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The Belline Oracle - Marseille Draw

Mlle Lenormand's Weekly Draw

Marie-Anne Adélaïde Lenormand was a renown clairvoyant who lived in the 18th century in Paris, France. Although her clients were illustrious persons such as emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, his wife Joséphine, Robespierre or Marat, Lenormand was also devoted to poor people and artists, which earned her the nickname of "the Sibyl of the Saint-Germain suburb". Many among her amazing predictions remain famous, and her gorgeous card deck is still widely used nowadays by numerous clairvoyants.

With this amazing seven-card draw, we offer you the possibility to undertake the exploration of your week, day after day, from Monday to Sunday.

Our 8-page report provides you with information on what awaits you. It will prove a valuable help as it enables you to foresee, and thus, to anticipate upcoming events. It is sent directly to your email.

"What a magnificent card deck you are offering us here! I was under the spell of the cards and their symbols in profusion. The draw has allowed me to live through this week with serenity, and it is clear that I will use it again as soon as I have uncertainties regarding my future."
Stéphane (Tarbes)
"Congratulations on your new draw which has allowed me to avoid making a serious mistake this week! Your texts are lively and their precision is just incredible. They are actually very helpful to make better decisions for every day of the week. Bravo!"
Aïcha (Paris)

Immediate online delivery, round the clock, including non-working days.

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