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Planets Distribution and Hemispheres

With the observation of the distribution of planets in the natal chart, it is possible to start its overall interpretation. Indeed, there is a symbolism of space similar to the one used in graphology.


The natal chart comprises four hemispheres corresponding to very precise characteristics, just as houses, planets, or elements.

The chart is divided horizontally and vertically. The Southern hemisphere (the upper part of the chart) is separated from the Northern hemisphere (the bottom part) by the horizon line. The Eastern hemisphere (the left part) is separated from the Western hemisphere (the opposite part) by the meridian axis. When numerous planets are posited in one of the hemispheres, they take on the characteristics of the said hemisphere.

The Southern Hemisphere

When this hemisphere is prominent, the native is extroverted, with the need to express himself and to assert himself in the social area. The material and professional world is given top priority.

The Northern Hemisphere

The native is introverted and is mainly concerned with his inner world. He needs security and privacy in order to blossom. People of this type are difficult to figure out because they are very secretive and reveal very little of their true feelings.

The Eastern Hemisphere

It describes the self and the personal identity. The native is particularly independent and impervious to other people's opinion. There may also be natural tendencies towards introversion or egotism.

The Western Hemisphere

It is the world of other people and of relationships. The native needs fellow creatures in order to reach harmony. He pays much attention, sometimes too much, to other people's views. A prominent Western hemisphere inclines towards extraversion and sociability.

Figures and Planetary Patterns: a Step Further

Astrotheme offers two detailed articles on the topic of figures and planetary patterns, planetary distribution in the natal chart, both at the overall level and at that of groups of planets posited in the natal chart. Check our page Nothing Is Simple: Planets Structure (soon available), and Figures and Planetary Patterns. You will find a wealth of helpful information for the interpretation of natal charts, as well as certain distinctive planetary structures.