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Neptune, Inspiration, and Illusion

The Nature of Neptune

Neptune, the second trans-saturnian planet, is not as fascinating as Uranus, the explosive and so typified planet. On the contrary, Neptune is the image of the sign of Pisces, quite elusive and difficult to figure out.


Like Uranus, Neptune is a slow-moving planet, almost twice slower since he takes some 164 years to travel around the Zodiac. Therefore, Neptune is more of a collective symbol in the natal chart, unless he is linked to a sensitive point such as an angle or a personal planet through aspects, or if he is the ruler of the Ascendant, the Midheaven, or a stellium.

Neptune is as moist, emotional, slow, and consensus-oriented, as Uranus is dry, intellectual, swift, and brutal. Wherever Neptune is, he blurs everything he interacts with, planetary objects and houses of the natal chart alike.

Neptune may endow you with the highest degree of mystical inspiration.

Neptune's vagueness is not negative as such, and the way his influence plays out depends on the rest of the chart and the quality of aspects formed. Indeed, the nature of this planet is to melt, to commune with the outer world, and to amplify the entire human emotional structure, which brings about assets such as inspiration, fertile imagination, empathy, compassion, self-sacrifice, affective intensity, and the possibility to live through dreams, spirituality, and faith. But it also implies dangers such as dependence, fears, "impressionability", weakness, escapism, forgetfulness, confusion, deception, perversion, neurosis, illusion, and despair.

You can't see anything ? Is it foggy? It is certainly Neptune transiting a sensitive point of your natal chart.

Neptune increasing the person's receptivity may be an advantage as much as a disappointment. Even more than in the case of Uranus, the signification of Neptune's position in sign is not very important. It is the position in house that is meaningful. For instance, with Neptune in the 2nd House, financial gains are seen as a sort of issue which one does not want to take care of, and which is left in a state of vagueness and approximation. Neptune on the Ascendant may bring about some degree of unconsciousness of the consequences one's actions might have on other people, even though on the other hand, one feels in a marvellous state of communion with the entire world...

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and enables to understand through emotions and senses to the extent that it is commonly believed that channels and other clairvoyants receive their gift directly from this planet. The same holds true for mystical and religious people. A good combination between Mercury, the intellect, and Neptune, inspiration, often endows with some kind of flair or sixth sense. The Moon-Neptune combination is also very characteristic and turns the person into a kind of roving emotional radar capable of bursting into tears as well as to be fired with enthusiasm at the slightest event.

Neptune is the planet of romanticism and selflessness, receptivity and sensitivity, inspiration and imagination, as well as mystery and its accompanying charm. But he is also the planet of drugs, addiction, morbid states, anxiety, swindle, debauchery, and self-indulgence.

This drawing is made solely of concentric circles, and nevertheless it seems to be a spiral. Similarly to our illustration, you might be presently experiencing a total illusion in the metaphysical sense of the term regarding the meaning of your life, or just ordinary events affecting you. This is Neptune's work, instilling his dose of confusion while insidiously modifying your perceptions.

In the sexual and romantic areas, Neptune is less typified than Uranus who is completely dry and intellectual. Neptune embraces more than he provokes, and it is always through indirect means that he exerts his influence. He creates a misty atmosphere in the area where he is posited in the natal chart, for good or bad reasons. Thus, the person may be carried away by a passionate romance in which sex and feelings are tightly entangled, as well as by a love story which exists only in his imagination.

In many cases, Neptune is strong in the chart of artists. His particular nature, defined by his position and the aspects formed with other planets, determines the orientation of the person's works. For instance, Neptune in tensed aspect with a luminary is most likely to tinge the artist's creativity with an aura of suffering or melancholy, whereas a soft aspect with Mercury endows with an intellectual and even mystical dimension.

Where does the difference between Venus and Neptune actually lie? Indeed, although both planets are affective by nature, their difference is considerable. Venus tries to please and determines a very specific way of loving, whereas Neptune creates emotions and feelings with no "directiveness". Neptune is more about emotional wrapping which has not direct influence on a given decision or behaviour. Neptune is synonymous with abandonment and fusion with the world, and Venus, with love and the need to seduce. It is only when Venus is in the 12th House or in Pisces that her essence becomes similar to that of Neptune.

