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The Belline Oracle - Mlle Lenormand - Marseille Draw

The Astrological Wheel: the Most Comprehensive Tarot Draw

Special offer: until July 30, 2016, you get 25% off the regular price. The price indicated below includes our Promotion discount.

This draw, also referred to as the Great Astrological Draw, uses the twenty-two major cards of the Tarot of Marseille deck.

Our program applies the symbolism of the Tarot of Marseille to the meaning of astrological houses. It makes a synthesis which describes the possible pitfalls that ought to be avoided, as well as the opportunities that will be available in the forthcoming weeks.

Every area of your life is addressed: current psychological make-up, finances, relations with relatives and friends, domestic and family affairs, daily duties, romance, partnerships, contracts you may enter into, etc.

In order to get relevant pieces of information, choose a moment when you are entirely available, and try to relax. When picking your cards, you must let your intuition guide you and focus intensely on the matters that preoccupy you.

When should you consult the tarots? Whenever you find yourself at a crossroads and you need advice on the most efficient courses of action. Theoretically, there is no limitation regarding the frequency of the Astrological Wheel consultations. Nevertheless, it is recommended not to do it more than once a month.

Immediate online delivery, round the clock, including non-working days. Once the twelve tarot cards are selected, the interpretation of your Astrological Wheel is instantly displayed on your screen and simultaneously sent to your email address.

Price: USD 10.70
EUR 9.65
GBP 8.10
CAD 13.95
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