Top 200 Celebrity Couples

Below is the list, sorted in order of decreasing affinities, of the 200 most compatible couples calculated by Astrotheme's visitors, in real time. 4200 points corresponds to an overall weighted* rate of 100% (exceptional rate); 2100 points, to 50% (average value), 1050, to 25%, etc. For extremes rates, around 0% and 100%, the computing functions are not any more linear in order to get more refined results. To avoid getting bonuses for artificial compatibility rates caused by similar birthdates, only the couples having birthdates with a minimum gap of seven days are displayed. The list was reinitialised by the end of November 2013 to take advantage of the last programme update.

* The overall weighted rate is computed based on conjugal, affective, sexual, and communication compatibility rates; it represents a more general compatibility than the four specialised rates.

Top 200 Couples
1.Kate Chopin and Clint Black218.91% (9,194.36)
2.Kate Chopin and Jim O'Heir215.16% (9,036.52)
3.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Giovanni Battista Re214.50% (9,009.09)
4.Barbi Benton and Hugo von Hofmannsthal214.05% (8,989.98)
5.Kate Chopin and James Franciscus202.57% (8,508.08)
6.Rachelle Lefevre and Hugo von Hofmannsthal201.47% (8,461.79)
7.Michele Greene and James Franciscus199.85% (8,393.78)
8.Jenifer (singer) and Florent Manaudou197.87% (8,310.35)
9.Kate Chopin and Michael Riley197.25% (8,284.68)
10.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Tahmasp I197.22% (8,283.16)
11.Sophie Marceau and Damon Wayans Jr.196.09% (8,235.84)
12.Michele Greene and Tahmasp I196.02% (8,232.99)
13.Michele Greene and Giovanni Battista Re195.64% (8,217.00)
14.Bettina von Arnim and Jim O'Heir193.79% (8,139.15)
15.Beatrix of the Netherlands and Hugo von Hofmannsthal193.67% (8,134.11)
16.Sophie Marceau and Minnesota193.59% (8,130.94)
17.Michele Greene and Peter Agre193.40% (8,122.97)
18.Jenny Hanley and Billy Bob Thornton191.72% (8,052.16)
19.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Dmitri Mendeleev191.43% (8,039.93)
20.Chloë Moretz and Tom Neal190.23% (7,989.53)
21.Kate Chopin and David Bryan190.22% (7,989.11)
22.Chloë Moretz and Jean-Pierre Yvaral190.18% (7,987.73)
23.Sophie Marceau and Dave Annable190.13% (7,985.43)
24.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Hank Aaron190.09% (7,983.66)
25.Jennifer Jason Leigh and John Perkins Barrymore189.36% (7,953.30)
26.Suzan Ball and Clint Black188.44% (7,914.64)
27.Kate Chopin and Giovanni Battista Re188.06% (7,898.39)
28.Kate Chopin and Garth Brooks188.00% (7,895.92)
29.Chloë Moretz and Hugo von Hofmannsthal187.82% (7,888.65)
30.Suzan Ball and Jim O'Heir187.77% (7,886.16)
31.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jean-François Cail187.66% (7,881.68)
32.Charlotte Rampling and Jim O'Heir187.55% (7,877.09)
33.Gitta Alpar and Clint Black187.43% (7,872.04)
34.Chloë Moretz and Ange Barde187.39% (7,870.58)
35.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Ashton Kutcher186.57% (7,836.04)
36.Jennifer Jason Leigh and James Deen186.14% (7,817.77)
37.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Stephen Colletti186.07% (7,815.03)
38.Sophie Marceau and Domenico Schiattarella185.28% (7,781.62)
