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Astro Compatibility Katy Perry - Orlando Bloom

Astrological compatibility: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom


The couple of lovers of the year 2020

In this beginning of 2020, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are the couple which has the wind in its sails. Engaged for nearly a year after having fallen in love at first sight four years ago, they will become parents this summer.

They even hoped to get married in June, but the coronavirus pandemic jeopardized this nice project.

Anyway, this does not alter they present happiness at all; we seize this opportunity to examine their synastry and to assess its potential.

Firstly, let us start by a few words about their individual natal charts.

A double Scorpio and a Capricorn with an Aquarius Ascendant

Compatibility indexes for Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

Perry has the Sun in Scorpio, with in addition the Ascendant in the same sign (this is referred to as "double Scorpio"), which strengthens the power of the sign. She is even considered the archetype of the Scorpio female, sexy, scandalous, uncompromising, deep, jealous, and demanding at the same time.

Is Bloom the right person for her in the long run? His Sun in Capricorn in any case has very numerous assets to meet the lovely lady's expectations. Because, as far as Bloom is concerned, with Mars and the Sun in the 10th sign, he is very Capricorn.

However, with the Ascendant in Aquarius and Neptune on the angle of the Midheaven, it seems that Bloom's personality is more fanciful and flexible than Perry's.

Take a look at the free compatibility report of Katie Perry and Orlando Bloom.

A synastry displaying great inter-aspects by conjunction

In the first place, we note that Scorpio and Capricorn have many traits in common and appreciate one another, like all signs in sextile. Here, they share perseverance, resistance, and the strength of their personality. They never give up and their high standards are non-negotiable.

The main asset of this couple is indicated by the considerable number of inter-aspects by conjunction found in their synastry chart.

Among the blindingly obvious common points, let us discuss immediately Bloom's Moon, who is posited on Perry's Sun-Pluto conjunction. From a traditional astrological viewpoint, we thus know that the latter is increased by the sensitivity of this sympathetic man, and this is above all a token of emotional closeness.

In synastry, the Sun-Moon conjunction of a couple of persons is one of the most powerful and fortunate ties. This applies both ways, i.e. female's Moon on the male's Sun or the reverse.

As mentioned previously, the fact that Perry is so much influenced by Scorpio - with in addition a Sun-Pluto conjunction, Pluto being the sign ruler - enables us to deduce that this sensitivity feature is profound. Thanks to this inter-aspect, Bloom is perfectly able to follow her when she meanders, questions herself, or is in a complicated mood.

Moreover, and despite the 17° orb, we note that Perry's Moon is also in Scorpio. One might as well say that such a configuration guarantees an affinity which needs absolutely no words.

Mars and Venus, planets of attraction, are also in tune

Now, let us look at the planets active in the essential area of attraction within the couple, namely sensuality and physical harmony. In their case, it must be underlined that their respective Mars are also conjunct in Capricorn, this duet receiving almost no negative aspect.

They are joined by Perry's Jupiter too, the latter's role being to make them feel comfortable and to kindle enthusiasm. The planets gathered in Capricorn give Perry and Bloom a similar manner to express their energy and even to create a sort of rivalry that they can experience in a very fulfilling way.

Furthermore, Perry's Mars-Jupiter duet forms a sextile with Bloom's Venus in Pisces. Between them, words match with actions, and sensuality is also buoyant. Granted, there is a reversal of traditional roles, but this is also a bonus. Perry proves "spicy" and full of initiatives, while Bloom knows how to show her a receptive and romantic face.

Simultaneously, Bloom's Mars provides backup with an additional sextile sent to Perry's Mercury-Moon conjunction. It must be noticed that this aspect, precisely, is excellent for Bloom to assume brilliantly the responsibility of a father.

A stimulating communication

Regarding communication, it is quite good though electric. Indeed, Perry's Ascendant, Mercury and Moon are in conjunction with Bloom's Uranus.

He can shake up his partner's routine better than anyone. Reactions are quick, words burst forth, probably with the help of the means of modern technology. Katy never gets bored in the presence of Orlando.

In their profession, this is preferable. The moves of both of them do not interrupt their dialogue. Perry's Jupiter also falling on Blooms' Mars-Mercury duet in the 11th House suggests that they can successfully set up a non-profit association to advocate causes dear to their heart.

Several drawbacks caused by their unpredictable nature

Although the whole picture of this synastry is really extremely favorable, we must recall that astrologers must also warn people about possible difficulties, so as to help them overcome them knowingly.

With this couple, one of the main sources of conflict comes from the unbending position of Bloom's Saturn in Leo. Thus, this planet, which is constantly willing to dictate the rules, makes Perry feel that he is determined to maintain his control over the relationship in general.

As a result, on the one hand, Saturn in Leo may prompt Bloom, who already has a son from another marriage, to seek to impose his views on the education of their future child; on the other hand, Saturn posited on Perry's Midheaven – especially being in tense aspect with her Moon as well as her Mercury and her Ascendant – over time, this configuration may bring about frustrating authoritarianism for her.

It would not be surprising if he desires to curb her social and professional ambitions, even indirectly, by "freezing" the pop star's career.

Perry's Uranian abruptness may destabilize Bloom

For Perry's part, she may sometimes destabilize the actor. As a matter of fact, the young lady's Uranus is in square (tension) with Bloom's sensitive Venus.

Her sudden or eccentric decisions do not suit her companion too much, even though he tends to remain silent and to withdraw.

Furthermore, their respective Venus are also at loggerheads. This aspect is not harmful by itself, since most often it leads to little whims, quite manageable expressions of sulking or of exaggeration, or just different tastes in terms of aestheticism or entertainment.

Another shortcoming must still be mentioned. With the Ascendant in Aquarius, Bloom is attached to his freedom. Maybe too much for a diehard Scorpio female.

A very promising future for a well-matched couple

How will they live this relationship? Time will tell, but in any case, Perry would be well-advised - this may be difficult for her, because Scorpios enjoy being in control - to give Bloom a large space for liberty.

This implies a certain imbalance since the latter, with his Saturn, does not accept that she behaves like him. When two strong personalities are demanding, good understanding and exchanges are necessary to reach a compromise: strive not to dominate the partner at all costs.

All synastries include « flaws », which finally often become a strength, for they enable the couple to become more fulfilled thanks to their mutual differences and demands.

As far as Perry and Bloom are concerned, the comparison of their natal charts is very positive and detailed. Therefore, they have all the advantages required to surmount any ordeal which may occur during certain transits or directions; they can even use they complementarity in various areas. Passion, intellectual and instinctive understanding. This is all that we wish them, and chances are that they will withstand the test of time.

You will find below the synastry chart for Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom:

Katy (Inner Wheel)
October 25, 1984, 07:58 AM
Santa Barbara, California, USA
119.42W ; 34.25N ; 7W00
Orlando (Outer Wheel)
January 13, 1977, 09:15 AM
Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom
1.05E ; 51.17N ; 0W00
Synastry chart for Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

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