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The Sun, Motivation, and Willingness 2/3

This article deals with our major motivation in life. The driving force behind our efforts is indicated in our natal chart by the House in which the Sun is posited. Since the Sun symbolises our will and our inner self, the sign where he is found determines the nature of our character and our true temperament.


Based on the position of your Sun in house, we indicate in which area you express your willpower. You can instantly get the position of your Sun in sign and in house. All you need to do is locate the orange glyph of the Sun (a circle with a dot at its centre) in the house area, outside the zodiacal wheel. Then you can check the accurateness or the resemblance between your personality traits and the relevant texts below.

The Sun, your motivation, Part 2/3: Sow a thought, and you reap an action. Sow an action, and you reap a habit. Sow a habit, and you reap a character. Sow a character, and you reap a destiny. No experience, even the inner ones, is meaningless.

Whereas the Ascendant defines our outward appearance, the solar function represents our need to assert ourselves. The Sun absorbs the "hues" of the sign he occupies, and with its characteristics, he influences one of the twelve life departments which are represented in the twelve astrological Houses.

Please note that our indications are based on the meaning of a given configuration taken on its own, and that other different or contradictory elements of the natal chart may weaken or modify its basic meaning. Furthermore, it is often difficult to separate what is concretely experienced from the symbolic and internalised aspect of a configuration. A manual analysis appropriately puts all the different pieces of the puzzle in place, such as assessing that an extroverted person is very likely to be successful, etc. Let's take the example of the 9th house now. It highlights keen interests in far-away matters. But the concept of distance may be expressed on an abstract, mental, or spiritual plane, and it does not necessarily translate into frequent travels by air to the other end of the globe. Astrology works perfectly well, and verifications of its accurateness are rewarding for those who study it, but... it discloses its secrets only after many years of learning. In this regard, astrology is similar to any other discipline and confirms that nothing is easily or immediately granted.

The Sun in the 5th House: The Essence of Epicurism

Your willpower is focused on the creative activities which enable your inner self be expressed outwardly. The mobilisation of your energy may translate into artistic, literary, technical works, or innovative designs. More symbolically, you may project yourself into your descendants and practise creation through procreation.

You are usually very sociable, warm, and honest, but you sometimes lack flexibility. You are interested in leisure activities of all sorts. Love appeals to you, as well as outings, parties, and any amusement having some degree of risk which may cause adrenalin surges! You loathe anything too solemn and too serious in general, and you prefer the beauty of the instant to a lengthy intellectual meditation, which you find too static.

Your will to please is very strong, and you often shine in the love department. Since the recreational world is linked to that of children, it is most likely that you easily connect with them. If you have children, one of your major goals is to help them achieve success. You dedicate a lot of time to their education, a field in which you excel better than anyone else. Actually, you have a secret which drives children to be very fond of you, and which everyone envies!

One never gets bored with you. You always have a host of uncommon hobbies and activities. You create and gamble to a point which may border on fanaticism. Try to avoid role-plays and casinos because they take up too much of your time. You should also avoid sad or austere people because they might think that you are not a serious enough person!

You are so deeply involved in entertaining activities that you may not take the time to pay attention to your real interests. Since you listen to your instinct rather than to your reason, you may run the risk of missing a few dates with success. It is advisable that you sometimes put fun aside, and that you force yourself to behave more seriously in order to become more efficient and reach your goals more rapidly. It is also possible that some of your friends give you reasons to worry.

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The Sun in the 6th House: Perfectionism

You are a perfectionist. Your constant concern is to improve yourself in every area, to amass knowledge, and to keep your performances and your skills at top level in order to be as helpful as possible. Work is important to you, and, unlike many people, you feel at ease in your professional activities because this is where you enjoy putting your efforts in order to progress.

You may be a maniac in terms of organisation and tidiness. Your interests, which cover various fields and have the common feature of being of service to others, are almost less important than the harmonious and quiet ways you wish to use as you face your responsibilities.

Being helpful is one of the major motivations which make you feel alive. You cannot help it. You are eager not only to use your capacity for hard work in lasting and orderly ways, but also to receive the gratitude of your superiors or the people to whom you commit with loyalty and with the constant concern to show that you keep on improving yourself.

According to the Tradition, you are naturally interested in health, dietetics, and well-being and fitness care. It is very likely that your work deals with some medical discipline and matches your urge to do favours, to be helpful, and to constantly enhance your efficiency.

Your predisposition to render assistance is inevitably in contradiction with the will to command. Actually, becoming a leader or taking on responsibilities are not your cup of tea. You prefer to be the perfect number 2 and to make yourself indispensable than to undergo the burden of authority struggles and to venture into unsafe territories. This is the reason why your skills are oversized for the position you hold, contrarily to the famous Peter principle stating that one reaches one's best level of... incompetence by the end of one's career. You are a good specialist, a trustworthy person, and an irreplaceable aide, which is more than enough for you.

