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Mars, Energy, and Action

You probably noticed that some of your activities or some area of life arouse no enthusiasm or joie de vivre. Conversely, for some irrational reasons, specific topics, which may include work, leisure, friends, love, etc., stimulate your zeal and your energy to the extent that your entourage sometimes ask that you slow down and devote more time and efforts to something else!


Actually, your energy is harmoniously channelled into a few privileged areas which are proper to your personality.

You can instantly get the position of your Mars in sign and in house. All you need to do is locate the violet glyph of Mars in the house area outside the zodiacal wheel. Then you can check the accurateness or the resemblance between your personality traits and the relevant text in the paragraphs below.

Ares, also referred to as Mars, is the energy prompting you to take action. The Drive Behind Your Actions

According to the Tradition, the position of Mars in sign describes how this channelling is expressed, whereas the position of Mars in house points to the area in which, sooner or later, your energy, your actions, and your efforts bring about great successes.

We provide here the twelve possible areas of life in which one's capacity to take action is best expressed. As usual, we underline the fact that our explanations must be taken as "pure" examples. Indeed, a natal chart forms an entire whole and, in addition to Mars, many other influences come into play, such as the background indicated by the other features of the chart, their aspects to Mars, and other secondary factors.

If Mars is in tense aspect with other planets or angles of the chart, all the indications we give become tinted with struggle, arm wrestling, and the principle of advancement through efforts. Conversely, if Mars is harmoniously aspected, progress is most likely to be achieved with fewer conflicts and fights.

In any case, never forget that there are no "bad" aspects. Tense aspects enable our personality and our destiny to progress. The so-called beneficial aspects are synonymous with ease. They are more "pleasant" in terms of quietness and passivity, as well as on the concrete level, but they are more static.

A gentle nudge prompts to move on, whereas a nap is relaxing. At first, the latter seems more... interesting! But afterwards? For one's own sake, an additional experience is not to be neglected. This leads to wonder where the importance really lies in each thing. The answer is that, when consciousness of life and genuine understanding of things are intense, the path followed is certainly the good one. Tense aspects precisely pertain to the signals which enable us, more or less easily, to find our way. Use them as assets for your life, even though they require time or a certain degree of maturity, because game is worthwhile.

It is important to note that if Mars is posited at less than 3 degrees of the next house, it is the said house that must be considered. Furthermore, if Mars is near the Ascendant or the Midheaven (cusp of the 1st, or the 10th House), you can allow up to 5 degrees of orb because these angles "grab" all nearby planets more strongly than the other house cusps do.

Lastly, in a natal chart, Mars is somehow at the service of the Sun. Therefore, in order to approach reality as closely as possible, the Mars-Sun combination ought to be examined. Assessing the house positions of the Sun and of Mars constitutes a remarkably effective means to figure out the person's motivations and capacity to take action. We also invite you to read our article Sun, your Motivation in order to combine the information we provide there and to make the most of it.

Mars in the 1st House

You are by nature an active person. This is the only position that does not give a particular orientation towards any specific area of life. It is the most powerful placement and it indicates that your personality is combative, conquering and action-oriented.

You are on the move, with the impetus which urges you, more than anyone else, to transcribe your thoughts and your projects into the real world.

The danger may be that you overdo and you turn into a warrior! This generous flow of energy is an invaluable asset that you use properly as you mature. The danger is also that you may come across as quarrelsome and too domineering to persons who may be scared by your punch and your pugnacity.

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Mars in the 2nd House

Your capacity for action perfectly matches your personal enrichment and enhances your earning abilities! It is easy for you to engage into fights aiming at ensuring your material security, as it is the best outlet for your energy: it must serve a purpose, otherwise why bother? Consciously or not, your ardour is going full steam ahead for the success of your business and the protection of your interests.

This energy may also be understood in a figurative sense, and in that case, it involves your affective, family or professional security and has no direct link to money. You may be possessive, and you defeat those who intend to come too near to what belongs to you.

