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Thu. 28 Sep., 10:50 AM UT
Sun  5°04'   Libra
Moon 21°36'   Pisces
Mercury 19°03'   Virgo
Venus 21°46'   Leo
Mars 20°49'   Libra
Jupiter 14°38'  Я Taurus
Saturn  1°37'  Я Pisces
Uranus 22°42'  Я Taurus
Neptune 26°01'  Я Pisces
Pluto 27°56'  Я Capricorn
Chiron 18°15'  Я Aries
True Node 24°56'  Я Aries
True Lilith 14°45'  Я Virgo
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Waxing Moon, 98.12%
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Fri. 29 Sep., 09:59 AM UT
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Your Love Calendar for 4 Weeks

The compatibility reports on Astrotheme remain essential.

But let's suppose that you are meeting up the person whom you are in love with, and that you need to know the best days for a nice rendezvous.

Our astrological service may be a tremendous help, since it assesses your sentimental planetary weather, day after day, and displays it in the form of a rating along with a diagram. Take advantage of your best periods.

If you are already in a relationship, you can find the most favourable days to rekindle the fire of your couple, such as a romantic trip, or any other event which may influence your sentimental life.

Our sophisticated program gives priority to the main factors which govern love life, i.e. the luminaries, Venus, Mars, the 5th House, the relationship axis, the 8th House, and their rulers, etc. It calculates the planetary climate of the moment, day after day. Use it as the barometer of love to get the level of intensity of your luck.

You will find here a full example of this love calendar.

Immediate online delivery in your account and by email, round the clock.

USD 11.55
EUR 11.55
GBP 10.15
CAD 15.25
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