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Astro Compatibility Vanessa Paradis - Johnny Depp

Astrological compatibility: Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp

Vanessa Paradis is a French singer and actress who became famous at the age of 14 thanks to the song "Joe le taxi", in April 1987. She also modelled for Chanel, La Redoute, and Miu Miu. Her successes are equally brilliant in the music, the movie and the fashion business.


During 14 years, from June 1998 to June 2012, she lived with the American actor Johnny Depp, the father of her two children, Lily-Rose Melody and Jack John Christopher III. Johnny Depp is an American actor, director, guitar player, scriptwriter, and movie producer. He rose to fame in the 1980s with his role the TV series "21 Jump Street". The atypical characters he portrayed are usually marked by their boldness and their originality, which make them stand out from the crowd of mere mortals. In the early 1990s, he started to work with the man who became his favourite director and his friend, Tim Burton. In 2009, Google popularity figures for Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp were 50,000 and 1,000,000, respectively.

Discover the free compatibility report of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp.

Compatibility indexes for Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp

With high compatibility ratings in the conjugal and communication areas, it is logical that their beautiful love story had lasted 14 years. This is something that happens quite seldom in the movie and music world, especially considering the pressure that such huge renown might put on each partner.

Among several auspicious astrological features, it is worth mentioning that there are remarkable harmonious and soothing connections between the Moon-Jupiter and Moon-Venus pairs, as well as the Sun-Saturn conjunction of Vanessa's Capricorn on Johnny's Gemini. These are indications of durability and stability. In addition, mutual interaspects between the Sun and Uranus bring about an exciting and peculiar climate in the couple's life.

The main stressful points indicated by the synastry definitely come from Johnny's very powerful Mars-Uranus-MC squaring Vanessa's Venus. Indeed, despite the quite harmonious and stimulating mutual aspect (though potentially dangerous) – Vanessa's Mars opposite Johnny's Mercury-Venus conjunction – there is a risk that Vanessa's deep feelings and emotions are out of step with the way Johnny expresses his loving ardour. Johnny's Uranus-Mars conjunction in Virgo operates in fits and starts, in free, exotic, concentrated and unrestrained ways, while Venus in Sagittarius also aspires to some degree of freedom and independence, and therefore may be unable to adjust to Mars' roller-coaster energy.

Between March 2011 and July 2012, on Vanessa Paradis's chart, there is a significant transit by Uranus squaring her Sun (late 2011). Transiting Saturn is also squaring her Moon. Thus, both luminaries undergo hard aspects in the same time frame. In a female's chart, the Sun symbolises the father and the partner, whereas Uranus symbolises independence and break-ups when he negatively hits vital spots such as the Sun (the husband) or Mars (the lover). Saturn in hard aspect with the Moon indicates painful times in the private sphere. A split was written, so to speak, or at least easily foreseeable, based on the transits, even though nothing is carved in stone, since astrology reveals hypotheses and probabilities. The break-up is most likely to have occurred in 2011 actually, although it was announced in July 2012 only.

During the same period preceding the split, we notice in Johnny Depp's chart that transiting Neptune is opposing his Mars-Uranus conjunction, which probably causes some sense of unease or some vagueness in his will to reorient his life. Simultaneously, like each 12 years, Jupiter transited his MC in early 2012, then his Venus, ruler of his MC and strong in her own sign, in late May 2012. These transits brought about tremendous success in both the professional and the affective areas. In addition, his progressed Moon (symbolic direction) is in exact opposition to his Mars-Uranus conjunction, and at the same time, the square of progressed Saturn, as well as the Mercury-Venus conjunction (symbolic directions again), are in opposition to his Moon in Capricorn, obviously representing Vanessa. In Johnny Depp's chart, it is easier to see the split by analysing symbolic directions rather than transits.

Synastry chart for Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp

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