Bottom 200 Celebrity Couples

Below is the list, sorted in order of increasing affinities, of the 200 least compatible couples calculated by Astrotheme's visitors, in real time. 4200 points corresponds to an overall weighted* rate of 100% (exceptional rate); 2100 points, to 50% (average value), 1050, to 25%, etc. For extremes rates, around 0% and 100%, the computing functions are not any more linear in order to get more refined results. To avoid getting bonuses for artificial compatibility rates caused by similar birthdates, only the couples having birthdates with a minimum gap of seven days are displayed. The list was reinitialised by the end of November 2013 to take advantage of the last programme update.

* The overall weighted rate is computed based on conjugal, affective, sexual, and communication compatibility rates; it represents a more general compatibility than the four specialised rates.

Bottom 200 Couples
1.Amanda Seyfried and Keanu Reeves-36.26% (-1,523.00)
2.Sophie Marceau and Ed Gein-35.25% (-1,480.50)
3.Sophie Marceau and Timothy Hutton-34.41% (-1,445.03)
4.Nolwenn Leroy and Taylor Kitsch-33.85% (-1,421.89)
5.Jewel Staite and Keanu Reeves-31.95% (-1,341.96)
6.Sophie Marceau and Guillaume Gouix-31.92% (-1,340.69)
7.Sophie Marceau and Sean Penn-30.37% (-1,275.68)
8.Angelina Jolie and Paul Newman-29.77% (-1,250.42)
9.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Craig Parker-29.59% (-1,242.76)
10.Jenifer (singer) and Dane DeHaan-29.53% (-1,240.35)
11.Valorie Curry and Jeff Buckley-28.00% (-1,176.01)
12.Giovanna Mezzogiorno and Raoul Bova-27.52% (-1,155.83)
13.Michèle Laroque and Vincent Cassel-27.50% (-1,155.03)
14.Rosamund Pike and Matt Smith (actor)-25.74% (-1,080.96)
15.Sophie Marceau and Jean-Jacques Goldman-25.66% (-1,077.72)
16.Yaya Dacosta and Dane DeHaan-25.64% (-1,076.93)
17.Jennifer Lopez and Michael Jackson-25.59% (-1,074.95)
18.Demi Moore and Dane DeHaan-25.43% (-1,067.97)
19.Jennifer Jason Leigh and James Purefoy-23.57% (-990.08)
20.Miley Cyrus and Jean-Jacques Goldman-23.55% (-989.16)
21.Sophie Marceau and Vassili Grossman-23.03% (-967.37)
22.Paula Deanda and Terry Crews-22.62% (-950.21)
23.Jennifer Lopez and Dmitry Medvedev-22.61% (-949.65)
24.Leslie (singer) and Tim Wood-21.58% (-906.56)
25.Halle Berry and Seth Meyers-21.26% (-893.02)
26.Kate Winslet and Varlam Shalamov-21.25% (-892.33)
27.Miley Cyrus and Tim Burton-20.84% (-875.08)
28.Elizabeth Taylor and Jimmy Page-20.71% (-869.89)
29.Jenifer (singer) and Christian Bale-20.59% (-864.72)
30.Kate Winslet and Merv Griffin-20.44% (-858.46)
31.Hélène Fillières and Thierry Neuvic-20.33% (-854.06)
32.Bethenny Frankel and South Korea-20.19% (-848.15)
33.Meg Ryan and Percy Bysshe Shelley-19.95% (-837.99)
34.Leslie (singer) and Leslie O'Neal-19.79% (-831.07)
35.Chloë Moretz and Bono (U2)-19.74% (-828.93)
36.Miley Cyrus and Laurent Baffie-19.70% (-827.42)
37.Jenifer (singer) and Antonio Banderas-19.48% (-818.27)
38.Kate Winslet and Keanu Reeves-19.00% (-797.90)
