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Sun. 1 Aug., 04:20 PM UT
Sun  940'   Leo
Moon 2225'   Taurus
Mercury  949'   Leo
Venus 1249'   Virgo
Mars  148'   Virgo
Jupiter 2932'  Я Aquarius
Saturn 1013'  Я Aquarius
Uranus 1439'   Taurus
Neptune 2251'  Я Pisces
Pluto 2513'  Я Capricorn
Chiron 1248'  Я Aries
True Node  854'   Gemini
True Lilith 2953'  Я Taurus
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Sun. 8 Aug., 01:45 PM UT
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Astrological Reports

Your Career and Vocation Report

This report approximately 17 to 20 pages depending on the natal chart focuses on the potential for your career, based on the specificities of your natal chart in this area of life: find the job that suits you.

According to your birth profile, you will find out that you may be interested in the business world, in law, in artistic creation, in mechanics, in sports, in technologies, in writing, in trade, music, or social action. Unless politics is your playfield? Or performing? Or also travels and adventures?

The presence of certain planets in various areas of your chart, their nature, rulerships and particular aspects shape the way you express yourself at work. For instance, it may be active (Mars), influenced by emotions (the Moon) or by the need to shine (the Sun, Jupiter).

The range of your predispositions as well as the suggested professions will shed an unprecedented light at each stage of your career. This report will enable you to make the best choices for a successful career and will help you manage it during many years.

Immediate online delivery in your account and by email, round the clock.

USD 29.80
EUR 27.10
GBP 24.40
CAD 39.30
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