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Astro Compatibility Faith Hill - Tim McGraw

Astrological compatibility: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

Faith Hill is an American Country singer who achieved international success with her raspy and moving voice. Her 2006 Soul2Soul II Tour, performed with her husband, became the most successful Country music concert of all time.

In 2001, she was named "One of the 30 most powerful women of the U.S." by Ladies Home Journal. Her husband, Tim McGraw, is an American actor and Country singer. The couple has been active since 1992 and, according to Forbes, made 35 million dollars in 2008. In terms of notoriety, Faith's monthly search count exceeds 1.2 million, whereas Tim's rockets to 2.25 million. They got married in 1996, have three daughters, and manage not to be separated for more than three days, despite their professional obligations. They seem deeply infatuated with one another.

Compatibility indexes for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

Since their time of birth is unknown, the angles and houses of their natal charts are not delineated, and their astrological compatibility ratings are less precise, with an average margin of error of 20%. It is however possible to get significant indications from the figures, since they are particularly high, especially regarding the couple's communication compatibility and conjugal complementarity. In their synastry, it is interesting to note that there are two pairs of extremely strong mutual aspects between the Moon and Mercury, as well as between Mercury and Venus, operating both ways. They constitute a guarantee of understanding and of affective, instinctive, and intellectual closeness. There is also a Sun-Moon conjunction in Taurus, a promise of deep and long-lasting conjugal harmony. Tim's Mars in conjunction with Faith's Mercury, supported by Tim's Moon, indicates that action and communication work wonderfully well and serve the couple's best interests. The few weak points are about physical chemistry, for instance the Venus-Pluto and Moon-Jupiter squares, which may create tensions for Tim, and oversensitivity for Faith.

Synastry chart for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

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