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The Horary Oracle at Your Service

What is it?

Horary astrology is the branch of astrology which functions as an oracle and gives precise answers to precise questions asked in all sincerity

Despite the baffling complexity of traditional Horary astrology rules, Astrotheme's astrologers and computer engineers have accomplished a tour de force and devised for you the Horary Oracle, an application which provides a clear Yes or No answer to enquiries about marriage, romance, career, or finances.

Horary interpretation requires a thorough knowledge of the method and the full array of sophisticated principles that were developed by Greek and Arab mathematicians with a view to providing guidance to the monarchs of their day. For the first time in the Internet world, the essence of ancient wisdom is brought to you thanks to a technological feat achieved by our talented technicians.

Indeed, after several semesters of exacting meticulous work in research and programming, our experts have put into equation a reliable analysis-synthesis method based on William Lilly's renowned "Christian Astrology". As a result, we are now in a position to offer premium computer-generated Horary Reports at an affordable price.

William Lilly, one of the most highly regarded Horary astrologer.

Don't miss this nice opportunity to consult the Horary Oracle, a privilege which used to be enjoyed solely by pharaohs and kings, and which is now made easily available to you by Astrotheme.

To learn more about the specifics of our method, click here. We also suggest that you consult our page how to ask questions.

How does it work?

To get an accurate answer, several prerequisites must be met. Firstly, the topic of your question must be directly related to you. Secondly, you must be racked by an uncontrollable urge to know how the situation may unfold. Then, you ought to focus on your issue and try to visualise it as clearly as possible.

Formulate your question in such a way that it can be answered by Yes or No. The wording is very important and should always be positive. For instance, ask "Will my project yield profits?" instead of "Will I lose money?" or "Will my marriage last?" instead of "Will she leave me?", unless you want a split.

The 1666 Great Fire of London was predicted by William Lilly several years earlier.

The Horary Oracle's analysis is given in a concise but detailed 8 – 10 page document. In addition to an unambiguous Yes or No answer, it describes your frame of mind as well as that of the person involved, the circumstances in which your question took shape, and the dynamics of the situation. It also includes valuable information on how you can speed up the outcome in the case of a Yes answer, and how you can try to reverse the trend in the case of a No answer.

Hangsa Keith, our Horary specialist, is at your disposal for any information on our Horary services.

A key point that needs to be strongly underlined is that the accuracy of the analysis depends on the sincerity of your request and the level of your concentration. Unfocused or inane questions will get similarly irrelevant and silly responses.

“Christian Astrology”, William Lilly's far-famed masterpiece, was first published in 1647.