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Your astrological forecasts online: information

For our astrological reports, sent immediately, 24/7, several options are available: the forecasts based on transits with the interactive aspectarian, the solar revolution, and the astrological diaries.


The detailed forecast is the result of Astrotheme's know-how, particularly since the release of the brand new version and its interactive aspectarian.

These information about the transits reports might interest you if you are not familiar with this method.

No professional software and no specialised website have invested such huge efforts in terms of quality.

  • Forecasts based on transits: in our opinion the most reliable ones. We have created two categories: the standard forecast and the detailed forecast.
    • The detailed astrology forecasts: they are the best choice and cover two years, twelve months, three months, or one month. They provide the interpretation of all the transits made by both slow and fast planets (transiting planets). All the transits to natal slow planets, i.e. the collective transits, are also interpreted, including the transits to the Ascendant ruler.
    • The standard astrological forecast: it analyses important transits only, i.e. those made by slow planets and by Mars. In this standard forecast, which covers 12 months, collective transits, i.e. transits to natal slow planets, and transits to the Ascendant ruler are not interpreted. The standard forecast starts on the day of your order.
  • The solar revolution: this report, based on the technique of the annual return of the Sun to its exact birth position, indicates the planetary climate of the year, from one birth date to the next. It has a more general approach than the transit forecast, which it complements perfectly well, even though it is satisfactory by itself. solar revolution is highly regarded by Anglo-Saxons.
  • Astrological diaries: their purpose is, on the basis of daily analyses, to provide you with the most favourable periods regarding romantic life. Daily transits are computed so as to carry out the synthesis of the influence. This assessment is indicated by a rate ranging from 0% to 100%. Thus, you can follow the evolution of your good luck in love. For instance, if you need to know the best date for an important romantic date, these diaries will prove most helpful.

Our advice: if you expect astrology to provide you with as much information as possible, so as to take the best decisions throughout the year, the best formula is to order your detailed 12 month or 2 year forecast, your yearly astrological diary, and your solar return. With this comprehensive package, you will be fully equipped and you can launch new projects under the best conditions, make crucial decisions during auspicious periods, and protect yourself during the moments when you are most vulnerable.