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Applying and Separating Aspects in Astrology


In astrology, an applying aspect occurs when a celestial body (generally a planet) moves towards an exact aspect with another celestial body. This means that the angle between the two celestial bodies decreases. Applying aspects are often associated with a sense of anticipation or the development of events or energies.

Conversely, a separating aspect occurs when a celestial body moves away from an exact aspect with another celestial body. The angle between them increases. Separating aspects are interpreted as the dissolution or completion of an influence or an event.

To determine if an aspect is applying or separating, one can simply move forward in time by a few minutes, hours or days, for example with the transits application. The time step is adjustable from one minute to two centuries.


Temporal Significance

Applying aspects indicate events or energies that are developing. These aspects symbolize potential, opportunities to be seized, and the initiation of new cycles.

On the other hand, separating aspects represent influences or events that have already occurred. They are associated with past experiences, reflection, and the integration of learned lessons.


Intensity of Influence

Applying aspects are generally felt more intensely as the energy is rising, whereas separating aspects are perceived as less urgent or less intense, as the energy is in decline.

Forecasting and Advice

In astrological readings, applying aspects can advise preparing for new challenges, while separating aspects suggest reflecting on what has happened and learning from it.

Examples of Applying and Separating Aspects

Applying Conjunction of Mars to Venus

Depending on the other elements in the birth chart, this configuration could indicate an imminent development in personal relationships or finances (Venus), with increased energy and potential impulsiveness (Mars).

As a result, it might be wise to be prepared for new interactions or financial opportunities, but act cautiously to avoid impulsive decisions.

Separating Square between the Moon and Saturn

This interaction potentially represents emotional challenges (the Moon) that have recently been overcome, often related to responsibilities or limitations (Saturn).

Reflecting on how these challenges were managed and the lessons learned from them can be beneficial.


In summary, while applying and separating aspects offer an interesting perspective on the development and conclusion of astrological influences, it is important to note that these concepts are not crucial in the interpretation of a chart.

Astrology already provides a wealth of information through planetary positions, major and minor aspects, houses, rulerships and dignities, and zodiac signs.

For both beginner astrologers and experienced practitioners, it is wise to focus on these fundamental elements, which allow for a complete and detailed understanding of astrological dynamics.

The emphasis in modern astrological practice is increasingly placed on the aspects themselves (conjunction, square, trine, etc.) rather than on their applying or separating nature.

While applying and separating aspects can add additional nuances, they are therefore not essential for a meaningful and complete reading of a birth chart.

The effectiveness and accuracy of astrological interpretation lie more in the overall understanding of key elements and their interaction, rather than in the subtleties of applying and separating aspects, even though it might be relevant to use them in certain cases.