Neptune has a mystical or religious character under some form of spiritual quest. Like any planet, Neptune offers the worst and the best, but it can, thanks to its nature, prove to be a precious help by the inspiration which it bring. To represent Neptune, we chose the gorgeous painting by the baroque painter Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665), The triumph of Neptune and Amphitrite, in 1634.

The fact that it is difficult to figure out Neptune's effects is inherent to the planet's nature. As he conveys a certain degree of mystery, Neptune does not facilitate the astrologer's task. In forecasting analysis, Neptune's effects are usually subdued and gradually pervasive, starting with a state of exalted emotions or, on the contrary, a growing disgust or an impression that something is wrong, even though more often than not, nothing in actual events explains such feelings.

Sometimes, a transit by Neptune is considered a "non-event". Nothing concrete occurs, but inside, it is a real storm which is raging. Neptune moves slowly and deeply in order to affect the person. Similarly to the water of the oceans, it is through successive waves that, as time unfolds, Neptune succeeds in transforming the person or getting him to behave according to the emotional state into which he is driven. Remember that Neptune is slow, very slow, and that it takes him some 14 years to travel through a House or a sign. Furthermore, when he forms a conjunction, the influence of the aspect sometimes lasts two years or two and a half years.

This article deals with the part of inspiration and self-indulgence which we all have in us. Neptune's position in house indicates the area of life in which his effects are felt.

The position in sign is of little importance because all people born a few months or a few years apart have their slow-moving planets in the same signs. However, the sign contributes to tinge the nature of Neptune's influence. We provide additional information here.

You can instantly get the position of your Neptune in sign and in house. All you need to do is locate the green glyph of Neptune (a circle below three "horns", the trident) in the house area outside the zodiacal wheel. Then you can check the accurateness or the resemblance between your personality traits and the relevant text in the paragraphs below.

Neptune in House

Reminder: indications provided here are more or less noticeable depending on whether Neptune is linked to personal points in your natal chart such as personal planets, angles, or whether he is part of a special pattern.

As on our entire website, hover the mouse over the photos to display their caption.

Neptune in the 1st House

You are particularly sensitive and intuitive, and you have a very fertile imagination. You may seem mysterious to others, actually to yourself, too, and you may be unaware of the consequences your actions may trigger because you are wrapped up in nebulous impressions and cut off from the material world.

Your behaviour may be surprising because your sixth sense is so developed that you may adopt a completely different attitude and amaze your entourage by your very sharp perception of things that is often beyond ordinary mortals' understanding.

You are interested in new experiences that may not be respectful of proprieties or moral standards, just for fun and due to a certain degree of carelessness... You feel that you are beyond the law and rules, and your emotionalism may take you too far.

Some examples of celebrities:

Singer Axelle Red
Humorist Fernand Raynaud, a genius with a practical and down to earth mind, but also with the knack for turning the simplest situation into a most complicated one

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in the 1st House or Ascendant.

Neptune in the 2nd House

Your relationship to money is particularly vague. You tend to avoid analyzing your financial resources, as though this topic were neither important nor real. You belong to the category of people who never know how much they have in their bank account and in their purse.

This approach is positive in that, if you have a strong sixth sense, you can get good bargains more easily than other people... It may be some sort of blindfolded fortune, although there are real dangers of losing a lot and of being deceived.

Beware not to overstep legal boundaries, lest someday your carelessness in the financial area gets you into big troubles. It would be a pity if what you earned, thanks to your sixth sense, were taken away from you.

Some examples of celebrities:

Singer Gilbert Bécaud, a French charismatic singer nicknamed Mister 100,000 volts
Françoise Hardy, a French singer and youth icon, not so long ago. She would compose her songs herself and converted to astrology, a strange idea, isn't it? No, definitely... it is an excellent idea! She practises the Art as successfully as she performed in her former occupation. She is a very intelligent and good-looking woman, endowed with extreme sensitivity and deep modesty.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in the 2nd House.

Neptune in the 3rd House

The way you think and communicate, as well as the organization of your trips, are deeply emotional, sensitive, and devoid of rigour. On the other hand, you are able to "sense" things directly. Your mind gains in synthesizing ability what it loses in analysis capacity.