39.Michele Greene and Camilo Cienfuegos185.19% (7,777.82)
40.Diane Ducret and Jeff Buckley184.78% (7,760.76)
41.Zooey Deschanel and Giovanni Segantini184.77% (7,760.30)
42.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Rick Astley184.23% (7,737.74)
43.André Fraye and Billy Bob Thornton183.94% (7,725.44)
44.Kate Chopin and Michael T. Weiss183.14% (7,691.95)
45.Zhang Ziyi and Clint Black183.07% (7,688.78)
46.Anna Hutchison and James Franciscus182.53% (7,666.14)
47.Bettina von Arnim and Clint Black182.00% (7,643.96)
48.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Paul Bocuse180.90% (7,597.95)
49.Suzan Ball and Dmitri Mendeleev180.74% (7,591.03)
50.Chloë Moretz and Thomas Alexandre Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie180.33% (7,573.85)
51.Jenifer (singer) and Félix Hemmen179.96% (7,558.29)
52.Chloë Moretz and Derek Cianfrance179.87% (7,554.73)
53.Zhang Ziyi and Christopher Buchholz179.81% (7,552.11)
54.Chloë Moretz and Oscar II of Sweden179.65% (7,545.12)
55.Michele Greene and Rick Astley179.08% (7,521.17)
56.Chloë Moretz and Christian Wolff (philosopher)178.96% (7,516.49)
57.Gitta Alpar and Dmitri Mendeleev178.93% (7,515.12)
58.Sophie Marceau and François Delsarte178.86% (7,511.93)
59.Jennifer Lopez and Peter Ash177.90% (7,471.93)
60.Marie Thérèse de Bourbon and Jim O'Heir177.08% (7,437.38)
61.Kate Chopin and François Lecointre177.04% (7,435.53)
62.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Raymond L. Bisplinghoff176.78% (7,424.74)
63.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Wilhelm Grimm176.71% (7,421.82)
64.Janet Yellen and Justin Torkildsen176.56% (7,415.36)
65.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Camilo Cienfuegos176.53% (7,414.07)
66.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Peter Agre176.49% (7,412.76)
67.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Federico Mayor Zaragoza176.13% (7,397.25)
68.Kate Chopin and John Perkins Barrymore175.60% (7,375.31)
69.Gitta Alpar and Giovanni Battista Re175.21% (7,358.73)
70.Kristina Tsirekidze and Justin Torkildsen175.08% (7,353.53)
71.Sophie Marceau and Chris Jericho174.83% (7,342.97)
72.Kate Chopin and Dmitri Mendeleev174.83% (7,342.73)
73.Michele Greene and Paul Bocuse174.67% (7,336.29)
74.Brandy Ledford and Eric Judor174.20% (7,316.23)
75.Bettina von Arnim and Dmitri Mendeleev174.16% (7,314.59)
76.Michele Greene and Gerhard Richter173.68% (7,294.54)
77.Mia Molinari and John Barbirolli173.51% (7,287.54)
78.Michele Greene and John Perkins Barrymore173.48% (7,286.01)
79.Rachael Ray and Sam Neill173.30% (7,278.44)
80.Sophie Marceau and Kurt Cobain173.16% (7,272.73)
81.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Louis Picamoles173.16% (7,272.52)
82.Blake Lively and Mark Strong172.96% (7,264.25)
83.Rachael Ray and Anton Mauve172.75% (7,255.61)
84.Zhang Ziyi and Jim O'Heir172.05% (7,226.08)
85.Anna Hutchison and Agostinho da Silva171.93% (7,220.94)
86.Ariana Richards and Antonin Berval171.57% (7,206.04)
87.Miley Cyrus and Jeff Nelson171.12% (7,187.10)
88.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jean-Pierre Yvaral171.09% (7,185.83)
89.Chloë Moretz and Dave Greenfield170.99% (7,181.62)
90.Marissa Nadler and Paul Rudd170.89% (7,177.21)
91.Barbi Benton and Jim O'Heir170.29% (7,152.17)
