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Compatibility and Synastry: Advices

All our pieces of advice may be tremendously helpful to get a good grasp of synastry, particularly as you use the free Love Test in order to find the celebrities who are your perfect match, in few areas only.


Indeed, you can define yourself the parameters of our application to meet your personal requirements. Our advice can also contribute to a better understanding of the results of the CeleStar, our free computing application. With the CeleStar, you can assess the compatibility potential between you and any of our celebrities, or between any two celebrities of Astrotheme's database, with 67,476 entries.

Sun-Moon conjunctions

A Sun-Moon conjunction is a very happy indication for the conjugal life and deep male-female compatibility. Therefore, a female ought to first pay attention to males whose Sun is on the same position as her Moon, with a 10 or 12 degree orb, or better, a 5 degree orb. The tighter the conjunction, the stronger the influence.

Conversely, males ought to seek females whose Moon is on the same position as their Sun, with a 10 or 12 degree orb, or tighter if possible.

With the Astrology Statistics powerful page, please use the advanced search tool: check the "Advanced" box of Planet in Sign, select Sun or Moon, enter the position in degree and the exactitude required, ranging from 1 and 15. You get the list of people who are compatible with you from the conjugal perspective, as mentioned above!

N.B.: The reverse conjunction, i.e., Moon-Sun, is also very beneficial. The Sun partner is the more dynamic person in the couple. In any case, the conjunction remains equally potent. Bear in mind that, although it is rare, a double Sun-Moon and Moon-Sun conjunction can be found in the Synastry chart. With the advanced search tool, you can easily choose 2 or even 3 simultaneous criteria: check "Add a Criterion" and do that again with a different condition, for instance, in addition to the Sun on the position of your Moon, choose the Moon on the position of your Sun, and validate. Thus, your results meet your two simultaneous conditions. We suggest that in such cases, you allow a wide exactitude bracket of 12 or 14 degrees.

Venus-Mars Conjunctions

The female's Venus on the male's Mars, and conversely, the female's Mars on the male's Venus, are very happy indications for sexual, erotic and passionate compatibility. As with all interaspects, Venus-Mars' conjunctions can be reciprocal, like in the Sun-Moon case.

Sun-Venus conjunctions

A Sun-Venus conjunction and/or a Venus-Sun conjunction are excellent regarding warmth and affectivity. The partners adore each other and show their feelings openly.

Moon-Ascendant Conjunctions

This is an excellent influence regarding daily life and moods. It is also a reliable indication of very good physical chemistry.

For aspects involving the Ascendant, select here the same criterion as in the first two cases, but this time, with the position of your Moon on the degree and sign of your partner's Ascendant.

Moon-Moon Conjunctions

Between partners, emotions are in tune. This is always beneficial for the success of the couple.

Pluto-Venus Conjunctions

They herald passion and eroticism which are more instinctive than intellectual. In the couple, the Pluto partner has the active and "predator" role.

Uranus-Venus Conjunctions

They always indicate a lot of eroticism blended with "cerebral-ness", with the Uranus person intellectualizing the love relationship. An electric though refined effect powerfully boosts the erotic life.

Pep, dynamism, originality an even marginality are the keywords of your relationship. The couple never gets bored, sometimes at the risk of going on a roller coaster ride, owing to the Uranus person's behaviour, for ever unpredictable... Between Venus and Uranus, the erotic element is more than ever active, with Uranus being somehow Mars' cerebral and original expression, whereas Pluto is its instinctive, and deep form, in the rough, a sheer emotional and physical power, disconnected from the intellect.


Mars-Moon Conjunctions

They are at the same time nice and potent, though in general... too potent: sooner or later, the Moon person feels aggressed by the partner's Mars. However, if the rest of the charts concurs, everything may work well, as compared with oppositions and squares between these two planets and their insurmountable tensions.

Venus-Ascendant Conjunctions

They are always interesting and pleasant for the affectionate harmony of the couple. They even constitute an asset for the relationship's physical chemistry.

The Midheaven in Conjunction with Venus, the Moon or the Sun

They are a typical indication of the idealization of the partner: a male with his Midheaven on his partner's Venus or Moon is likely to idealize her and to admire her as a goddess in all circumstances. Actually, it is mostly interesting for her :-).

Conversely, a female who has her partner's Sun on or near her Midheaven tends to idealize him and turn him into a master, a god or a guide, throughout their relationship. In this case, it is interesting for the male. The relationship is bound to last as long as the female's admiration remains unquestioned.

The Descendant or 7th House in Conjunction with the Moon and the Sun

When the female's Descendant (cusp of the 7th House) is in conjunction with her partner's Sun, it is an excellent indication of marriage.

Likewise, when the male's Descendant is in conjunction with his partner's Moon, it is a very auspicious omen for marriage, should the rest of the charts concur.

