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Taurus zodiac sign and its interpretation

This page offers a few texts published in several pages of our website along with other unreleased features. Its aim is to describe and to recapitulate the mains characteristics of Taurus.

It is useful to recall that to be a Taurus means to have one's Sun in Taurus, which requires to know the exact time and place of birth in addition to the date. Indeed, sometimes a one-minute gap is enough for the Sun to shift signs when the birth occurred near the end or at the beginning of a given sign.

Astrotheme enables you to find rapidly the exact position of your Sun and your Ascendant, should you have any doubt.

The astrological sign of Taurus and its personality

Tranquillity, joy of life and sensuality are essential to you: you are a simple and quiet nature. You find happiness easily because you are not competitive, your relaxed attitude and your common sense invariably lead you towards fulfilment, even though you are not the number one, even though you do not move in haste.


Constructing is important to you. Your patience and your persistence yield strong, steadfast, sustainable efforts that can withstand any pitfalls. You are gentle, with a slow thinking process, but once you have opted for an orientation, nothing, nor anyone, can make you change your mind.

You loathe changes in general and once you have taken the few major unavoidable decisions in the course of your life, you are on track.

Taurus' sayings and key-words

The sentence "I have" captures the character of Taurus, pragmatic above all.

Taurus is faithful, constant, sturdy, patient, tough, persevering, strong, focused, sensual, stable, concrete, realistic, steady, loyal, robust, constructive, and tenacious.

But sometimes it is also stubborn, rigid, possessive, spiteful, materialistic, fixed, or slow.

The sign of Taurus and its astrological characteristics

Rulership and exaltation in Taurus

Taurus is faithful in love

Each astrological sign has traits which are similar to, or different from, those of certain planets. They are known as planetary dignities. The planet having the strongest affinities with a sign is said to rule the sign and to be in its domicile, i.e. at home. It expresses itself with all its might, unreservedly. When a planet does not match a sign too well but remains compatible, it is in its exaltation. It gets its strength and its energy from the said sign though to a lesser extent than a planet in domicile.

The sign of Taurus is in analogy with Venus, its ruler. It gets along well with the Moon, the planet which is in exaltation here.

The astrological sign of Taurus shares several features with the planet Venus: for example a propensity to charm. Conciliation, attractiveness, often artistic qualities. Sometimes lazy, materialistic and rigid.

To a lesser degree, the Moon's characteristics also influence this sign, i.e. imagination, sensitivity, and intuition. On the negative side: whims, subjectivity, or indolence.

It must be noted that the interpretation of each zodiacal sign echoes the meaning of its House: the first sign and the 1st House, etc. Therefore, Taurus, the second zodiacal sign, is in analogy with the 2nd House: material possessions, money earned, and in general, belongings. At the symbolic level, attachment to things and to people.

Taurus Elements, Quadruplicities, and Polarities

Earth element of Taurus

The twelve zodiacal signs are divided into four sectors matching the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. An element includes three compatible signs (triplicity), each element being mutually complementary.

Taurus, like Virgo and Capricorn, is an Earth sign. People with emphasised earth signs have a practical and realistic mind and are down to earth. The earth element provides solidity, stability, persistence and a concrete nature. People ruled by this element know how to bring their undertakings to a successful conclusion and never shirk from anything. They are rather calm, slow, and cold, but they are resilient, with an iron will.

Earth is also synonymous with sensuality, earthly pleasures, and both material and sentimental security. However, the natives are also capable of incredible temper tantrums and outbursts of fury if their anger has been repressed for too long.

Taurus is sometimes stubborn

The Fixed mode of Taurus

Signs are also divided into three sectors comprising four signs each. They are the Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable sectors. Quadruplicities are also referred to as mode: the Cardinal mode, the Fixed mode, and the Mutable mode. Like elements, they rule different values and have characteristics of their own.

Taurus, like Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, is a Fixed sign. They are stubborn, inflexible and find it difficult to adjust to new situations. Nevertheless, they demonstrate tenacity and moral strength, and they always complete their projects although it takes them some time to get started.

Taurus is materially fixed. She needs to own and to have materiel comfort. She does not easily let go and focuses on a single matter.

