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Mon. 27 May., 09:44 PM UT
Sun  7°04'   Gemini
Moon  0°34'   Aquarius
Mercury 18°09'   Taurus
Venus  4°59'   Gemini
Mars 20°48'   Aries
Jupiter  0°27'   Gemini
Saturn 18°33'   Pisces
Uranus 23°56'   Taurus
Neptune 29°36'   Pisces
Pluto  1°58'  Я Aquarius
Chiron 22°05'   Aries
True Node 14°09'  Я Aries
True Lilith  4°32'   Libra
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You have the option to use criteria such as gender, socio-professional category, country of birth, year of birth, and time of birth for your favourite celebrities. You also have the possibility to select several categories at the same time.

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N.B.: there may be overlapping categories (actors or singers with business or philanthropic activities, film directors or journalists and authors, politicians and sportsmen, etc.).

You can sort your results by decresing popularity, alphabetical order, or ascending date.

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