39.Indila and Sting (musician)-18.81% (-790.17)
40.Stephanie McMahon and Keanu Reeves-18.66% (-783.71)
41.Naomi Judd and Taylor Kitsch-18.65% (-783.25)
42.Bethenny Frankel and Michael T. Weiss-18.54% (-778.66)
43.Elizabeth Taylor and Jimi Hendrix-18.53% (-778.20)
44.Kim Wilde and Hugo von Hofmannsthal-18.46% (-775.43)
45.Sophie Marceau and Ray Clemence-18.31% (-768.87)
46.Sophie Marceau and Alain Giresse-18.07% (-758.86)
47.Laura Dern and Bruce Dern-17.91% (-752.05)
48.Barbara Bach and Paul Simon-17.48% (-734.04)
49.Kim Coles and Taylor Kitsch-16.59% (-696.81)
50.Sophie Marceau and Bernard Campan-15.29% (-642.18)
51.Kate Winslet and John Hench-15.26% (-641.04)
52.Zooey Deschanel and Dean Ambrose-15.05% (-632.30)
53.Claire Holt and Michael Trevino-14.90% (-625.71)
54.Jenifer (singer) and Roy Harris-14.89% (-625.23)
55.Jean Seberg and Clint Black-14.39% (-604.38)
56.Sophie Marceau and Alexander Grothendieck-14.36% (-603.24)
57.Mireille Delmas-Marty and Laurent Grévill-14.34% (-602.39)
58.Leslie (singer) and Stevan Jovetic-14.30% (-600.69)
59.Jenifer (singer) and Ashton Kutcher-14.29% (-600.35)
60.Taylor Swift and Andy Samberg-14.19% (-595.94)
61.Jenifer (singer) and Tom Hiddleston-14.03% (-589.05)
62.Sophie Marceau and François Berléand-13.74% (-577.19)
63.Leslie (singer) and Jean-Louis Calderon-13.05% (-547.93)
64.Jennifer Garner and Keanu Reeves-12.81% (-537.94)
65.Rosemarie Dewitt and Ron Livingston-12.70% (-533.38)
66.Jennifer Esposito and Keanu Reeves-12.54% (-526.65)
67.Brigitte Bardot and George Clooney-12.35% (-518.74)
68.Jennifer Esposito and Louie Vito-11.85% (-497.74)
69.Brenda Russell and Kurt Cobain-11.72% (-492.41)
70.Halle Berry and Benjamin Millepied-11.17% (-468.94)
71.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Rob Zombie-11.14% (-467.92)
72.Anne Hathaway and Dane DeHaan-10.96% (-460.49)
73.Sandra Bullock and Troy Aikman-10.95% (-459.91)
74.Sophie Marceau and Gérard Darmon-10.88% (-457.02)
75.Jennifer Lopez and Jim Kerr-10.66% (-447.70)
76.Samantha Womack and Eddie Kidd-10.63% (-446.30)
77.Elisa Toffoli and Sylvester Matushka-10.54% (-442.80)
78.Gisèle Pascal and Gary Cooper-10.30% (-432.56)
79.Frida Kahlo and Christoph Waltz-10.28% (-431.82)
80.Sophie Marceau and Greece-10.21% (-428.76)
81.Jennifer Lopez and Sam Worthington-10.14% (-426.03)
82.Robin Roberts (newscaster) and Christian Danner-10.07% (-422.82)
83.Björk and Hugo von Hofmannsthal-10.04% (-421.82)
84.Emmanuelle Devos and Jean-Hugues Anglade-9.79% (-411.22)
85.Chloë Moretz and Billy Crystal-9.79% (-411.00)
86.Andrea Echeverri and Luke Hemmings-9.71% (-407.61)
87.Jennifer Jason Leigh and Florent Manaudou-9.46% (-397.14)
88.Harriet Parsons and Henri Goetz-9.30% (-390.41)
89.Anna Calvi and Bernard Métraux-9.11% (-382.60)
90.Tina Knowles and Jay-Z-9.06% (-380.45)
91.Miley Cyrus and Kazimir Malevich-9.02% (-378.69)
92.Sophie Marceau and Bryan Greenberg-8.85% (-371.59)
93.Leslie (singer) and Rocco Siffredi-8.69% (-365.16)
