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Astro Compatibility Natalie Portman - Benjamin Millepied

Astrological compatibility: Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied

The comparison of the charts of Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied would have probably gladdened the late Gunter Sachs, the billionaire versed in astrology, who published a statistical work showing that couples born with the same Sun sign are more numerous than couples born with different Sun signs.


Without deciding on the subject, we notice that in this specific case, the actress and the dancer, who are married today, are both born with the Sun in Gemini, with a one-day gap. As a result, their Sun receives the same aspects, including a trine by Natalie's Pluto in Libra: transformation is one of the couple's strong points.

Although they belong to very different worlds and countries initially, they were able to enrich their personal experiences with their differences. She, born in Jerusalem and having a career in Hollywood, he, born in Bordeaux, France, a dancer and choreographer. Both are internationally acknowledged in their respective fields. It was the role of a ballerina living her emotions to the fullest in “Black Swan” which brought them together. In those days, Natalie Portman explained how this role changed her lifestyle thanks to classical dance discipline and new eating habits. She also repeatedly declared that she kept certain principles after the film was over. This capacity of transformation also manifested itself when the couple left California to settle in Paris, since Benjamin Millepied took over the direction of the Opera. Incidentally, we observe that Paris probably suits their very Gemini cultural curiosity, and that Portman experiences a socially well-admitted discretion (influence of the Moon in Virgo and of planets in Libra). But regarding transformation, Millepied is second to none, since he converted to Judaism out of love!

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Compatibility indexes for Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied

Since Pluto is a generational planet, this sole fact would be enough to protect their marriage. Moreover, connections between four of their natal planets immediately catch the eye: a nice sextile links Benjamin Millepied's Venus-Mars conjunction in early Taurus to Natalie Portman's Venus-Mercury conjunction in early Cancer. This configuration highlights romantic affairs and explains how Millepied's capacity of action positively impacts Portman's mind, which resulted in the emergence of feelings of love in both of them. Although they were born with the Sun in Gemini, an intellectual, cheerful but sometimes flighty sign, this powerful aspect in their synastry ensures stability and security. Therefore, it was totally natural and most likely that they chose to get married and to start a family shortly after their professional success. “The crucial thing is to be together. A child implies some degree of routine, and motherhood requires organisation”, Portman recently told a magazine.

However, we note that probabilities of having a career as a couple are strong, given the position of their respective Suns on Millepied's Midheaven. Obviously, their similar way of living their individuality brought about success, which is taking place in Millepied's favourite area, because his Midheaven is activated.

Getting back to their private life, it is necessary to examine another major asset: Portman's Moon in Virgo on Millepied's Ascendant. The emotional bond is very deep. Being what he is, the choreographer exerts an undeniable influence on his wife's mental state. This reciprocal aspect can secure an excellent climate in daily routine and home affairs. There are no arguments about doing the grocery, or about life rhythms, since they are both on the same wavelength...

Nevertheless, there is a downside to such a position. Indeed, Portman's Moon is in conflict with their two Suns. In other words, since mutable signs are involved, namely Virgo and Gemini, the nervousness and lack of confidence which Portman may feel tends to pervade Millepied's personal sphere. Millepied's Moon in Aries, indicating irrepressible spontaneity and reactivity, does not predispose him to patiently undergo people's anguish. Very different from his wife in the intimate or emotional areas, he may hurt her feelings, because the Moon in Aries forms a square (tension) with Portman's Venus-Mercury conjunction, mentioned above.

On the whole, despite these reservations, comparing their two charts proves very positive. Their assets constitute undisputedly an excellent capacity to communicate with one another with gentleness and understanding. Mars and Mercury's involvement also underlines mutual physical stimulation. However, it is necessary to be careful about inner instability, probably caused by stress at work. Aside from that, we cannot help acknowledging it: what a wonderful couple!

You will find below the synastry chart for Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied:

Synastry chart for Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied

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