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The Sun and Neptune in Dynamic Aspect

Astrological aspects: general introduction

The analysis of a natal chart must be as comprehensive as possible. This is what we do as we make our personalized reports available in our e-shop. It must be borne in mind that many astrologers concentrate on the interpretation of planets in signs and in houses, and of angles, without paying enough attention to aspects. On the contrary, we believe that when aspects involve personal planets between themselves or slow-moving planets, they are of fundamental importance. In all cases, they are at least as significant as the Ascendant or the Sun. This is particularly relevant when the orb is tight (i.e. when the aspect is exact). This is the criterion we apply for this new series of articles which describe how well-known personalities experience certain aspects.


The Sun and Neptune in challenging aspect

In the natal chart, the Sun represents our fundamental life instinct. He speaks volumes about how we shine, what motivates us, how we use our will, and how we assert ourselves.

He allows us, both males et females, to express our individuality and our yang (masculine) values. Therefore, it is not surprising that he rules a Fire sign full of self-confidence such as Leo.

It is possible to draw an analogy between the Sun and the social ego. Regardless of the sign in which they are posited, planets tightly linked (very small orb) to the Sun are prominent in the interpretation of the person's character; sometimes, they are part of the dominants of the chart.

Neptune is a slow-moving, distant, elusive, and collective planet - which means that he affects a group of people born several months apart instead of affecting an individual. He supports those who have artistic tendencies, who follow their intuition, their inspiration, or even their dreams. Those who are deeply influenced by Neptune usually prefer the fantasy world, imagined and idealized, to concrete reality, for better or for worse.

When Neptune is in harsh aspect with the Sun, self-assertiveness becomes tinted by the Sun. The combination creates suggestible persons who are prone to numerous detours or wanderings, both literally and figuratively.

Of course, the temperament is gentle, altruistic and sensitive, but when this aspect is emphasized in the chart, it may be disconcerting. One tends to made mistakes, to think that the Moon is made of green cheese, to delude oneself, and to be disenchanted when one realizes that what one was hoping for, or imagining, does not match the truth.

Lastly, as for health or ordinary events, it is advisable to beware of all things connected to water in all its forms. By extension, various dependences (alcohol, drugs, etc.) are often found to be caused by a badly experienced Neptune. Therefore, one must learn to channel one's desires, which are not always clear, into a precise goal.

One must not hesitate to organize one's life with pragmatism, to strive not to fall into any addiction, and at the same time, to keep Neptune's generous and inspired sides.

In order to better explain this aspect, we are mentioning several well-known personalities, here Barack Obama (square), Halle Berry (square), Lana Del Rey (opposition), and Paul McCartney (square). This article deliberately isolates the aspect (a square or an opposition) so as to better describe them. For this reason, it claims on no account to be a psychological analysis of the celebrity in question, for whom many other articles are available in the "Focus" section.

It is possible to find thousands of other horoscopes having the Sun in aspect of square or opposition with Neptune (or any other aspects), with the online tool search. The planets, positions in sign and in house as well as the orb, are configurable.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama / Author: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza 12-2012 / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)

The 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama, was born in Honolulu. His roots did not seem to predispose him to accede to such a prestigious position. We all know his mixed origins; his father was a Kenyan, and his mother was an American of European descent. He grew up in Indonesia before settling in Chicago, much later.

It is easy to recognize the characteristics of the Sun-Neptune aspect when Obama started as a social worker in a disadvantaged suburb of Chicago. His experience influenced his future career as a lawyer, and more importantly, as a candidate of the Democratic Party.

In Obama's chart, the Sun in Leo in the 6th House describes a proud and ambitious man nonetheless willing to accept tedious or repetitive tasks. The square with Neptune in Scorpio in the 9th House relates to the antagonism which obsessed him. Although the two planets are in signs in which they are comfortable, they have contradictory inclinations which may refer to several episodes of his life in particular

The role of the father, often represented by the Sun, is not clearly defined in his chart. When he was a child, he had quite few contacts with his genitor, who left the family to study at Harvard, and afterwards, to go back to Kenya. He wanted to dedicate himself to the future of his country, but he was finally unable to make his dream come true.

He drowned his disappointment in alcohol, and died in a car accident at the age of 46. This was obviously the mark of his father's real-life event which is shown in Obama's chart. The latter managed to overcome the lack of sound family structures. He became a responsible man and a dutiful father who performed his function properly. Other details of his career also bear the stamp of the difficult Sun-Neptune conflicting aspect.

