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Astro Compatibility Marion Cotillard - Guillaume Canet

Astrological compatibility: Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet

Are Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard a Rock'n Roll couple resembling the film directed by Canet, who staged a nice parody of their life together?


These French actors are engaged in a sort of war of images via social networks, each of them doing their best to show their partner in the most negative light. Therefore, we decided to analyse their synastry. Such a quirky sense of humour, as well as the art of subtly mixing real facts and fiction, was worth it.

Let us consider Marion Cotillard first. Born in a family of performers, she always wanted to be a comedian, perhaps driven by a huge need to please, given a very prominent Libra in the natal chart. However, her Sun-Pluto conjunction in the 1st House – that of personality – spices up her portrait and gives Cotillard determination and passion. The Ascendant in Virgo explains that she is a perfectionist and a hard-worker. Furthermore, the Air Element is highlighted and indicates that communication with her partner plays an essential role. This position also reveals that her partner, ideally, pays keen attention to her career.

In this regard, she found in Guillaume Canet, born with the Sun in Aries, her perfect alter ego. Like herself, Canet is a blend of self-affirmation, strength, and gentleness. The proof is that he has a powerful Pluto conjunct the Ascendant in Libra. He matches well the image of the slightly rebellious seducer. Between Canet and Cotillard, attraction probably was irresistible, not necessarily immediate, but growing in intensity as they saw each other. We could even state that this interaspect is karmic in nature, for astrologers interested in this branch of astrology.

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Compatibility indexes for Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet

At this stage, it appears that Cotillard and Canet have numerous points in common. In a classic manner, a couple formed by a Libra woman and an Aries man represents the most contrasted quintessence of complementarity and harmony, at least theoretically. Mr Aries is eager to reassure his lady by being the knight in a shining armour, while he is most likely to be subjugated by the very feminine woman opposite him (including in the zodiacal sense of the term, since the two signs are in opposition). Besides, appearances confirm this statement. Indeed, Canet is a sportsman who practiced horse-riding at a high level, and Cotillard, Dior's muse, captivates with her beauty and her elegance. In addition, Canet's Sun and Venus conjunct Cotillard's Jupiter, which is a strong mark of union and marital harmony. The consequence of their exchanges increases their well-being.

It is impossible to overlook a glaring specificity of the synastry. the Moon is not only in the same sign – Cancer – but on the same degree. Therefore, emotional understanding and sensitivity are tremendously compatible. They function identically; they need deep closeness, and they have an identical concept of home.

Despite their fame, they happily experienced the adventure of becoming parents. When little Marcel was born in 2011, they remained great partners in life. This is not easy for many people, and it becomes even more complicated when one is under the scrutiny of the media.

Although Cotillard will give birth to a second child in 2017, she was not idle, keeping on playing in many movies while promoting the film Allies on the red carpet with her round tummy. It is probable that the rumours spread about the actress and her screen partner Brad Pitt, at a moment when the latter just announced his divorce, did shock this very sensitive couple. For once, instead of choosing to remain silent, they issued a clear denial.

Fortunately, with the Moon in Cancer in the 10th House (that of career), Canet is well equipped for living with a well-known woman, and he can put up with the vagaries of celebrity. Saturn on the MC indicates that he prefers to remain reserved, for he is not fooled by the commotion surrounding them. Actually, Saturn has a structuring effect since he has nice aspects in the natal chart, namely trine the Mars-Jupiter duet and trine Uranus. He has the ability to stay on course and to make his creative wishes come true, all this with a certain originality. Moreover, Saturn supports Cotillard's planets in Libra. It is impossible to express more clearly that their mutual understanding is deep in all areas and that they enjoy working together.

The comparison of their charts enable us to reassure their fans. They seem to be meant to get along well together for a long time, on screens as well as in real life. As underlined by many astrologers specialised in synastry, conjunctions are often the most meaningful interaspects. In Canet and Cotillard's case, such interaspects are plentiful as we have seen.

Is there a downside to be noticed in such a melodious music? With Uranus in Libra, a bit challenging in Canet's chart, in opposition to Cotillard's Mercury, there may be some nervousness or unforeseen events, particularly in communication, which may at times – depending on the transits – slightly disrupt the beautiful harmony of this almost perfect couple.

With this reservation, they have assets which enable them to consider their common future with serenity. Indeed, they are very lucky to meet with one another.

You will find below the synastry chart for Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet:

Marion (Inner Wheel)
September 30, 1975, 04:50 AM
Paris 12e (Ile-de-France), France
2.23E ; 48.50N ; 1E00
Guillaume (Outer Wheel)
April 10, 1973, 05:55 PM
Boulogne Billancourt (Ile-de-France), France
2.15E ; 48.50N / 1E00
Synastry chart for Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet

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