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Your Solar Revolution

This report is valid for one year and comprises 13 to 17 pages depending on your natal chart. Based on the Solar Return technique, it is also particularly interesting as a supplement to the Yearly Forecast report, or the best offer, the revolutionary Detailed 12 Month Forecast with its interactive Aspectarian.

The Solar Revolution report describes your psychological climate from one birthday date to the next and enables you to make the most of your favourable periods so as to take timely action!

The Solar Revolution has innumerable keen supporters and provides an additional and very helpful perspective to the reports based on the transit technique.

It is more than a predictive method. Indeed, it is a comprehension tool, the purpose of which is to shed light on the way your personality evolves and to grasp opportunities which enables you to blossom, as well as to avoid life's pitfalls.

You have the possibility to choose the starting date of your twelve-month Forecast. It could be your last birthday or your fortcoming birthday, since both Solar Revolutions are available.

Immediate online delivery, round the clock, including non-working days.

Price: USD 24.60
EUR 23.20
GBP 20.00
CAD 32.95
Scarlett Johansson
Solar Revolution
Example: Scarlett Johansson
Our Solar Revolution report comes with your natal chart and your solar revolution chart, in addition to your bi-wheel chart displaying the interaspects between your natal and revolution charts.
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