Once he was elected president, he addressed big social issues, among which a reform of the health system. Indeed, Obama wanted to provide all Americans with a universal health insurance, the Obamacare (colloquial), a law promulgated in 2010. Despite its undeniable improvement, the reform still had a long way to go.

His opponents, including Hillary Clinton, severely criticized his pusillanimity in the field of foreign policy. They also mention a certain lack of assertion or a tendency to hesitate, some of the characteristics of the Sun-Neptune dissonance.

Overall, if the election in 2008 of the first mixed-blood president at the helm of the first power in the world has raised huge expectations of equality, it was because the lure of a fairer society was highly attractive. Although Obama has not entirely achieved his mission, he remains a real political icon, and he enjoys countless supports.

Author: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza
Credits: P120612PS-0463 (direct link)
https://web.archive.org/web/20160227060205/https://www.whitehouse.gov/administration/president-obama (Official White House page - direct link)
Licence: Public domain
Born:Friday, August 4, 1961
In:Honolulu (HI) (United States)
Sun: 12°33' LeoAS: 18°03' Aquarius
Moon:3°21' Gemini MC: 28°53' Scorpio
Dominants: Leo, Aquarius, Gemini
Sun, Moon, Uranus
Houses 6, 7, 4 / Air, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Metal Ox
Numerology: Birth Path 11
Height: Barack Obama is 6' 1" (1m85) tall
Pageviews: 1,653,280

You can also read the astrological portrait of Barack Obama.

Below, you will find the horoscope of Barack Obama:

Astrology: horoscope and birth chart of Barack Obama (Placidus) Image taken from the horoscope, birth chart and astrological portrait of Barack Obama, born August 4, 1961, 7:24 PM, Honolulu (HI) (United States) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 25° 16' 27° 18' 59' 22° 35' 36' 28° 53' 25° 20' 52' 18° 03' 27° 14' 21' 47' 20' 49' 12° 33'

Halle Berry

Author : Gage Skidmore 07-2017 / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)

The destiny of the gorgeous actress and producer Halle Berry, who experienced a dazzling success, bears the stamp of the Sun in Leo in the 4th House, in square with Neptune in Scorpio in the 7th House. Therefore, her chart shares several similarities with Barack Obama's chart, particularly owing to the fact that she too was a pioneer, for she was the first Afro-American artist to win an Oscar.

In addition, in her chart, Neptune, angular on the relationship axis, is even more powerful than Neptune in the chart of the former president. We have here the signature of an artist who makes people dream despite her difficult origins.

Her parents practiced a profession influenced by Neptune, i.e. health. Unfortunately, her father was abusive to her mother. They ended up divorcing, and the actress confided that this wound was difficult to heal. She declared that her childhood has been painful and chaotic. An astrologer could have used the same words about the aspect we are dealing with.

However, Berry is ambitious, willing to fight in order to progress. She is able to take control of her destiny all by herself, undeterred by racism and criticisms.

In her private life, like her mother, she too has suffered from domestic violence. A divorcee today, Berry asserts herself with determination, particularly through her philanthropic initiatives.

Luckily, her charisma enables her to stand out from the rest, an asset provided by the sublimated Sun-Neptune aspect. Actually, she was noticed for roles having this signature, for instance, a former drug addict struggling to have custody of her son in Losing Isaiah in 1995, and the drama Monster's Ball which earned her the precious statuette.

Author: Gage Skidmore
Credits: Own work
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
Born:Sunday, August 14, 1966
In:Cleveland (OH) (United States)
Sun: 21°53' LeoAS: 20°05' Taurus
Moon:3°11' Leo MC: 29°02' Capricorn
Dominants: Leo, Cancer, Taurus
Venus, Neptune, Jupiter
Houses 4, 3, 7 / Water, Fire / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Fire Horse
Numerology: Birth Path 8
Height: Halle Berry is 5' 5" (1m65) tall
Pageviews: 298,604

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Below, you will find the horoscope of Halle Berry:

Astrology: horoscope and birth chart of Halle Berry (Placidus) Image taken from the horoscope, birth chart and astrological portrait of Halle Berry, born August 14, 1966, 11:59 PM, Cleveland (OH) (United States) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 29° 02' 01' 28° 43' 20° 05' 20° 46' 47' 22° 02' 23° 13' 29° 33' 11' 17' 21° 53' 17° 18' 18° 14' 19° 27'

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey / Author : Georges Biard 05-2012 / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)

Talented and self-taught, Lana Del Rey's temperament is incontestably the illustration of the opposition between the Sun in Cancer and Neptune in Capricorn. Quite an odd blend, if ever there was one, having the planet of self-assertiveness in a sign gathering a great number of shy persons, while Neptune, on the contrary in a very structured sign, brings about an ambitious generation whose concern is to refocus on what is essential.

