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Astrological Compatibility Catherine - Michael Douglas

Astrological compatibility: Michael Douglas and Catherine

The first notable thing in the synastry of these successful actors: the two lovebirds are born on the same day... a few years apart. Nonetheless, their Suns are of course in tight conjunction.


Let's begin by looking at the two charts, which display other striking similarities. Catherine's Sun tightly conjuncts her Uranus, whereas Michael's conjuncts his Neptune. In such a case, it is interesting to note the considerable influence of these two generational planets which are part of their natal personal configurations. Indeed, they are fully involved in the T-Square structure that both of them have!

In Catherine's chart, it is Mars, her main dominant, who is the apex, placed between her Sun-Uranus opposition facing the Moon. The aspect is very important, since this T-Square links the two luminaries: it would be difficult to indicate more clearly the independent nature of Catherine's personality, supported by a slightly rebellious action, the man often being a "victim" of her stunts. However, what a fascination for the person who feels concerned by this powerful magnetism... Actually, this is the case of Michael Douglas, whose Sun conjunct Neptune is the apex of his Saturn-Moon T-Square. Therefore, we see that in his natal chart there is a predisposition to fall in love with a woman he places on a pedestal, knowing that the age difference (Saturn) may still be a problem.

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To sum up, at first glance, we observe that the two charts are extremely intertwined, and that the synastry is very rich, but above all, let's reassure our readers, very positive. Since they are both born with the Sun in Libra, Catherine and Michael also tend to pay much attention to seduction and to love. The audience remembers that when Michael met her, fascinated by the interpreter of The Mask of Zorro, he pursued her and courted her in an intense and old-fashioned way, pulling out all the stops, to say the least. After the first effect of Uranus, he underwent the yoke of Catherine's Venus, who falls on Michael's Midheaven axis. It is in this way that he felt shaken up and instantly won over. The actress' Moon in the last degrees of Pisces, opposed to his Sun-Neptune, adds an extra "magic" card into this complex score. In synastry indeed, oppositions are usually positive – if the nature of the planets are not different, for instance the Moon and Mars, Saturn and Venus, etc. – because they complement each other. Here, we note that there is also a great deal of affinity between the Moon in Pisces and the Neptunian Sun. It is sheer romanticism! However, during less easy periods of life, for instance when there are harsh transits, Catherine Zeta-Jones may irritate Michael Douglas with her mysterious sides, her communication difficulties, and her psychological wanderings.

Let's continue the inventory of their points of contact, since they are numerous. Michael's Moon in Capricorn falls on Catherine's Mars: this additional nuance is interesting to underline, because the other elements we analysed in the synastry mainly evoke a classic mode of functioning (two signs of Libra, the wife's Moon opposed to the husband's Sun); all this goes against the rules. Michael Douglas' Moon is indeed affected by the actress' magnetism and almost virile energy. She seduced him as if she were a fencer!

Getting to one of the unmistakable conclusions of the couple's synastry: eroticism has probably always been a most powerful trigger. Incidentally, we see that they have a tendency towards that – Michael, owing to the Venus-Mars conjunction in Libra, and the Ascendant in Scorpio in his natal chart, and Catherine, owing to the nice trine her two dominants Mars and Venus form in Earth signs, in her natal chart too. Now these planets also have important interactions in the two charts. Catherine's Venus sextiles Michael's Moon and conjuncts his Jupiter. In the same way, her Jupiter also conjuncts Michael's Mars in Libra (we do not take into account Venus, too far although slightly active). This is the reason why love led them to marriage, even though everything separated them theoretically. Michael, the heir to a Hollywood dynasty, divorced, and Catherine, a young Scot, newly famous. Jupiter does indicate the will to have a legal fulfilment, which was the case since they became one of the most emblematic couples of the American cinema, forming a successful and safe family.

Finally, we note the influence of Catherine's Mercury, near Michael's Mars: a new mode of communication is set up, which prompts Michael to take initiatives. Whether for the better or when undergoing problems, both of them often played the card of public confession. Without doubt, their capacity to communicate also explains the longevity of their couple.

You will find below the synastry chart for Michael Douglas (outer circle) and Catherine (inner circle):

Synastry chart for Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

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