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Mon. 3 Oct., 03:36 PM UT
Sun 10°25'   Libra
Moon 18°53'   Capricorn
Mercury 24°20'   Virgo
Venus  5°24'   Libra
Mars 20°58'   Gemini
Jupiter  2°47'  Я Aries
Saturn 18°54'  Я Aquarius
Uranus 18°17'  Я Taurus
Neptune 23°34'  Я Pisces
Pluto 26°07'  Я Capricorn
Chiron 14°20'  Я Aries
True Node 13°52'  Я Taurus
True Lilith  2°11'   Leo
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Waxing Moon, 55.71%
First Quarter Moon
Sun. 9 Oct., 08:55 PM UT
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Horary Astrology: Your Question on Your Finances

Special Offer: until October 10, 2022, you get 30% off the regular price.

The Horary Oracle answers here your questions about your finances. Whether you are hoping to increase your income, looking for a better scheme for your savings, or considering a big investment, the Oracle helps you make the good decisions that will enable you to achieve financial security or to increase your profits.

We kindly remind you that your question must be worded in such a way that it can be answered by YES or NO. Do not forget to concentrate and to visualise the situation that has prompted you to consult the Oracle. The accurateness of the answer depends on your level of concentration.

You will find more details on our Horary Astrology information page and especially about Kairos or the right moment.

We strongly suggest that you read the reminder of rules before you ask your question.

Your answer comes in the form of a 4-6 page report, immediately emailed and available in your Astrotheme account, round the clock including non-working days.

USD 9.50 13.60
EUR 9.50 13.60
GBP 8.15 11.70
CAD 12.35 17.70
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