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The 2020 Saturn-Pluto mundane conjunction

The meeting of these two planets is a major astrological event, which is interpreted mainly at the collective level. Indeed, the cycle of Saturn and Pluto varies between 30 and 40 years owing to Pluto's elliptic orbit.

A representation of Saturn (Cronus) in Nuremberg

A representation of Saturn (Cronus) in Nuremberg
)o(Medousa)o( [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Their last conjunction occurred in November 1982; it must be underlined that, since they are slow-moving planets, the exact moment of their impact is different, in the sense that there may be a slight gap, sometimes of several weeks. It is preferable to consider their influence for the entire period during which the orb is still valid (already now in 2019, and throughout the year 2020).

On the other hand, the exact conjunction is important in terms of the two planets' cycle, since it is its starting point. In brief, 12 January 2020 is the end of the Saturn-Pluto cycle (which includes the totality of the aspects between them) which started on 8 November 1982 in Libra.

It is interesting to note that the sequence shows an obvious increase of Saturn's power on the general ambiance. Indeed, although Libra is a "gentle" sign, its second ruler is nevertheless Saturn; since 1982, our habits and our societies have been more frequently driven by the principles of rigor and austerity.

Now, because the new Saturn-Pluto cycle begins at 22° Capricorn, Saturn is in domicile. At least he is in tune with the characteristics of the sign, or even very potent, depending on the differences of interpretation between various astrological schools.

The meeting of two planets notorious for their sternness

As such, the meeting of Saturn and Pluto portends a stage of toughening. As everyone knows, Saturn means time and responsibility, i.e. becoming aware that things are finite and that life on earth has its own limits.

As for Pluto, he symbolizes deep transformations, inner and secret energy. Thus, the alliance of the two planets may herald societal changes marked by the statement that resources are scarce and by the necessity to carry out radical changes of behavior.

Capricorn, which begins on the winter solstice day, represents our social conscience. If we follow the seasons order, it is associated in our hemisphere with the rigors of winter. Nature seems immobile, and the soil, sterile, but this is in appearance only. Deeply buried seeds are expecting the return of the sunny days, and harness their forces.

Bearing in mind this image, we understand that this sign enjoins us to save our energies in order to develop. The other possible analogy is that of the summit of the mountain thought to be inaccessible but which is reachable if we climb its slope one step after the other, with perseverance and caution.

In Capricorn, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction may be scaring. For those who base their analysis on the past, it is true that the conjunction might have been connected with harsh events, difficult to cope with, or even with conflicts.

It has often been in the background when there were crises and serious troubles during which a feeling of weariness was expressed through outbursts of violence. Nothing too cheering. As the lesser evil, the feeling of collective anxiety was prevailing.

A representation of Hades (Pluto) in Hierapolis

A representation of Hades (Pluto) in Hierapolis

However, the fact that it is taking place in Capricorn suggests that its expression will be more restrained than if it were in an Air or a Fire sign. Capricorn's tenacity may also be synonymous with courage. Of course, there is the concept that there is no backtracking.

For instance, we may hear quite often such sentences as "it is non-negotiable". In other words, existing structures and powers are most likely to be jostled, and progress, difficult, snatched with efforts and pains.

A different model of society in gestation

On the other hand, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn may also help all the peoples to understand that they must change their model, since necessity knows no law. One must see far ahead and launch savings plans. In the meantime, societies are on the way to these thorough mutations. They will take as much time as necessary.

In 2020, the outstanding feature of the conjunction is that Jupiter will join the Saturn-Pluto duet. Although the ruler of Sagittarius has the reputation of being fortunate, it is not always the case.

At times, his action is mainly to enlarge the energies at play; he may bring about exaggeration. In the current case, Jupiter may increase fears for the unknown and citizens' cold anger. This is a possibility anyway.

Hope embodied by Neptune

Nonetheless, one of the assets of the year 2020 is the sextile the Saturn-Pluto conjunction forms with Neptune. It is true that it is not exact, but with an orb of approximately 5°, we can consider that it will have a slight impact, particularly in terms of collective atmosphere, and that the result will be positive.

