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Your astrological forecasts online: information

For your astrological forecasts, immediately sent to your e-mail address seven days a week, we offer several formulas, each one having its own specific value. Here are, in a few words, the astrological forecasts available on Astrotheme:

  • Forecasts based on transits, to our view, the most reliable ones. We have devised two versions, the standard forecast and the detailed forecast.
    • Standard Astrological Forecasts: they are based on important transits only, i.e. those of slow-moving planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto), and Mars. They are meant for those who are interested in the strong influences affecting their natal chart, and who are not concerned about the minor variations occurring simultaneously. There are also two versions for these standard forecasts. The content is the same in both versions, and the difference lies in the timeframe considered: the Grand Horoscope (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018), which covers a full year, and the Yearly Forecast, which starts on the day of your order and covers twelve months.
    • Detailed Forecasts: they come in three versions, Yearly - you can now choose the start date of your yearly forecast until 2020 - Quarterly or Monthly. They are the same as the Standard Forecasts, but in addition, they include the transits of the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. Therefore, they are lengthier since fast-moving planets form aspects with the natal chart more often. They are somehow a synthesis of the daily horoscope and the transits of slow-moving planets. It is the most comprehensive and the most professional formula available, meant for people who need as many pieces of information as possible on their planetary climate, continuously, day after day. With these Reports, as far as transits are concerned, what you get on your e-mail are exactly the same facts which are made available to professional astrologers. We strongly recommend these Reports if you are interested not only in predictions, but also in the kind of "feeling" caused by the fast-moving planets' transits and their minor variations affecting your natal chart. For instance, within an extended period of favourable influences, you may experience a few challenging fast transits, for several hours or several days, which do not cancel the overall good quality of the period.
  • The Solar Revolution: this Report, based on the technique of the annual return of the Sun to its exact birth position, indicates the planetary climate of the year, from one birth date to the next. It has a more general approach than the transit forecast, which it complements perfectly well, even though it is satisfactory by itself. Solar Revolution is highly regarded by Anglo-Saxons.
  • Astrological Diaries: their sole purpose is, on the basis of daily analyses, to provide you with the most favourable periods regarding romantic life. Daily transits are computed and thoroughly compared with your natal chart so as to carry out the synthesis of the influence. This assessment is indicated by a rate ranging from 0% to 100%. Thus, for the period of time you have chosen (one year or four weeks), you can follow the evolution of your good luck in love. For instance, if you need to know the best date for an important romantic date, these Diaries will prove most helpful.

Our advice: if you expect astrology to provide you with as much information as possible, so as to take the best decisions throughout the year, the best formula is to order your Detailed Yearly Forecast, your Yearly Astrological Diary, and your Solar Return. With this comprehensive package, you will be fully equipped and you can launch new projects under the best conditions, make crucial decisions during auspicious periods, and protect yourself during the moments when you are most vulnerable! And for those among you who are very eager to know their planetary climate well in advance, the Grand Horoscope 2016, 2017, and 2018 have everything required to meet their needs.

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