94.Coline D'Inca and Ashton Kutcher-8.53% (-358.06)
95.Sophie Marceau and Sting (musician)-8.51% (-357.29)
96.Chloë Moretz and Adolf Hitler-8.44% (-354.35)
97.Leslie (singer) and Alain (philosopher)-8.35% (-350.84)
98.Rihanna and Jason Derulo-8.26% (-347.13)
99.Rihanna and Tyga-8.19% (-344.02)
100.Jennifer Lopez and Alan Rickman-7.92% (-332.66)
101.Maurane (singer) and Guillaume Canet-7.86% (-330.14)
102.Sophie Marceau and Edouard Manet-7.83% (-329.00)
103.Sophie Marceau and Pierre Louis Dulong-7.53% (-316.11)
104.Anna Abreu and Guillaume Gouix-7.49% (-314.69)
105.Ariadna Gutiérrez and Hugo von Hofmannsthal-7.46% (-313.16)
106.Leslie (singer) and Jean-Louis Guillaud-7.34% (-308.49)
107.Sonia Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi-7.30% (-306.55)
108.Indila and Nicolas Sarkozy-7.07% (-296.77)
109.Indila and Christian LeBlanc-6.96% (-292.50)
110.Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Seacrest-6.96% (-292.16)
111.Jennifer Lopez and Percy Bysshe Shelley-6.85% (-287.53)
112.Katherine Schwarzenegger and Patrick Schwarzenegger-6.79% (-285.36)
113.Chloë Moretz and Robert Pattinson-6.79% (-284.99)
114.Emmanuelle Devos and Julien Courbet-6.60% (-277.20)
115.Angelina Jolie and Dylan O'Brien-6.59% (-276.85)
116.Jessica Alba and Hugo von Hofmannsthal-6.53% (-274.44)
117.Khloe Kardashian and Anthony Mackie-6.49% (-272.58)
118.Sophie Marceau and Isaac Newton-6.31% (-265.00)
119.Sophie Marceau and Peter Capaldi-6.10% (-256.20)
120.Sophie Marceau and Theodor Mommsen-6.03% (-253.33)
121.Muriel Robin and Christian Clavier-5.69% (-238.88)
122.Farrah Fawcett and Keith Urban-5.62% (-236.15)
123.Faryl Smith and Hayden Christensen-5.44% (-228.67)
124.Angelina Jolie and 14th Dalai Lama-5.40% (-226.71)
125.Taylor Swift and Patrick Schwarzenegger-5.33% (-223.98)
126.Danielle Campbell and Bruce Lee-5.28% (-221.60)
127.Feist (singer) and Joseph Bertrand-5.08% (-213.44)
128.Sophie Marceau and Dane DeHaan-5.03% (-211.33)
129.Jenifer (singer) and Abbé Pierre-4.92% (-206.51)
130.Lucy Lawless and Markiplier-4.92% (-206.47)
131.Carol Alt and Marcel L'Herbier-4.75% (-199.67)
132.Sky Ferreira and Michael Pitt-4.69% (-196.91)
133.Miley Cyrus and Kobe Bryant-4.51% (-189.38)
134.Sophie Marceau and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart-4.44% (-186.45)
135.Sophie Marceau and Billy Bob Thornton-4.41% (-185.30)
136.Shy'm and Philippe Risoli-4.28% (-179.72)
137.Sophie Marceau and Christophe Dechavanne-4.17% (-175.31)
138.Leslie (singer) and Dae Sung (singer)-3.65% (-153.48)
139.Leslie (singer) and Georges Géret-3.62% (-151.96)
140.Kate Winslet and Marseille (France)-3.36% (-141.30)
141.Bar Refaeli and Stéphane De Groodt-3.34% (-140.17)
142.Catherine Zeta-Jones and Paul Newman-3.23% (-135.77)
143.Shakira and Laurent Baffie-3.17% (-133.10)
144.Carrie-Anne Moss and Elon Musk-3.14% (-132.01)
145.Sophie Marceau and Denis Balbir-3.12% (-131.20)
146.Irina Shayk and Cristiano Ronaldo-3.07% (-128.95)
147.Mackenzie Rosman and Stephen Collins-3.01% (-126.30)