Yin polarity for Taurus

Lastly, polarities divide the Zodiac into two groups of six signs. Polarities are referred to as Masculine and Feminine, Yin and Yang, or Active and Passive.

These characteristics alternate from one sign to the next in zodiacal order. Active signs indicate extroverted, expansive, and fairly physical people who express themselves easily and are quite energetic and enthusiastic. Passive signs are more introverted, internalised, intellectual, deep, and calm.

Taurus is passive, or Yin.

The sign of Taurus and its physical appearance

Even though they may not perfectly match your outward appearance, if your Ascendant, or to a lesser extent, your Sun, is in Taurus, you might take on the following characteristics:

Taurus physical appearance

Physically speaking, Taurus people often have a harmonious face, quite thick features with full sensual lips. The face is usually square or oval with a prevailing middle part, and the nose is round-shaped or turned up.

The complexion is fair and the hair, thick and shiny. The body is nicely proportioned. The whole physique gives an impression of softness with some degree of strength at the same time.

Taurus people take their look very seriously, and they dress with real flair. Their clothes are always stylish, rather classical, of fine quality and good taste, and meant to last a long time. Their favourite colours are green and brown.

The sign of Taurus and its health

The neck and the throat are the parts of the body in analogy with the sign of Taurus.

Its health is usually good. The sign of Taurus is very robust, and during childhood, there are no serious threats. Of course, it must watch its fondness for food which may endanger its waistline as time goes by... and make it gain a few curves.

A mild diet once in a while may do him a lot of good, but if he doesn't like this idea... it's better to cultivate its garden and quietly try on a few outdoors activities several times a week.

The sign of Taurus and its hobbies

If your sign is Taurus, you belong to the category of people for whom well-being means lazing about on the warm sand of a beach. The very thought of danger, speed, violence, or competition fills you with horror, and you definitely prefer quiet activities requiring patience such as gardening, embroidering, reading, golf, walking and hiking, cricket, yoga, and judo.

You also enjoy watching television, quietly ensconced in a style armchair, sipping at your favourite cocktail! You are interested in music under all its forms, whether it is a local choir, an opera, or classical music. If you are a youth, since you do not like changes, you are very likely to be drawn to all the current expressions of less peaceful music which have a strong beat.

Taurus likes hiking

In any case, you consider that idle hours are meant for relaxation and slackening, and not for straining efforts. You think that it would be a shame to waste your energies with violent activities, and even worse, to pit yourself against other people. Your moments of rest are too valuable for such things!

You are a born epicurean, and you believe that situations and contexts are as important as the activity practised. You put your heart into getting most pleasure from all things, which begins with a decor exuding good taste. Indeed, what's the point of swimming, walking, or gardening, if one is not surrounded by some degree of luxury or comfort?

Taurus and Love

The affective life of people born with the Sun in Taurus – and often of those who have the Ascendant in Taurus, is usually marked by the need for stability and security. Males and females born with the Sun in Taurus share the fact that time strengthens their feelings.

For this reason, Taurus people commit themselves slowly. They need to think; therefore, their partner must accept it and be patient. Under this condition, he/she will be rewarded with Taurus’ loyalty and faithfulness, often forever. Indeed, among the twelve zodiacal signs, Taurus people have the lowest divorce rate.

Is there a drawback with these after all reassuring and promising characteristics? Maybe the danger of some routine or conformism in the relationship. Taurus loves his habits, and whoever wants to disrupt them should beware!

And of course, the consequence of Taurus people’s loyalty is their demands. They naturally expect the same thing from those they are dealing with, and if that is not the case, jealousy or doubt may bring about sudden troubles, as violent as Taurus’ usual calmness.

Taurus and work

Taurus is often an excellent cook

Since Taurus is rather conservative, the suitable occupations will have to meet his/her high standards of ambition and patience.

If you sign is Taurus, you are a conservative person, hard-working, and in fact slow but... very strong. You amass possessions slowly but steadily. It would be very surprising if around your forties, or often earlier, you did not have a comfortable bank account and some piece of real estate which are your sources of pride.

Your patience and your obstinacy enable you to overcome obstacles, which is an excellent thing because you would not bear self questioning. Indeed, self-re-evaluation would force you to change your goal and your habits, an exercise which you particularly loathe!