Since Neptune symbolizes ideals, we can think that this slow walk will lead to a new model of a more humanistic or acceptable coexistence. This was for the auspicious hypothesis of the upcoming events of 2020.

Mars stirs up the hornets' nest

Tricky periods are those when other planets' transits activate the tensions on the mundane Saturn-Pluto pair. It will be necessary to be cautious when the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and above all Mars will travel from 20° to 25° of Aries, Cancer, and Libra.

The chart of the conjunction Saturn Pluto on January 12, 2020

The chart of the conjunction Saturn Pluto on January 12, 2020 at 17h55, in Paris

This brings us to the main warning of 2020, with the negative aspects formed by Mars, present since July in Aries, the sign where he is strongest. Owing to his retrogradation, the utterly sensitive moments are the second fortnight of August, September, and October, which is quite long, and seems very explosive at the world level.

The potency of Mars, who is willing to move forward with his war-like brutality, clashes with the brakes of Saturn and with the cold and mighty anger of Pluto. It must be observed that at that moment, the conjunction will not be exact anymore but that its orb is enough to induce this fateful connection of the three planets.

In conclusion, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction which will stamp the year 2020 is demanding in essence. As always in astrology, those who take the forces at play literally may describe the end of the world or dreadful troubles for us.

In fact, those opting for such interpretation keep on maintaining the climate specific to a conjunction which mainly evokes a harrowing backdrop which ought to be experienced as a survival exercise meant to make us stronger.

Nevertheless, it is certain that the summer and the autumn of 2020 are likely to be... intense. Jupiter will join afterwards the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in November, just after Mars goes off, perhaps making way for solutions, not necessarily immediately but a few weeks later.

Indeed, this new Jupiter-Saturn pair will undergo once again the square from Mars by the end of the year 2020 and until January 2021. A return to calm will occur rather in the beginning of the spring of 2021.

Addendum to 17 Mars 2020

This article was written at the end of October, before the outbreak of the epidemic which affects us all. In light of these new events, it seems interesting to be more specific about the effects of this great conjunction.

COVID-19, result of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction

When they released their forecasts for 2020, some astrologers emphasized the role of Saturn and Pluto in past large epidemics, such as the black plague or the Spanish flu for instance. Therefore, it is reasonable to consider that the conjunction of these slow planets of ill repute is responsible for the emergence of the new coronavirus, the COVID-19.

Indeed, Saturn meeting Pluto in Capricorn may represent the generalized attempt by various powers to control the disease, particularly through confinement. But the onset of the virus too.

It must be recalled that the concept of internment and interventionism relates to Saturn, and that policies are in essence Capricorn. As for Saturn, he symbolizes toughness, that which cannot be avoided, facing harsh and inescapable reality, and necessity to take precautions.

As far as Pluto is concerned, he is in analogy with the virus itself, born in dark conditions and probably as a consequence of certain "dirty" patterns of consumption. The symbolism of this remote planet is hidden danger, invisible enemy, underground power. It matches what we are going through.

Let us add the arrival of Jupiter, who did not behave as the Great Benefic but who, in this case, enlarged the mechanism. Jupiter means expansion, epidemic growing to pandemic, the development of the virus throughout the world. Now, Jupiter joined Pluto this month, in March 2020, a date when more than a hundred countries are affected by this scourge.

Let us also underline that the World Health Organization declared that the coronavirus was a pandemic during the transit of the Sun in Pisces, when he formed a conjunction with Neptune on 8 March.

Let us bear this in mind that borders do not exist for Pisces. Moreover, the 12th sign may also stand for illness – especially in a negative context.

Although the link with the planets in Capricorn was a sextile (positive aspect), the backdrop of the whole pattern confirms that the effects are global. However, it is most likely that this positive aspect will pave the way for intelligent responses that Humanity will provide to this public health problem.