You have bohemian ideas, and the way you look at things is quite flexible. As you daydream and you indulge in your emotions, you may be cut off from reality and may lose important relationships! Do not run away, do not tell lies, and take advantage of the best aspects of this configuration: intuition and inspiration.

Some examples of celebrities:

Singer Chantal Goya, the killer of hunters. Beware of uncontrolled skids in communication...
Madonna, again! She really is everywhere and such a great talent!

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in the 3rd House.

Neptune in the 4th House

Your vision of your childhood home, or of your father, is quite vague, but your emotions in these areas are intense. There is a vital need for you to feel comfortable at home because, otherwise, you tend to imagine horrors that exist only in your mind!

You may encounter complications, lack of understanding, or mystery regarding your origins or your real estate. In any case, it is hard for you to discern when you are "at home" and, even when all is well, you tend to idealize your household.

Some examples of celebrities:

Actress Béatrice Dalle, with Neptune right on the 4th House cusp and Jupiter in exact opposition on the Midheaven. She also has a Mars-Pluto conjunction in the 2nd House which supports the whole structure. Home is at the same time important and not clearly defined... and there is much more to say on this topic.
Sting, a singer who is quite special and whose interviews are sometimes quite strange.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in the 4th House.

Neptune in the 5th House

This pleasant combination may magnify your love affairs and your creativity and give them a romantic and whimsical side. If you are an artist, you often feel inspired and carried away by love and emotional impulses.

This area of your life is intense and, as a consequence, you are more vulnerable than other people. It is up to you to sort out among your positive, creative impressions on the one hand, and your out-of-proportion reactions caused by frustrating events, on the other hand.

You must know that you are exposed to love delusions. However, you are also entitled to the best part of love, when all is well. In the fields of entertainment and relations with children, you are quite easily influenced and you follow your intuition more than your rational mind; rather emotion all on edge than reason...

Some examples of celebrities:

Singer, actor and world champion of poker Patrick Bruel, sometimes genuine surges of Neptunian emotions
Carla Sarkozy Bruni, a top-model who turned into an excellent singer and the French former Lady

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in the 5th House.

Neptune in the 6th House

Your approach to daily life and your behaviour in your work environment are whimsical and abide by one single law: your mood or your feelings of the moment!

Although it may be detrimental to your own organization, it also endows you with qualities such as being easy-going, helpful, and ready to give assistance to those whom you perceive as nice persons.

Your health is quite fragile and, if the emotional sphere is unsatisfactory, you may transfer your moods to the physical plane and, for instance, you may be affected by allergies or problems difficult to identify.

Some examples of celebrities:

Michael Jackson. Was he really the monster people suspected him of being, or an innocent totally unable to adjust to our modern society, and endowed with extreme artistic sensitivity and infantile spontaneity?
Serge Gainsbourg, an outstanding French singer and songwriter, a genius with a Neptune-Mars opposition in the 6th-12th axis which proved terrible. A quite rare Pisces-Aries typology is obvious in his chart.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in the 6th House.

Neptune in the 7th House

It is in the relationship area that your approach may be nebulous. You tend to idealize your partner, and you may be easily influenced, and terribly irrational, when you assess the worth of your contacts. However, when the time comes, you display a formidable intuition, and it is your sixth sense that "recognizes" your future spouse or husband.

You may be weak, gullible and vulnerable in the area of human contacts. Since there is a danger to be deluded, you must use your intellect to avoid the possible traps related to your encounters, in spite of the sweet and confuse impressions they arouse.

Try not to be too lax with your associates and your relationships in general. If you make too many sacrifices, if you refuse to face the truth, you may undergo severe losses; try to step back before committing yourself and even, before... getting married! In this way, you can benefit from the positive side of this configuration.

Some examples of celebrities:

Gene Hackman, a great actor who did not take himself seriously. In 1978, he signed a contract in Superman directed by Richard Donner, with Christopher Reeves co-starring. Hackman marvellously played the role of the bad in this film which he himself deems as s..., and in which he participated solely for his fees.
Pierre Palmade, a French humorist and actor who feels as uncomfortable as can be in public, but who may enter in total communion with his audience. The Neptune effect, probably.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in the 7th House.

