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True Node 20°56'  Я Taurus
True Lilith 26°45'  Я Cancer
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Calculate Your Solar Revolution

The Solar Revolution is a predictive technique which describes your astrological climate for a twelve-month period starting on your birthday. It is generally considered a valuable complement to the transit and progression forecasts. In the Anglo-Saxon world, the Solar Revolution is so popular that it is often used alone. It is based on the precise moment when the Sun transits the exact position he occupied at the moment of your birth.

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Depending on the place where you are on your solar birthday, the angles of the Solar Revolution may change. Some astrologers do not hesitate to travel on their birthday to a location different from their place or birth in order to get a more auspicious Ascendant or Midheaven!

Bear in mind that in most cases, the precise date and time of the Solar Revolution do not exactly match those of your birth because the astronomical year does not exactly covers 365 days. For instance, if you were born on 13 April, the Solar Return may occur on 12 or 14 April, depending on the year, at a time which is most probably different from the natal time of birth. With our new application, you can calculate the chart of your current or next Solar Revolution. It requires that you enter the relevant location, i.e. the place where you were on your last birthday, or the place where you expect to be on your forthcoming birthday if you wish to display your Solar Revolution chart for next year.