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The Astrological Chart of an Event


In astrology, the natal chart is typically associated with an individual's birth. However, this concept can also be extended to events, countries, companies, and other non-human "births".

This is often referred to as the "horary chart" or more aptly the "event chart", with the term horary being attributed to a specific fatalistic branch of astrology.

Fundamental Principle

Just as a person's natal chart is based on the planetary positions at the time of their birth, an event's chart is rooted in the exact moment a specific event takes place or begins. This can offer insights into the qualities, challenges, opportunities, and potential trajectory of the event.


Possible Types of Events


The foundation or independence of a country is significant. For instance, astrologers often turn to July 4, 1776, for the U.S., the date of the Declaration of Independence. Multiple criteria can come into play—like a vote, a constitution, or a referendum.

Companies/Business Entities

The incorporation or founding date of a company can be used to establish an astrological chart. This can reveal insights into the company's nature, challenges, and opportunities. Multiple criteria are also possible here.

For example, the moment when the company's name was first conceived, when funds were deposited to form its capital, the acquisition of a lease for its headquarters, the company's business registration, and so on.

The real challenge is determining which event is most "representative" of the company's inception. Like many event charts that consider human factors, subjectivity is intrinsic.

Natural Events (earthquakes, fires, etc.)

Such occurrences can have a chart based on the precise moment they began. The chart might offer an astrological viewpoint on the event itself and its potential aftermath.

Wars or Conflicts

The onset of a conflict or war, such as when a war declaration is signed or a major attack happens, can be used to form an astrological chart. This could also include a terrorist attack or any specific root cause.


The time when an epidemic is identified or declared can also have its own natal chart.

Other Events

In reality, any event—from weddings to inaugurations to simple project kick-offs—can have an associated natal chart.

Criteria to Consider

Date, Time, and Location

These components are vital for drafting any astrological chart. The exact moment (down to the minute if feasible) and location of the event must be known—just like a human's natal chart.


Houses and Planets

As with individual natal charts, houses and planets play a pivotal role. For instance, in a company's chart, the tenth house might suggest its reputation and market stance, while the second house might hint at its finances.

Planetary Aspects

Aspects between planets (like conjunctions, sextiles, trines, squares, etc.) will shed light on the dynamics and challenges tied to the event.

Transits and Progressions

By observing the future planetary movements relative to the event's initial chart, astrologers can predict the potential evolution of the situation. Transits, secondary directions, and solar arc directions (also termed as progressions) can be employed, much like a birth chart.


Event astrology is an intriguing field, offering a unique lens through which to view global and personal happenings. Yet, as with any astrological form, it's vital to approach interpretations with an open mind, curiosity, and a measure of skepticism.

While astrological charts can provide insights and guidance, they aren't meant to supplant personal judgment or individual accountability.

Given the potential for multiple causes for an event, event astrology tends to be more subjective, demanding even greater caution than traditional astrology used for interpreting individual birth charts.

The online astrological database Astrotheme provides several hundred event charts that you can browse at your leisure.