Neptune in the 8th House

There is a form of confusion or of vague perception in matters of sexuality, investment, inheritance and, as a general rule, other people's finance and the money you do not earn by yourself.

You have the gift for sounding the depths of your psyche, for feeling what others' motivations are, and you thoroughly understand behavioural patterns, in a sensitive, emotional and non-intellectual way.

This configuration may bring fortune as well as breaches of trust. Be very cautious before trusting anybody, as far as investment and finance are concerned.

Some examples of celebrities:

Jane Fonda, the sex-symbol of the 70's...
Catherine Deneuve, so cold, and yet so sensitive and lively, with Neptune in the 8th House and the Sun in the 9th House. Her lovers or husbands are often foreigners.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in the 8th House.

Neptune in the 9th House

Your concepts and ideas in politics, philosophy and, generally speaking, higher knowledge and abstract matters, are your sources of inspiration. But at the same time, your mind is a bit confused and unmethodical in these areas.

Remote lands, evasion, literally (long distance trips) or figuratively (higher knowledge) give you a confused feeling of the infinite, of fusion and communion with the world at large; the danger is that you may get lost. You must be cautious when you travel, and you should try to step back in order not to go astray when you deal with big concepts and ideals.

There is a strong tendency towards idealization, with many assets and many dangers at the same time.

Some examples of celebrities:

Charismatic Yves Rénier, a French actor and film director, lived in India for many years. His chart is quite incredible with a four-planet conjunction in the 9th House (Venus, Neptune, the Sun, and Mars) trining a three-planet conjunction (Saturn, Uranus, and the Moon). For him, Neptune in the 9th House is entirely positive and probably his major asset in life. The man is meant for travels, and each time he does so, he ends up tremendously enriched.
And God Created Woman: sublime Brigitte Bardot, the French myth of the 20th century, the glory of the 60's and 70's, has Neptune in the 9th House in exact square to the Moon. Travels or great causes may not have immediately positive or easy repercussions for her life.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in the 9th House.

Neptune in the 10th House

This configuration indicates a significant probability that your professional destiny - even your general destiny - is linked to collective movements that are beyond you. They may constitute good opportunities to earn your marshal's baton.

Your certainties may be influenced by trends or by your osmosis with collective ideas, often because you are very sensitive to the "spirit of the times". The other side of the coin is that you may become only a representation of a collective ideal, or its victim, and be exposed to scandal or deception.

You have good predispositions for music, comedy, and for anything that allows you to quench your thirst for emotions and fusion with the external world and with an audience.

Some examples of celebrities:

Isabelle Huppert, French actress and mascot of film director Claude Chabrol, is particularly inspired in threatening roles. With Neptune conjunct the MC and Saturn in Libra, and in opposition to a Mars-Venus conjunction, her destiny is quite extraordinary.
Clint Eastwood, the sacred monster. Is it the perfect square which Neptune, conjunct the MC, sends to Mercury which might have prevented this Gemini to bring his project to become the President of the United States, getting ahead of his colleague Arnold who became Senator of California? Neptune-Mercury squares may bring about a lack of determination in the most crucial moments.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in the 10th House.

Neptune in the 11th House

As soon as you are within a group or you are involved in a project, your attitude becomes quite peculiar. Instead of asserting yourself and differentiating yourself, you strive to completely merge into the group because you do not intend to impress or to be set apart. The danger may be that you lose your identity or that you are abused and deceived by the group, or by one of your friends who is a group member.

In general, because of your feelings and your strong intuition, you have a good capacity to become integrated and to slowly gain self-confidence in group settings.

The same holds true for your friendship life. You tend to fuse, to be totally devoted, and to adjust with flexibility to your friends' personality. However, it is hard for you to assert yourself, and you may wrongly be considered as lacking in conviction, although not a weak person.

Some examples of celebrities:

Christopher Lee, the British 6'5
Juliette Gréco, the mythic lady of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a singer with an indefinable and bewitching charm, and the interpreter of the incredible role of Belphegor in 1965... She has a very harsh Saturn, but a strong Moon in Taurus in sextile with Jupiter-Venus, which certainly endows her with uncommon generosity. Neptune in the 11th House square Mars probably inflicted on her a few break-ups with male friends in quite unclear circumstances.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in the 11th House.