Your home means a great deal to you, and your dearest wish is to set up a large family, the very base of your stability, in order to pass down your numerous possessions to your descendants.

You are particularly drawn to all occupations related with nature, real estate, finance, music, the performing arts, and pleasure. Indeed, you are very suitable for working as landscape gardener, cultivator, horticulturist, forest ranger, banker, bookkeeper, carpenter, architect, hotelier, cook, restaurant owner, singer, musician, sculptor, dressmaker, or actor.

The symbolism of the sign of Taurus

Countries and cities associated to Taurus

Below are several traditional features associated with the sign of Taurus.

For the countries : Switzerland, Greek islands, Ireland, Cyprus, Iran.

For the cities: Dublin, Palermo, Parma, Luzern, Mantua, Leipzig, Saint Louis, Ischia, Capri.

Animals, Food, Herbs and aromatics for Taurus

The animals in analogy with Taurus are bovines.

The foods in analogy with Taurus are apples, pears, berries, corn and other cereals, grapes, artichokes, asparagus, beans. For herbs and aromatics: sorrels, spearmint, cloves.

In general, Taurus people are advised to watch their calorie intake, because they are usually not too sporty and put on weight easily, which they regret afterwards.

If you are Taurus, since you use up little energy, your food should be neither too rich nor energetic. Your inertia and your appetite may prove really harmful, and it is advisable that you reduce your food intake if possible and indulge in great gastronomic pleasure less often.

As far as culinary pleasures are concerned, you, Taurus people, love desserts. Uttering this word is all it takes to send you into raptures. You like them all: apple, or pear, or mirabelle tarts are inevitable. If the fruits come from your orchard or from a local market, it is even better. All the pastries having a lot of cream and chocolate are irresistible. Tiramisu, Paris-Brest, mocha eclair, and custard mille-feuille make your mouth water.

Watch your waistline, for you are a public danger as soon as you enter a confectionary shop. In addition, you seize every opportunity to offer sweet food. Be it for a party or a dinner with friends, you immediately order a cake. Is it summer? It won't make you forget your sweet tooth. Ice-creams take over.

Flowers, plants and trees associated with Taurus

Flowers and plants: poppies, roses, digitales, violets, primroses, aquilegia, daisies. Trees: apple trees, pear trees, fig-trees, cypresses, ash trees.

Stones, Metals and Salts associated with the sign of Taurus

Stones, Metals and Salts in analogy with Taurus are copper, calcium and potassium sulphate, and emeralds.

Celebrities with the Sun in Taurus

George Clooney, a famous Taurus

Astrotheme's database of celebrities lets you know who are the most popular personages. There are two possible criteria: the number of clicks on a celebrity's page, or the number of visitors who put them in their favourite file of their account. The examples below take into account both criteria, at the date of creation of these pages.

Taking into account contemporary people, the three most popular females are Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Beyoncé Knowles. The most popular males are Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.

However, we are focusing here on people born with the Sun in Taurus. The currently most popular people are: George Clooney, Uma Thurman, Megan Fox, Al Pacino, Robert Pattinson, Chris Brown, Renée Zellweger and Jessica Alba.

Famous people having a Taurus dominant

The Sun in Taurus corresponds exactly to the topic of this article. However, it may be interesting to check the dominant of the chart. Indeed, it sometimes happens that the only planet in Taurus is the Sun, but that the other planets or an angle such as the Ascendant are in a different sign. Although the chart's owner is a Taurus, his chart may display a more "powerful" sign than Taurus. This is called the "dominant sign".

Claudia Cardinale, an Aries woman with Taurus dominant

Conversely, some people are not Taurus, although Taurus is their planetary dominant. In that case, they display Taurus features. In some cases, they are "much more Taurus" than people having the Sun in Taurus.

Astrotheme has computed eleven types of dominants for all the entries of its database. They include the dominant sign and in particular, the Taurus dominant.

The most popular people having Taurus as their planetary dominant are, for the most famous ones: Aries Claudia Cardinale, Sagittarius Donna Mills, Aries Jean-Louis Borloo, Aquarius Nick Nolte, Pisces Mallaury Nataf or Aries Mariah Carey.

The other signs of the zodiac

You can also read the files about the signs of Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.