and lack of limits, and since Jupiter is associated with foreign lands. The migratory pressure might grow. It might resemble a tidal wave with all its well-known dangers, both literally (wrecks) and figuratively.

Another representation of Jupiter, the Zeus of Otricoli, Vatican Museums

Another representation of Jupiter, the Zeus of Otricoli, Vatican Museums

In addition, the Jupiter-Neptune square may also express itself differently. Sects and groups with strong ideologies will be popular and will still be able to mislead the naive.

Regarding health issues, tsunamis or pollution problems are to be feared.

In the financial department, the aspect is troublesome too. There are dangers of deceit, of dark or dubious transactions, on a very large scale also. For this reason, one may easily imagine that all cryptocurrency-based exchanges are affected. Circumspection is required, but squares do not incite caution, by definition.


Nevertheless, beyond the enumeration of Jupiter's tensions of 2019, the planet still has a good reputation. Therefore, there may be compensations, as mentioned above, such as the chance to widen one's line of sight or scope of action. Jupiter may promise good surprises in the field of spatial exploration and several governance decisions, if they are prompted by generosity.

At the individual level, Jupiter in Sagittarius is quite auspicious for Fire signs, beginning with the 9th sign. Aries and Leo will also enjoy a spell encouraging their natural optimism or authority. In sextile to Sagittarius, the signs of Libra and of Aquarius will feel that their natal Sun is better supported.

However, the signs of Gemini, of Virgo, or of Pisces will have to beware of Jupiter's usual flaws: exaggeration, some degree of naivety, noncompliance, and useless or harmful unrest. It must be noted that the present comments ought to be taken with a grain of salt, because everything depends on the whole chart, and therefore, on all the planets and angles. This applies to all the areas of life involved.

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You can also calculate the transits of Jupiter on your chart with the free application transits, ephemerides and fixed stars.

Keywords for Jupiter in Sagittarius

To conclude our explanations, here are the keywords associated with Jupiter posited in his domicile: benevolence, generosity, open-mindedness, optimism, faith, expansion of consciousness, popularity, success, lawful authority, philosophy, taste for happiness, teaching, education, but also in some tense configurations, excess, impulsiveness, ambition, disappointment caused by inordinate optimism, conflict of authority, overspending, unfounded pride, or failure through recklessness.