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Horary astrology: reminder of rules

Reminder of rules

For the four categories of question:

  • Formulate your question in such a way that it can be answered by Yes or by No.
  • Horary astrology can answer questions on love issues only once you have set your heart on someone. Questions such as "Will I find my soulmate this year" should not be asked.
  • After an order, you must wait a couple of days or more before consulting again the Horary Oracle, be it on the same topic or on a different matter. Besides, do not ask the same question twice, even several days later, if the context surrounding your question has not changed (house move, professional change, unforeseen event, etc.).
  • Never use your birth data. Key in the current data, or that of the moment when you felt the urge to know how the situation may develop.
  • Do not ask two questions in one such as:
    • Will my husband leave his mistress and come back to me?
    • To obtain the money owed to me, should I file a lawsuit or should I seek an amicable settlement?
  • Do not ask questions for another person than yourself, such as:
    • Is my mother/sister/daughter right to file for divorce?
    • Is my father/brother/son right to ask for a pay raise?
    • Should my husband look for a new job?

For affective questions, it is indispensable that you select the category matching the nature of your concern. There are usually three scenarios possible:

  • You do not live with the person enquired about. Go to the page Question on Romance.
  • You live with the person enquired about, whether you are or not married. Go to the page Question on Marriage.
  • You are married, but your question concerns another person than your companion. You must also go to the page Question on Romance.

The Finances category addresses questions about income generated by work, not questions about gambling and lottery.

Requests about the possibilities of getting pregnant, as well as about health and death issues are not accepted.

We wish to emphasise again that Horary astrology's basic rules must be complied with in order to get a relevant analysis and answer. Indeed, the nature of your question determines the parameters selected by our application for the computing process.

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