Neptune in the 12th House

You may be particularly sensitive to other people’s sufferings, and you want to dedicate yourself to a humanitarian cause. Your psychical life may be so intense that it brings about moments of loneliness that you use to transform yourself and to live through your ideals in sheer sincerity.

These moments of solitude may upset you. Undefined worries or hidden enemies may cause troubles, in a few rare occurrences.

In any case, this configuration is not negative as such, because there is an analogy between the planet Neptune, the 12th house, and Pisces. Your compassion and your emotional content may work wonders in your surroundings, and at the same time, they make you evolve spiritually.

Some examples of celebrities:

Wynona Ryder is prominently present on the screens between 1999 and 2000 with A Stolen Life, Autumn in New-York, and Lost Souls. She makes use of her star status in the caustic film Simone, in which a star is... devised, directed by Andrew Niccol in 2002. She has a Moon-Neptune square and a Moon-Saturn square which may prove painful. However, she also has a strong Moon-Sun trine, a major asset and a factor of good luck, which usually protects against any setback and assures the happy chart owners that they are very likely to overcome most difficulties.
Tory Amos, born Myra Ellen, the overly gifted daughter of a Methodist father, fell in Rock and Roll music at the age of thirteen. She has been flying from success to success since 1981, the year of her tour in England. As for many singers, the sign of Leo is strongly emphasised in her chart with a beautiful Sun-Venus conjunction which is well supported by Jupiter in the 5th House (creativity).

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in the 11th House.

Neptune in Sign

Neptune in Aries

Neptune in Aries

The planet of dissolving, euphoria, and communion in this individualistic sign sometimes adds an idealistic and even utopian side to your impulsive actions.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in Aries.

Neptune in Taurus

Neptune in Taurus

Your material acquisitions and your sensual appetite may become nebulous and boundless, and they may paradoxically decrease your instinct of possession.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in Taurus.

Neptune in Gemini

Neptune in Gemini

Your ideas are often tinged with sensitivity and strong inspiration.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in Gemini.

Neptune in Cancer

Neptune in Cancer

Your inspiration and your imagination are greatly amplified in this fruitful and nostalgic sign. As a result, you may be very close to your family circle. Since Neptune is believed to be in exaltation in Cancer, this configuration is very beneficial for your emotional life.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in Cancer.

Neptune in Leo

Neptune in Leo

Your intense emotional life may be put at the service of your creativity, particularly in artistic fields. You may also display a great deal of idealism at some points in your life.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in Leo.

Neptune in Virgo

Neptune in Virgo

Your will to improve yourself and to work is real, but it is expressed in the form of impressions and emotions rather than tangible and precise decisions. You may feel the need to escape from reality or to give up your professional efforts. Nevertheless, you should keep on mustering your courage and perseverance in all circumstances!

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in Virgo.

Neptune in Libra

Neptune in Libra

Your approach of relationships is flexible and humane, and your concern is to reach a compromise solution. Your artistic life may be particularly fulfilling at some points of your life.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in Libra.

Neptune in Scorpio

Neptune in Scorpio

You may turn this configuration into a valuable asset if you are interested in occult and secret topics, or if your activities involve mystical fields, or even the police (profiler), because your inspiration and your perspicacity are very acute.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in Scorpio.

Neptune in Sagittarius

Neptune in Sagittarius

The planet of inspiration in the sign which is in analogy with higher knowledge, spirituality, and ethics can only be beneficial. Someday, you may be prompted to rise above ordinary, practical, and earthly events.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in Sagittarius.

Neptune in Capricorn

Neptune in Capricorn

This configuration is of minor importance. Your inspiration may be channelled into long-term projects and into politics, if the general context of your life agrees.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in Capricorn.

Neptune in Aquarius

Neptune in Aquarius

Provided that you participate in collective causes, and humanitarian or scientific projects, etc., it is most likely that your inspiration enables you to leave your mark and to dramatically show your genius.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in Aquarius.

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune in Pisces

This beautiful configuration may deepen your natural compassion and increase your need to help others, sometimes to the extent of self-sacrifice and for the sake of deprived people who undergo difficult circumstances.

Here is a selection of thousands of horoscopes having Neptune in Pisces.