Going further in the description of your deeper motivations, in the least favourable cases, you may smother your legitimate ambitions. You are among the people who need encouragement in order to break free from their inhibitions and to stop fearing whatever is unknown to them. You often worry that you might not be up to it. Sometimes, you also fret over health concerns. The cure? Charge ahead in your career, have no fear, and never become a hypochondriac...

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The Sun in the 7th House: Negotiation Skills

In order to assert yourself, you cannot rest until you have established as many contacts as possible. Even though you may not consciously understand your ambition early in life, you need to shine through your relationships.

This may translate into the tendency to get involved in NGOs, groups, or clubs. In any case, you feel at ease as soon as you are surrounded by people because your communication skills enable you to look your best and be appreciated. Your style is not what matters most since your main concern is to be noticed as soon as you are in society.

You are meant for marriage, the ultimate form of association. Usually, your destiny is dependent on your marriage, either directly because it impacts on your career or your lifestyle, or directly because, with your honesty and your self-assertiveness, you win many supports on the long run. Marriage is the consecration of your ambitions, and you are fully aware of this because, since adolescence, your entire will focuses on this aim. You have the flexibility and the talent needed to turn life together into an everyday happiness.

In females' chart, this predisposition to marriage marks your character and your ambitions even more strongly. If you are a male, this feature is only one of the areas in which you exercise you will successfully.

With this configuration, everything seems all roses at first. However, nothing is as simple and easy as it appears to be. Indeed, your will to shine through others, and your frantic search for contact just for the sake of contact, may hide a fear of solitude and a lack of self-confidence. Why would you constantly seek the confirmation of your worth in other people's eyes, if it were not to dispel your doubts?

You are easily swayed. The fear loneliness and you doubts about your own worth may cause troubles and out-of-proportion reactions. Struggles, conflicts of authority, and even lawsuits may be harmful. You usually get over them because your desire to appear in perfect shape is stronger than anything else.

Your challenge is finally to be able to fulfill your desire to please while concealing your strong domineering tendencies. Even without your efforts, you will remain very appreciated. Remember to "leave well alone".

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The Sun in the 8th House: The Mystical Touch

It is certain that your motivations cannot be easily figured out because this configuration is quite special and complex. Anything dealing with emotions takes a deeper resonance, and you tend to infuse passion in almost everything. Their manifestation is influenced by the other characteristics of your chart.

Nevertheless, several common elements can be clearly identified. You have a strong interest in essential questions pertaining to life and death and in the great mysteries which go beyond the daily life. You feel the urge to understand, to dig, and to always go deeper. You are inhabited by some sort of desire for transcendence, perhaps caused by the intensity of your feelings. You are more vulnerable because events hit you full in the face, but you unconsciously understand that if you manage to decipher how or why things occur, and you become even tougher. The other contributing factor is that your curiosity is in constantly on the alert, and that you are amazed by apparently trivial events. As a result, the chain of effects and causes is stirred up, and you are led to ponder over the most essential questions knocking at the door of your soul.

Your concerns and your tastes may take you into various areas such as psychoanalysis, the study of unconscious mechanisms, mysticism, religion, occultism and spirituality (desire for transcendence and for immediate access to upstream reality). Anything hidden becomes a subject of fascination, and you spend your time sharpening your clear-sightedness as if moving ahead and progressing are precisely the materialised forms of your challenge in life.

On a more terrestrial plane, here are the areas of importance: sexuality, probably owing to its transcendence and its hidden nature; death, because you either experienced a loss which strongly impacted on your evolution or your destiny, or just because this topic is of interest to you; finance, inheritances, and speculations, in short, all financial matters except those of the money earned by yourself, your expenses, and how you use of your patrimony and your resources.

Your main keywords are crisis and metamorphosis. You assert yourself as you cope with ordeals or crises. Nothing stimulates you better, and nothing makes you progress more than those crucial periods of life when, at the brink of the abyss, you understand with maximal intensity all the choices which are offered to you. During such times, you always manage to give of your best, you transform yourself, and you end up enriched and more lucid. This type of pattern suits you best since you want to move quickly, always faster and further, and you acutely understand that the daily reality is important in so far as it remains authentic and hidden. Your best tool for discovering the truth is the increase of your self-awareness. However, be wary not to take too many risks, and do not systematically enter into the eye of the storm since you may be badly and repeatedly shaken up.

It is also possible that you lost your father quite early, in the proper or the figurative senses (sometimes, you find him again after an ordeal), even though he paradoxically plays a major role in your life. If the theory is borne out, this only constitutes an additional step towards sublimation and the overcoming of ordeals as you walk along the path to wisdom. You, a mystic? Yes, but in your own way, of course!

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