In any case, you are well-equipped and you usually get what you want. This is a valuable asset throughout your life because, indirectly, it turns you into a more independent person who does not need any protection.

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Actress Jennifer Aniston

Actress Cameron Diaz

Mars in the 3rd House

Your entourage becomes quickly aware of your liveliness and of your contentious and witty mind. Your energy efficiently focuses on communication, writing, verbal jousting, speeches, etc. but also on the numerous short trips you make to meet with people.

For you, to take action means to communicate, to convince, to accumulate contacts and somehow, to assert yourself as you hold sway over your entourage. You may be restless. You think that communication is the basis of any progress and that it is much more useful than any direct initiative: in your opinion, if people are convinced, everything else always follows naturally.

Your siblings, if you have any, have probably felt the warrior hint in the way you communicate. As you mature, you may learn to tone down your manners as soon as someone is around.

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Actor Ben Affleck

Mars in the 4th House

It is in the private sphere that your capacities for action are felt. When you are outside, at work or elsewhere, you do not like to show your true self.

But as soon as you are at home, no doubt, you almost shift identity. You become active and full of energy. You enhance your family environment, you upgrade your personal projects, and you want to take the driver's seat! If not, you move about, and you show your authority, sometimes a bit forcefully.

You are as conciliating and gentle outside as you are inflexible and authoritarian at home. Things had better be moving, or else!

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Actress Shannen Doherty

Actress Isabelle Huppert

Mars in the 5th House

Creativity and leisure are the best outlets for your stamina. A conquest must be exempt of constraint, otherwise you cannot open up totally and unreservedly. Your energy expresses itself best in the fields you choose yourself, such as outings, personal projects, festivals, love affairs (Mars' conquering spirit...), sports, games, etc.

The Tradition also mentions children, and it is very likely that their upbringing is stern. Mars is never soft. He is hot and dry, and his efficiency in several areas of life is inevitably far from tenderness.

You may be a conqueror in creativity, love and leisure, but please, be a doting parent when this responsibility falls to you.

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Actor George Clooney

Actor Mel Gibson

Mars in the 6th House

It is in your work environment that you are most active and pugnacious, or in your daily life, if you do not work.

You are a hard-worker, completely dedicated to the service of others: being helpful and efficient is your battle horse. Indeed, it is so obvious! Ask the opinion of your colleagues or your entourage... Your efficiency is not to be proved. You get things moving, you progress, you are very keen to improve yourself, and your boss can only rejoice that his staff contributes so actively.

The areas of health and pets are traditionally favoured by this planetary configuration. However, do check your Mars' aspects if you intend to be a tamer!

In any case, the daily work sphere is the area where you can deliver to the best of your abilities, in terms of action. The only reservation may be not to overdo.

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Actress Julia Roberts

Actress, singer and model Carmen Electra

Mars in the 7th House

You have a tendency to think relationships in terms of a duel, where one of the partners must hold sway over the other one. It may be disturbing, but you are satisfied because you know that your strong natural authority enables you to be in the domineering, and not in the dominated position!

Therefore, you excel in all activities having an important relationship component, or some form of rivalry, authority, or fighting: a critical and uncompromising presenter, a prosecutor, a salesperson responsible for canvassing (although it may be double-edged), an attorney (but not to the defence, of course) etc.

You appreciate people who have the energy to take decisions. For you, in the end, to take action means to confront others, for worse, but hopefully, very often, for better.

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Actress Heather Locklear

Actor Kevin Kostner

Mars in the 8th House

This atypical configuration in your natal chart is one of the most complex to describe because of the very nature of the 8th house, the house of transformation, crises leading to personal reconstruction, but also the house of sexuality, hidden knowledge, investment and inheritance.

In addition, the 8th house always deepens emotions and quickly brings passion into the previously mentioned areas. In this house, the quality of Mars' expression depends on the rest of the natal chart.

In order not to make mistakes, it is safer to talk about a possible range of fields of predilection: your energy can be expressed efficiently in areas dealing with financial investment, death, possessions and sexuality.