92.Marie Thérèse de Bourbon and Clint Black170.20% (7,148.59)
93.Jennifer Lopez and Ange Barde170.19% (7,147.87)
94.Charlotte Rampling and Clint Black169.23% (7,107.63)
95.Michele Greene and Bernard Farcy169.17% (7,105.34)
96.Chloë Moretz and Adel Kermiche168.95% (7,096.08)
97.Jennifer Lopez and Joshua Redman168.95% (7,095.99)
98.Sophie Marceau and Zico (rapper)168.75% (7,087.39)
99.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Dane DeHaan168.61% (7,081.60)
100.Kate Chopin and George Segal168.44% (7,074.48)
101.Angelina Jolie and Ned Vizzini168.23% (7,065.77)
102.Marilyn vos Savant and Justin Torkildsen168.09% (7,059.78)
103.Charlotte Rampling and Giovanni Battista Re168.04% (7,057.47)
104.Anna Hutchison and Jean-Pierre Yvaral167.62% (7,039.93)
105.Jennifer Jason Leigh and David Aebischer167.39% (7,030.29)
106.Irina Shayk and Paul Newman167.34% (7,028.21)
107.Sophie Marceau and Martin Scorsese167.02% (7,014.91)
108.Barbi Benton and Jean Rodhain166.96% (7,012.30)
109.Zhang Ziyi and James Franciscus166.94% (7,011.36)
110.Sophie Marceau and Nick Jonas166.81% (7,006.11)
111.Kate Chopin and Tahmasp I166.76% (7,004.06)
112.Carmen Carrera and Hugo von Hofmannsthal166.75% (7,003.49)
113.Jennifer Lopez and Colin Ford166.60% (6,997.30)
114.Bethenny Frankel and Troy Aikman166.38% (6,987.90)
115.Sophie Marceau and Maximilien Luce166.13% (6,977.33)
116.Jenny Hanley and Seamus Dever165.93% (6,968.98)
117.Sophie Marceau and Edouard Baer165.84% (6,965.26)
118.Bettina von Arnim and Hugo von Hofmannsthal165.63% (6,956.54)
119.Sophie Marceau and Raz Degan165.59% (6,954.62)
120.Brie Bella and Dean Ambrose165.50% (6,951.07)
121.Nikki Bella and Dean Ambrose165.50% (6,951.07)
122.Kate Chopin and Edouard Lalo165.45% (6,948.74)
123.Zhang Ziyi and Tahmasp I165.39% (6,946.50)
124.Diane Lane and Logan Lerman165.32% (6,943.24)
125.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Gerhard Richter165.31% (6,943.18)
126.Kate Chopin and Dane DeHaan165.15% (6,936.47)
127.Kate Chopin and Peter Agre165.06% (6,932.70)
128.Heather Nauert and Dieter Schwarz164.89% (6,925.42)
129.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Henri Laville164.79% (6,921.13)
130.Chloë Moretz and Stendhal164.76% (6,919.96)
131.Jennifer Lopez and Billy Connolly164.69% (6,916.80)
132.Zhang Ziyi and Michael Riley164.67% (6,916.24)
133.Jenifer (singer) and François Delsarte164.62% (6,914.23)
134.Katy Perry and Baptiste Giabiconi164.54% (6,910.50)
135.Jennifer Jason Leigh and William Hopper164.52% (6,909.93)
136.Anna Hutchison and Ashton Kutcher164.48% (6,908.10)
137.Princess Mako of Akishino and Alex Turner (musician)163.74% (6,877.18)
138.Chloë Moretz and Michael Riley163.69% (6,874.96)
139.Michele Greene and Louis Picamoles163.63% (6,872.31)
140.Marie Thérèse de Bourbon and Michael T. Weiss163.44% (6,864.56)
141.Jennifer Jason Leigh and George Segal163.34% (6,860.25)
142.Jenifer (singer) and Mark Zuckerberg163.30% (6,858.65)
143.Charlotte Rampling and Michael Riley163.18% (6,853.76)
144.Anna Hutchison and Garth Brooks163.15% (6,852.26)
145.Catherine Barma and Laurent Baffie163.07% (6,849.12)
146.Zoe Aggeliki and Logan Lerman162.97% (6,844.66)
147.Sophie Marceau and Thomas Moore (poet)162.96% (6,844.26)
148.Bridget Regan and Jim O'Heir162.87% (6,840.43)
