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The Sun, Motivation, and Willingness 1/3

This article deals with our major motivation in life. The driving force behind our efforts is indicated in our natal chart by the House in which the Sun is posited. Since the Sun symbolises our will and our inner self, the sign where he is found determines the nature of our character and our true temperament.


Based on the position of your Sun in house, we indicate in which area you express your willpower. You can instantly get the position of your Sun in sign and in house. All you need to do is locate the orange glyph of the Sun (a circle with a dot at its centre) in the house area, outside the zodiacal wheel. Then you can check the accurateness or the resemblance between your personality traits and the relevant texts below.

The Sun, your motivation, Part 1/3: he who does not strive to find the purpose of his life simply loses his life. Buddha

Whereas the Ascendant defines our outward appearance, the solar function represents our need to assert ourselves. The Sun absorbs the "hues" of the sign he occupies, and with its characteristics, he influences one of the twelve life departments which are represented in the twelve astrological Houses.

Please note that our indications are based on the meaning of a given configuration taken on its own, and that other different or contradictory elements of the natal chart may weaken or modify its basic meaning. Furthermore, it is often difficult to separate what is concretely experienced from the symbolic and internalised aspect of a configuration. A manual analysis appropriately puts all the different pieces of the puzzle in place, such as assessing that an extroverted person is very likely to be successful, etc. Let's take the example of the 9th house now. It highlights keen interests in far-away matters. But the concept of distance may be expressed on an abstract, mental, or spiritual plane, and it does not necessarily translate into frequent travels by air to the other end of the globe. Astrology works perfectly well, and verifications of its accurateness are rewarding for those who study it, but... it discloses its secrets only after many years of learning. In this regard, astrology is similar to any other discipline and confirms that nothing is easily or immediately granted.

The Sun in the 1st House: The Power of Charisma

Willpower and appearance united! Your inner self and your behaviour merge to decuple your energy and your vitality. The Sun, representing your self-assertiveness and deeper nature, is wonderfully expressed in this very distinctive configuration. Indeed, you are a whole block, and there is no discrepancy between your true identity and the image you project.

Your behaviour matches your true nature, and your actions reflect without filter or reservation the strength of your willpower. You are endowed with a determined, personal, and magnetic personality. You are attractive and charming, and when you are in the middle of the crowd or in a meeting, you stand out brilliantly because you have the kind of radiance and warmth which cannot go unnoticed.

Your only goal in life is to constantly, proudly, and fearlessly assert yourself through what you are and what you do. Your ambition is to experience your temperament to the full in every area of your life. You are sheer energy in motion, and because the image you want to project perfectly matches what you really are, you never waste your inner resources. The other side of the coin is that people may think that you are self-centred and that you do not pay enough attention to other people's opinion... Practice some humility if you can because excessive magnetism may arouse fears in those who do not know you well.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having the Sun in the 1st House.

And some examples:

Actor Nicolas Cage

Actress Olivia Newton-Jones

Singer, Composer, Actor and Painter Serge Gainsbourg

Singer Mick Jagger

Singer Marc Lavoine

Actor Gérard Lanvin

The Sun in the 2nd House: The Sense of Ownership

Even though you may not acknowledge it, or you are not – not yet- aware of it, your entire will is focused on the purchase of assets and the achievement of your material security. The prospect of increasing your possessions is the driving force behind your actions.

Your organisational skills and your efficiency are great assets which serve the purpose of your destiny remarkably well. In the fields of finance, industry, technique, real estate, etc., your practical good sense enables you to develop your resources and your capacity to keep on making more money and gaining more material powers.

On a more abstract plane, you are quite possessive, particularly in love or in your interpersonal dealings. You deeply appreciate loyalty and commitment, for they are your sacred valued. There is nothing you loathe more than unreliability because you set very high standards for yourself, and therefore, you expect a similar behaviour in return.

However, you must be careful that your tenacity and your efficiency do not turn you into a stubborn and materialistic person. Sometimes, as you go through the few, yet major, ordeals life has in store for you, you tend to bite off more than you can chew. Your exaggerated greed for quick profits may bring about disappointments which are commensurate with the hopes you put into your projects.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having the Sun in the 2nd House.

And some examples:

Actor Alain Delon

Composer Jean-Michel Jarre

Actress and humorist Virginie Lemoine

Singer Elvis Presley

Actress Vanessa Paradis

Comedian, actor and businessman Bernard Tapie

The Sun in the 3rd House: Communications All Over

Your intellectual mobility and your curiosity are remarkable. Your entire willpower is at the service of your unquenchable thirst for knowledge and contacts. You are attracted to communication and to occupations in which you can move and express your ideas such as journalism, literature or writing in general, as well as trade, recruitment, laws, etc.

Early in life, you noticed that you have impressive talents in public speaking and mediation. As you mature, you make use of these assets to carry your professional and personal projects through a successful conclusion. You also appreciate to move about in the proper sense of the word, and you gladly visit your numerous acquaintances. This is how you embrace and fulfil your needs for communication.

You may have a positive influence on your siblings, if you have any, or your brother may play a particularly important role in your destiny.

You have a propensity to communicate too much and to move about quite frantically. As a result, when events do not enfold the way you want them to, you may undergo conflicts with your neighbourhood or your siblings. You may have an accident while you make your visits, or you may be subjected to your colleagues' harsh criticisms.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having the Sun in the 3rd House.

And some examples:

Actress Sophie Marceau

Singer and Composer Jean-Jacques Goldman

Singer Sheila

Actress Isabelle Huppert

Actress Elisabeth Taylor

Miss France 1998 and TV host Sophie Thalmann

The Sun in the 4th House: Home Sweet Home

Unless other salient factors indicate otherwise, you are not particularly extroverted, and you tend to keep to yourself your emotions which may be very exuberant. Your willpower prompts you to create some sort of security cocoon around you.

You are deeply attached to your family and to the home of your childhood. You need a cosy and warm atmosphere, your parent's love, and the security of your family. As an adult, you strive to reproduce them in your own home. Since your family and your home are of paramount importance, it is most likely that combining your profession with your home is the key to your self-assertion. Working at home suits you perfectly well. You can also be successful in occupations linked to genealogy and real estate because you easily sense the atmospheres and the security of the places you visit.

Your father often plays a major role, perhaps an excessive one, which may smother your desire for freedom and autonomy and contribute to aggravate your already strong natural introversion.

More often than not, you are what is referred to as "belated". It is mainly in the second part of your life that your self-assertion can efficiently impact on concrete areas of your life. You devote your willpower to building a stable and comfortable home, which constitutes one of your assets. However, there may conflicts within the family, and you may fight with your father over authority issues or over your projects. Later, you may also experience this type of troubles in your own home if you do not show enough flexibility.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having the Sun in the 4th House.

And some examples:

Film Director and actor Woody Allen

Soccer Player and actor Eric Cantona

Figure Skater Surya Bonaly

Actor and Comedian Daniel Auteuil

Actress Delphine Seyrig

Pop Star Michael Jackson

You will find the next part of this file at The Sun, Motivation, and Willingness 2/3.