This configuration may also simply increase the intensity of emotions connected with these hidden topics and, depending on the rest of your natal chart, it may or may not translate into life assets. More than with any other placement, you can be born again from your ashes, like the phoenix. After having undergone a few major ordeals, it is likely that you will have the strength and courage to do so.

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Actor Bruce Willis

Actor Robin Williams

Mars in the 9th House

You may focus all your energy into your ideal, be it political, religious, ethical, moral or, under its highest form, spiritual. Several areas may be involved simultaneously.

Taking action with all your heart may reveal a definite taste for dialectics, and you will not rest until you are understood and you have earned other people’s adherence. You exchange with keen pleasure. You embrace the causes enumerated above, at the exception of spirituality, as it could never be a subject for proselytism.

You are able to instinctively identify the most important element in life from a remote distance and, inevitably, it does not belong to the material plane. You are not too interested in working for the concrete realm. You aim at longer-term objectives... and even further. Your energy is deliberately, fierily, and boldly poured into the realms of the thought and the soul. You chose them all, some of them may be more futile than others, but they are all oriented towards abstraction, concepts, often more essential.

Your nature may also be more fact-oriented. In that case, you feel that the enrichment of your soul is particularly favoured when you deal with persons and environments that are alien to you: you express your capacity of action through frequent and long-distance travels so as to progress in your personal quest for knowledge.

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Angelina Jolie

Singer Madonna

Mars in the 10th House

Your energy and your capacity for action are at the service of your career and your destiny. No doubt, this is one of the simplest and most transparent planetary configurations. You do not hesitate. For you, action means climbing up the social ladder, sooner or later, winning the marshal’s baton, defeating setbacks through efforts and work, and overcoming the obstacles on your path.

You get your reward by the sweat of your brow, and you are aware that it is no easy business. Your personal approach is that nothing can be achieved without an effort because you are wise enough to be aware of it.

It is so deeply rooted in you that you may feel that you will get nothing if you do not fight for it. You are right, actually, at least as far as you are concerned, because it is your manner. Your destiny implies many struggles, and you have the necessary courage to join battle. However, as time unfolds, try to be gentle with yourself and indulge in a few moments of well-deserved rest and respite!

Your nature may also be more fact-oriented. In that case, you feel that the enrichment of your soul is particularly favoured when you deal with persons and environments that are alien to you: you express your capacity of action through frequent and long-distance travels so as to progress in your personal quest for knowledge.

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Laeticia Casta

Mars in the 11th House

It is in the area of friendship and collective life (common projects, associations, etc.) that you express your impulsivity, you warmth, and your capacity for action.

You are cut-and-dried and your motto is “either succeed or die”. In case of success, it is your responsibility to make the relationship last because you are not the submissive type and you hardly compromise. You put a lot of passion in your friendly relationships. You are not interested in lukewarm or insipid acquaintances. Things must be moving, even though it may mean that the relationship is cut short.

In any case, you enjoy participating actively within a community and, whenever possible, you take the leadership role, in your own way. As soon as you are more or less under the public eye, you become enterprising. When you are on your own, you do not feel the need to use your energy.

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Actress Alyssa Milano

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Mars in the 12th House

As strange as it may seem, to you, action means behind the scenes and secrecy. The form of your action is important, as compared to what you actually do. You want no publicity on what you are doing and the reasons of your struggle!

You loathe being seen when you are on the move. You have the uncomfortable feeling that you are spied upon, and that people may judge you. Or you are afraid to displease others. You enjoy taking action in the dark. You may be dedicated to charitable causes, and it is natural to you that you must focus your energy on them.

Humanitarian works, secret settings (hospitals, prisons, convents, etc.), remote and forgotten places (charity missions operating abroad, etc.) constitute privileged settings for the expression of your capacity for action (and for devotion), that is as strong as anybody else’s, although it is marked by these quite peculiar characteristics.

Struggles may crop up in the guise of hidden pitfalls and enemies: you may have to fight in some secret ways, in order to face these dark events. It is an art which you master quickly and which enables you to triumph over adversity, more often than not.

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