149.Gemma Arterton and Dmitri Mendeleev162.62% (6,829.89)
150.Chloë Moretz and Brno (Czech Republic)162.58% (6,828.48)
151.Sophie Marceau and William Friedkin162.54% (6,826.63)
152.Sophie Marceau and Sam Neill162.52% (6,825.81)
153.Chloë Moretz and Dresden (Germany)162.50% (6,824.99)
154.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Edouard Lalo162.24% (6,814.13)
155.Michele Greene and Michael Ironside162.21% (6,812.79)
156.Barbi Benton and William Burroughs162.17% (6,811.30)
157.Jenifer (singer) and Isaac Hanson162.02% (6,804.90)
158.Jennifer Jason Leigh and New York (state)161.94% (6,801.40)
159.Anna Hutchison and John Perkins Barrymore161.78% (6,794.59)
160.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Buenos Aires (Argentina)161.59% (6,786.96)
161.Lucy Lawless and Thomas Alexandre Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie161.10% (6,766.18)
162.Emily Ratajkowski and David Bowie160.95% (6,759.92)
163.Sophie Marceau and Sam Harris160.91% (6,758.10)
164.Mylène Jampanoï and Alexander Pushkin160.69% (6,749.11)
165.Indila and Michaël Grégorio160.45% (6,738.84)
166.Zsa Zsa Gabor and Dmitri Mendeleev160.39% (6,736.23)
167.Jackie Quartz and Justin Torkildsen160.31% (6,733.09)
168.Chloë Moretz and Bob Marley160.24% (6,730.11)
169.Cory Kennedy and Kai (singer)160.22% (6,729.19)
170.Michele Greene and Anatole Leroy-Beaulieu160.14% (6,725.78)
171.Kate Chopin and Paul Bocuse159.98% (6,719.31)
172.Gitta Alpar and Michael T. Weiss159.86% (6,714.19)
173.Gitta Alpar and James Franciscus159.83% (6,712.71)
174.Chloë Moretz and Vladimir Vysotsky159.81% (6,712.01)
175.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Stan Getz159.54% (6,700.74)
176.Sophie Marceau and Nazi Germany159.44% (6,696.50)
177.Bethenny Frankel and François Delsarte159.44% (6,696.28)
178.Bess Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower159.36% (6,693.02)
179.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Ed Helms159.29% (6,690.12)
180.Charlotte Rampling and Hugo von Hofmannsthal159.25% (6,688.42)
181.Chloë Moretz and Ernst Fuchs159.24% (6,687.88)
182.Jennifer Lopez and Luke Hemmings159.12% (6,682.94)
183.André Fraye and Giovanni Battista Re158.96% (6,676.13)
184.Anna Hutchison and Otar Iosseliani158.80% (6,669.46)
185.Michele Greene and Nicky Hopkins158.78% (6,668.82)
186.Marie Thérèse de Bourbon and Dmitri Mendeleev158.69% (6,665.12)
187.Anna Hutchison and Giovanni Battista Re158.64% (6,662.83)
188.Irina Shayk and Logan Lerman158.60% (6,661.03)
189.Anna Hutchison and Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor158.47% (6,655.73)
190.Anna Hutchison and Martin Wuttke158.28% (6,647.55)
191.Carmen Miranda and Ashton Kutcher158.27% (6,647.40)
192.Michele Greene and David Aebischer158.10% (6,640.29)
193.Michele Greene and Richard Roxburgh158.08% (6,639.21)
194.Leslie (singer) and Spike Lee157.96% (6,634.41)
195.Bethenny Frankel and Craig Parker157.82% (6,628.44)
196.Jennifer Lopez and Andy Bolton (powerlifter)157.78% (6,626.65)
197.Marguerite Rachilde and Clint Black157.66% (6,621.75)
198.Lauren Stamile and Brian Roberts (baseball)157.64% (6,620.76)
199.Marie Thérèse de Bourbon and Michael Riley157.60% (6,619.06)
200.Dorothy Loudon and Kurt Cobain157.49% (6,614.38)
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