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The method of transits and the forecasts

Astrology does not predict concrete events

The following lines are aimed at all those who do not know the method of transits, one of the methods used in astrology to foresee with caution the forthcoming climate in various areas of life.


First of all, as we repeatedly underline on our website, astrological forecasting, regardless of the method chosen, is a sensitive and sometimes misleading topic to those unfamiliar with it. Indeed, it is important to be aware that this discipline does not allow to predict events.

Most often, although nothing concrete occurs, in our head or our heart, we feel deeply serene or on the contrary we experience a real hurricane in such and such period.

Transits indicate probable emotional experiences at different periods

Transits are not about materialised predictions, not necessarily facts, but prognostics of emotions felt. The method of transits, one of the most reliable, dates those emotions by comparing the position of transiting planets with the planets and the Houses of the natal chart throughout the timeframe considered, day after day.

It also allows to hierarchise their importance using a number of rules, (including the repetition of planetary aspects with the natal chart, an Astrotheme exclusivity) explained on certain pages of our website.

Synthesis or succession of transit interpretations?

Your detailed monthly forecast

What does a forecast report based on transits look like? Given the very nature of the method, it is a succession of planetary influences, dated, prioritised, and interpreted. This list may as a result disconcert those unaccustomed to the method and who may find that it apparently lacks synthesis.

On the other hand, those who are used to this tool know that if one can show the reader what is important and what is secondary, the synthesis is present, indirectly, even though sometimes two or more influences are at play simultaneously and in the same area. For instance, let us consider a square by Uranus and at the same time a trine by Jupiter to natal Venus in the 5th House. There will be a tension in the affective area, a desire for break-up or renewal (Uranus) but also a benevolent and calm way to step back to consider things so as to avoid ending the relationship and to see its nice sides (Jupiter). This is what happens in life, similarly, without contradiction.

Your detailed quarterly forecast

Therefore, the apparent lack of synthesis is inherent to the method. Astrotheme has hierarchised all these influences so that important dates worth remembering come to mind very quickly, in a few seconds. We provide an interactive Aspectarian (a graphic table of all transit aspects), which allows to surf from one interpretation to another in a continuous and ergonomic manner, regardless of the size of the document. The graph and the hierarchisation of the importance of transits remedy the lack of synthesis specific to the method.

Emotional experience or concrete event depending on the nature of the transit

In some cases, emotional experiences have no concrete consequences, and in some other cases, an event occurs. Why?

The only answer is that, the stronger the planetary influence – therefore the stronger the emotion – the higher the probability that it will bring about a concrete fact, especially if there is a repetition of aspects in the natal chart, or if indications concur with other methods like the solar revolution, secondary or solar arcs progressions, to quote the best known.

The usefulness of the method of transits and the danger of knowing

Your detailed 12 month forecast

Thus, one must fully understand that, even though our forecasts indicate "only" probabilities of feelings, they remain a very interesting tool insofar as knowing the planetary climates described by transits enable to get prepared mentally. Indeed, one can curb one's impulses during less auspicious climates or take a few risks when the omens are very encouraging.

This is not always true. The reproach some people express, sometimes rightly, is that knowing in advance when transits are unfavourable, even when they are about feelings, may inhibit action or make people unhappy, whereas if one does not read one's report, one does not worry. It all depends on the sensitivity and the vulnerability of each person. Sometimes, it is better not to be warned when one cannot keep from attaching too much importance to these forecasts of feelings.

Your detailed 2 year forecast

The best way to approach these reports is probably to strike a happy medium. Instead of focusing too much on transiting squares and oppositions, it is advisable to see them as compulsory stages of the evolution of one's personality and of one's transformation in order to achieve a new balance more in line with oneself. It is actually one of astrology's great ideas regarding so-called negative aspects and transits.

One must above all live one's life instead of living it reading one's transits, vicariously in a way, which in addition would mean to believe that everything is handed on a platter, which never happens anyway, at least as far as positive planetary climates are concerned. To remain the actor and not the onlooker of one's life must be the rule, even when one has one's astrological forecasts in hand.