148.Demi Moore and Robert Kardashian-2.99% (-125.69)
149.Sophie Marceau and John Gallagher, Jr.-2.89% (-121.47)
150.Miley Cyrus and Michael Jackson-2.81% (-118.11)
151.Jennifer Lopez and Tim Burton-2.61% (-109.70)
152.Sasha Pieterse and Mark Wahlberg-2.59% (-108.82)
153.Clémentine Célarié and Yvan Attal-2.58% (-108.35)
154.Miranda Cosgrove and Tyga-2.54% (-106.74)
155.Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre-2.52% (-105.72)
156.Blake Lively and Bob Dylan-2.49% (-104.71)
157.Assia Djebar and Kent (singer)-2.48% (-104.07)
158.Isabel Allende and Bono (U2)-2.41% (-101.41)
159.Kate Winslet and Franz Marc-2.39% (-100.18)
160.Bethenny Frankel and Daniel Craig-2.29% (-96.07)
161.Chloë Moretz and Charlie Chaplin-2.23% (-93.64)
162.Taylor Swift and Christoph Waltz-2.19% (-91.83)
163.Taylor Swift and Lindsey Buckingham-2.14% (-89.81)
164.Isabelle Carré and Gérald de Palmas-2.13% (-89.65)
165.Agnieszka Radwanska and Jerzy Janowicz-2.12% (-89.22)
166.Julie Taymor and Bono (U2)-2.12% (-88.92)
167.Ava Gardner and Frank Jr. Sinatra-2.12% (-88.87)
168.Victoria Beckham and Dean McDermott-2.11% (-88.82)
169.Emmy Rossum and Patrick Wilson (actor)-2.08% (-87.45)
170.Bora (singer) and Jay Park-2.02% (-84.94)
171.Sandra Bullock and Jeff Buckley-2.00% (-84.18)
172.Bonnie Franklin and Philippe Louviot-1.86% (-78.11)
173.Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth-1.80% (-75.77)
174.Chloë Moretz and Orlando Bloom-1.67% (-70.19)
175.Alexandra Feodorovna (Alix of Hesse) and Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich of Russia-1.56% (-65.45)
176.Sophie Marceau and James Marsters-1.49% (-62.73)
177.Mariana Coldebella and Domhnall Gleeson-1.49% (-62.67)
178.Anne Hathaway and Christian Bale-1.46% (-61.14)
179.Beyoncé Knowles and Mekhi Phifer-1.39% (-58.36)
180.Brigitte Bardot and Samir Amirèche-1.37% (-57.70)
181.Romy Schneider and Ray Clemence-1.33% (-55.81)
182.Géraldine Pailhas and Gérald de Palmas-1.29% (-54.08)
183.Madonna and Henry Cavill-1.23% (-51.70)
184.Liane Foly and Vincent Cassel-1.18% (-49.51)
185.Maite Perroni and Christian Chávez-1.09% (-45.62)
186.Rachel Bilson and Orlando Bloom-0.91% (-38.19)
187.Alanis Morissette and Keanu Reeves-0.79% (-33.30)
188.Leslie (singer) and Yves Castagnet-0.71% (-29.90)
189.Julia Roberts and Justin Torkildsen-0.70% (-29.40)
190.Bethenny Frankel and Joël Lautier-0.70% (-29.38)
191.Sophie Marceau and Constantijn Huygens-0.68% (-28.49)
192.Angelina Jolie and Glenn Davis (American football)-0.67% (-28.22)
193.Morgan Fairchild and Louie Vito-0.49% (-20.46)
194.Kate Winslet and Alain Cuny-0.44% (-18.69)
195.Kate Winslet and William James (psychologist)-0.41% (-17.11)
196.Leslie (singer) and Jean-François Copé-0.32% (-13.55)
197.IU (singer) and G-Dragon-0.28% (-11.67)
198.Chloë Moretz and René Descartes-0.25% (-10.42)
199.Milla Jovovich and Paul W. S. Anderson-0.16% (-6.57)
200.Meg Ryan and Alec Baldwin-0.12% (-4.97)
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