In her songs, Del Rey describes the whole gamut of emotions, from melancholia to feeling to be trapped in a bubble. It is not surprising that she had the capacity to echo the preoccupations of her contemporaries.

She did not have to wait a long time for Neptunian drifts to sound the first alarm. Indeed, at the age of 15, she went into rehab to get rid of her alcohol addiction problems.

When she got back in the saddle and became sober, she did what many other people who have overcome the difficulty of this aspect, she did volunteer work, and she focused on the prevention of this kind of disorders.

It is necessary to underline that Neptune gives a great deal of compassion, at least when one does not indulge in self-pity. Del Rey also writes poetry successfully. She is inspired by America's icons, exploring many styles which typically reflect the motto "It was better before".

Del Rey went through a few setbacks probably caused by an improperly use of Neptune. More than once, she has been accused of plagiarism.

With Neptune in the 2nd House, and the Sun in the 8th House, it is logical that those events had financial consequences, but they also impacted her own value as an artist. Anyway, she is credited with the fact that, in her turn, she has the ability to inspire a generation of alternative talents.

Born:Friday, June 21, 1985
In:New York (NY) (United States)
Sun: 0°24' CancerAS: 15°28' Scorpio
Moon:10°34' Leo MC: 25°28' Leo
Dominants: Scorpio, Cancer, Leo
Venus, Pluto, Saturn
Houses 8, 7, 12 / Water, Earth / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Wood Ox
Numerology: Birth Path 5
Height: Lana Del Rey is 5' 6½" (1m69) tall
Pageviews: 661,526

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Astrology: horoscope and birth chart of Lana Del Rey (Placidus) Image taken from the horoscope, birth chart and astrological portrait of Lana Del Rey, born June 21, 1985, 4:47 PM, New York (NY) (United States) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 17° 21' 24' 15' 16° 24' 10° 34' 25° 28' 02' 15° 28' 22° 22' 15° 23' 25° 38' 18' 16° 31' 12° 25' 14° 55'

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney / Author : Raphael Pour-Hashemi 11-2021 / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)

He and John Lennon were readily introduced as the smartest Beatles. In Paul McCartney's chart, there is a tense aspect between the Sun in conjunction with the Midheaven in Gemini, and Neptune, similarly near the cusp of the Ascendant in Virgo. Both planets are dominant, because they are in an angular position, and because they work in two areas related to social status and tangible personality, respectively.

The duet highlights obvious creative skills, but also twinges caused by basic contradictions. On the one hand, McCartney is a real artist, always dissatisfied with his quest for perfection. On the other hand, the icon of a generation is a tough businessman who appreciates public acclaim as well as his ennoblement by Queen Elizabeth II.

When Neptune was prevailing, McCartney drew inspiration from the consumption of drugs the beatniks knew very well. However, Neptune in Virgo would not let him completely go off course. In a word, McCartney always ended up having a surge of realism.

In his defense, it can be recalled that although some of his compositions seem simple at first, quite in the style of Gemini, they definitely have to do with genius, all the same. He is second to none when it comes to capture the spirit of the time, and he made the most of the aspect.

Born:Thursday, June 18, 1942
In:Liverpool (United Kingdom)
Sun: 26°37' GeminiAS: 25°18' Virgo
Moon:17°26' Leo MC: 23°44' Gemini
Dominants: Gemini, Virgo, Leo
Mercury, Sun, Neptune
Houses 9, 10, 11 / Air, Earth / Mutable
Chinese Astrology: Water Horse
Numerology: Birth Path 4
Height: Paul McCartney is 5' 11½" (1m81) tall
Pageviews: 310,773

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Astrology: horoscope and birth chart of Paul McCartney (Placidus) Image taken from the horoscope, birth chart and astrological portrait of Paul McCartney, born June 18, 1942, 2:00 PM, Liverpool (United Kingdom) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 19° 00' 58' 13' 18° 22' 23° 44' 26° 37' 50' 31' 41' 16' 17° 26' 39' 25° 18' 27° 07' 16° 08'