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Jupiter, Saturn, and the sign of Aquarius

Jupiter-Saturn conjunction launches a new cycle in December 2020

In astrology, conjunctions between slow-moving or social planets always trigger major events. The year 2020 particularly abounds in such facts, since a first exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurred on 12 January 2020 - who is probably responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic - then a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on 4 April 2020. These important aspects marked the whole year 2020 and highlighted the values of Capricorn. We have observed that, as a result, the principles of harshness and determination came forward when governments struggled against the pandemic.


The programme of this 2020 "vintage" is not yet over, and we are entitled to a Saturn-Jupiter aspects on 21 December 2020; the advantage is, at least, that it will herald à change of direction, given that it will take place in Aquarius.

A depiction of Jupiter in the 1st century AD

A depiction of Jupiter in the 1st century AD

Shortly before, the much-touted Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter trio will have gathered very closely in the last degrees of Capricorn. This may suggest that the toughness of this situation will be felt heavily. But afterwards, Saturn and Jupiter will leave Pluto alone in Capricorn, and will enter Aquarius almost simultaneously, because their conjunction will occur at 0° of the sign.

Aquarius represents hope and solidarity. Those interested in the messages of the precise symbolic degrees of the zodiac may in addition click on the interactive chart – cast for 21 December 2020, 18:29 U.T. – and note that the text is quite revealing; it describes "an independent, refined, and courageous character." It also refers to the "possibility to achieve fame or sudden wealth which may vanish as quickly". We shall see further down that this clue – to be taken with caution though – can be compared with other features of the sky at the moment of this conjunction, especially concerning the 2021 forecasts.

The paradoxes of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction

Let us discuss the Jupiter - Saturn cycle first. It lasts roughly twenty years, and suggests generational trends. Saturn stays some two and a half years in a sign, and Jupiter, one year. Therefore, the blend of these social or collective planets has necessarily a strong impact in terms of society, economy, laws, and administrative matters.

We know that Jupiter stands for force of expansion, of optimism, of generosity, of ease, of spirituality, and of wisdom. On the negative side, he provokes exaggeration and excesses.

Saturn is about structures, constraints, regulations, patience, effort, and consolidation. Traditional astrology sometimes considers that Saturn is a negative planet; actually, he foreshadows some form of austerity materialized by the limitations that he sets with rigor and stringency.

It is clear that Jupiter and Saturn look alike in certain respects. They are both interested in the evolution of group structures, as well as in social ambitions. They intervene to tell us how easily or not we implement a framework and an operating system suitable for our environment.

However, both planets differ in several ways, for example:

Jupiter is synonymous with trust, Saturn distrust.

Jupiter is synonymous with expansion, Saturn, contraction.

A representation of Saturn by Francisco de Goya

A representation of Saturn by Francisco de Goya

The list may be continued at length, but we already understand that we will need to cope with this opposition of style since the conjunction compels us to reckon with both planets in the same manner.

As they move into Aquarius simultaneously on 21 December 2020, they kick off a new cycle and a novel type of experiences that we can feel at the individual level, depending on the position where this conjunction occurs in our chart and the possible aspects it forms with our planets and our angles, which can be easily checked.

It is most likely that at the collective level we are going through a phase of reconstruction marked by the symbolism of Aquarius. There will be a determination to be more altruistic and to ensure that everyone is better integrated during the construction of this "new world". Due attention will have to be paid to everyone's interests, and the reform of the current powers will have to be completed, which was the purpose of the conjunctions in Capricorn.

We may expect promises of improvement from this new Age of Aquarius. On the one hand, Saturn is comfortable in this sign – he leaves Capricorn, the sign he rules, and enters the sign he also governs historically (prior to the discovery of Uranus), while Jupiter can fully unfold in this Air sign. Science and authority go hand in hand and rely on one another. Innovation may become a reality thanks to Saturn and to the generous ideas of Jupiter, who advocates modern large-scale realizations.

We could higgledy-piggledy mention the advent of 5G and its applications like self-driving cars, advances in medicine and anti-aging treatments, full maturity of virtual money, quantum computers and their incredible speed, localized artificial intelligence, more and more connected objects, robotization, mathematical models to better foresee climate changes, spatial breakthroughs, etc.

The battle of Jupiter then of Saturn against Uranus is bound to be stormy

Nonetheless, we ought to properly temper this first momentum with an unavoidable statement, i.e. the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter will undergo a square from Uranus in Taurus. Although the aspect is quite wide, and hence not very powerful on 21 December 2020 (an orb of approximately 6°), these planets will successively cross swords with Uranus during a large part of the year 2021.

Uranus being the ruler of Aquarius, he holds the reins of this conjunction. Jupiter and Saturn must obey Uranus, because they are in Uranus' home. Unfortunately, Uranus is unwelcoming.

Subsequently, squares forming on 17 January 2021 for Jupiter, and on 17 February for Saturn, will express their confrontation in a nuanced manner.

Squares between two planets mean that contradictory energies are clashing. The square (not precise, very wide) between Jupiter and Uranus points to a crisis of action stemming from the appraisal of the context experienced. We can surmise that this conveys the popular exasperation aroused by constraints left by the health issue.

In February 2021, it will be the turn of Saturn, who also moves onwards in Aquarius, though not as rapidly as Jupiter, to undergo the influence of Uranus.

A representation of Uranus, mutilated by his son Saturn

A representation of Uranus, mutilated by his son Saturn

Uranus, innovation, changes happening brutally, will collide with Saturn, resistance, traditions, past and current rigid rules. We can bet that society and peoples will find it hard to adapt to the necessary changes, whatever the situation at that time may be. This baleful square and all its consequences will be active again in May and June, then in December 2021, and lastly in September and October 2022.


In astrology, it must be constantly borne in mind that no cycle can be isolated from another. The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction is no exception to the rule; it is part of the context we summarized above (its shift from Capricorn to Aquarius, and its link with Uranus), then the respective evolution of those two planets in the following signs (Aquarius and Pisces in the medium term).

From this perspective, the potential greats stride that this new Saturn-Jupiter cycle brings about, although hampered now and then, will be able to develop in the years ahead.

As early as next year, the first passage of Jupiter in Pisces, from 13 May to 28 July 2021, will allow to begin to mitigate the war with Uranus, who will be challenged only by Saturn. Jupiter will make no aspect with Uranus, and will be in domicile, in a sign suiting him.