The Sun, the Ascendant, the Midheaven, the Moon and Venus in Conjunction with the partner's Jupiter.

Unless the partner's Jupiter is heavily afflicted (square to harsh planets, difficult 8th, 12th, 6th Houses), if one or the two luminaries is in conjunction with the partner's Jupiter, there is a strong factor of understanding, a sort of binding substance for the couple.

Indeed, Jupiter's beneficial nature endows the couple with many interesting characteristics. Firstly, he injects a fair share of enthusiasm, of fullness and amplification into the relationship. Then, in most cases, Jupiter's lawful side tends to move the relationship from the intimate setting that always prevails in the beginning and anchors it in a legal framework such as marriage, where the secrecy of the relationship is dispelled and the couple is fully acknowledged by the society. Finally, Jupiter's values of generosity and benevolence strengthen the Jupiter person's tolerance towards the partner.

Trigones (balance and warmth) and sextiles (increased communication) are of course very active, but never as much as conjunctions.

The Sun, the Ascendant, the Moon and Venus in Conjunction with the partner's Mercury

The configuration deals more with ease in communication between partners but with such a strong influence that the next step leading to the border crossing towards romance is not very far... If one (or both) of the planets involved, rules the Ascendant, the probability is strongly heightened.

Mercury is well-known for his capacity for quick adaptation and his lightness. If one of the luminaries, especially the Moon (emotion, moods) or Venus is in conjunction with the partner's Mercury, there is osmosis between the Mercury person's intellect and his way to communicate and the other person's mood (or the deep nature of the female, if the Moon is involved) or affectivity (if Venus is involved).

Trigones (balance and warmth) and sextiles (increased communication) are of course very active, but never as much as the conjunctions.

Therefore, these interaspects have a very positive and important influence in a couple.

The Sun, the Ascendant, the Moon and Venus in Conjunction with the partner's North Node or South Node

These configurations bear some sort of "magical" flavour. Indeed, the karmic component of astrology has a bad reputation. The reason dates back to the '70s, when many astrology authors rushed into that field and, although the topic requires caution, they went too far with assertions and rules that had not been tested by experience (the famous New Age Astrology). As a result, although these authors did not mean it, the whole karmic part of astrology fell into rapid disrepute and in quite a blunt way, the baby was thrown out with the bathwater.

However, beyond the obvious folklore of that new astrology, now obsolete as it is soon reaching the age of 35, there are quite serious elements that have been used for centuries. More than ever, caution is required here.

Among the said elements, special attention should be paid to the Nodal axis, the fictitious points where the Moon's orbit intersects the Sun's apparent path. The North or South Node in very tight conjunction (less than 1 degree) with one of the partner's personal planet (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) brings about an irrational yet very powerful bond, which nature is influenced by the personal planet and, to a lesser extent, by the houses involved in both charts.


According to the Tradition, conjunctions with the South Node (exactly opposite the North Node in the Zodiacal circle) indicate karmic encounters of couples that have already existed in "the past". It is irrelevant to elaborate on the sensitive subject of "former lives", would it be only for its off-topic spiritual flavour and this limited 10-page format. Couples that were formed in the past are meeting again here and now. If the conjunction receives no hard aspects, the encounter can be positive, even though, by nature, the South Node would indicate some sort of ending. Many married couples have a South Node conjunction with the Sun or the Moon, whereas many lovers have it with Venus or Mars.

The conjunction with the North Node is considered happier and at the same time, more difficult. The North Node symbolizes the future, some sort of magnet attracting us towards the path we are meant to follow. When one of the personal planets of either partner is on the North Node of the other partner, and if the conjunction receives no aspect from heavy or harsh planets, it is an indication of closeness of a romantic, conjugal or affective, etc. nature, according to the planet involved. Of course, for Mercury, an asexual and neutral planet, the link would be of an intellectual and/or associative type, for instance a strong professional relationship (e.g. the couple formed by Laurel and Hardy, or shareholders in a corporation). The reason why the concrete expression of the couple's potential tends to be more difficult lies in the symbolism of the North Node, which deals with the future and therefore, with brand new partners without experience nor past links, who have to learn to live together from scratch, which requires time.

Contacts with the Ascendant are rather physical and instinctive, and always instantaneous. Contacts with the luminaries are deep and virtually potent. Contacts with Venus are sentimental and deep also.

These indications are far from being exhaustive: they only intend to shed light in order to help you find in our pages celebrities who are compatible with you according to several specific criteria. You may be interested in knowing that each day, we add dozens of celebrities into our database. When you come back later to do a new search with the same criteria, you will always find more. Besides, we are pleased to inform you that we assess thousands of interaspects for our Couple's Compatibility Reports, which are in a continuous fine-tuning process, just like our compatibility calculation algorithms. We warmly encourage you to try them out.