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Astro Compatibility Letizia - Felipe VI of Spain

Astrological compatibility: Felipe VI and Letizia

After Juan Carlos abdicated, everyone rejoiced as Felipe VI and Letizia ascended the throne of Spain.


The young couple, smiling, sympathetic, and cool, offer a beautiful image to Spaniards and the whole world. What does the comparison of their natal charts show? A good news, as it is generally positive, owing particularly to the numerous similarities they display.

Letizia first. She was born with the Sun in Virgo and a tight conjunction between Mars and Mercury (ruler of the sign), just before the Sun (therefore, a triple conjunction). Letizia is most likely to modestly bear in mind her humble origins. The Ascendant in Aquarius, a sign quite different from Virgo since in quincunx, strengthens the intellectual nature of this sheer Mercurian. It endows her with empathy, the will to reach out, which will probably be helpful in her new responsibilities. This cold approach is mitigated by the Fire influence of Venus in Leo and that of the Moon in Sagittarius. Beneath the public mask, Letizia is undoubtedly warm and impulsive in love.

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Compatibility indexes for Felipe VI and Letizia

Now, Felipe. He was born with the Sun in Aquarius. We see that his Sun has a pleasant resonance, because he echoes his wife's Ascendant and Moon, also posited in Aquarius. The deep personality of the new King of Spain bears the mark of a generous sign and a welcome tint of modernity. Nonetheless, his Taurus Ascendant suggests a conservative facet. Indeed, he inherits the crown of a monarchy deeply-anchored in his function. But it is possible to hope that this peculiar Aquarius-Taurus blend will bring about an astonishing behaviour once Felipe gets use to his new status. In the emotional area, although he remains classic, as his Venus in Capricorn needs seriousness and stability, he is attracted to modern and liberated women of the Aquarius type.

To recapitulate, we are dealing with a couple which combines, on the one hand, realism (Earth signs, i.e. Letizia's Virgo, Taurus, i.e. Felipe's Ascendant, and Capricorn, i.e. his Venus), and on the other hand, humanism with Aquarius influencing the Queen's Ascendant as well as Felipe's Sun and Moon.

They deeply understand one another, because there is a mirror effect in the attraction Felipe feels for Letizia. Like all people having in their charts two luminaries posited in the same sign (especially when in conjunction), there is coherence, or even a risk of confusion between masculine and feminine energies. They are coloured by the uniform mark of Aquarius. It is hardly surprising that, several years back, Felipe fell for a divorced commoner, and moreover, a journalist! They do illustrate the energy of the 11th sign of the zodiac, often hostile to marriage, unless this institution pursues higher goals such as a common ideal aiming at some social project. Therefore, in the intellectual area, Felipe and Letizia are more in sync than the average couples. This is their major asset. In this regard, it is worth mentioning that Letizia's Ascendant is in very tight conjunction with Felipe's Mercury.

Additional asset for this elegant couple, the trine between Felipe's Ascendant and Letizia's group of three planets in Virgo. Therefore, the bases are reliable for the twosome who started their story with the utmost discretion before their wedding in 2004. The Earth element provides the stability and resistance required to assuage Letizia's T-Square planets and the power of her mutable signs. The Fire influence in the Queen's chart may sometimes spur Felipe to action: her Venus in Leo indicates a proud temperament. With her noble appearance, her fondness for fashion, and her brilliant mind, Letizia is not a princess who can be left aside. It may happen that her attitude startles her husband, owing to the opposition of her Venus to his Sun, but this aspect is considered an asset in synastry.

Besides, Letizia's Jupiter in late Sagittarius is conjunct Felipe's Venus in Capricorn. This positive aspect linking two planets of nice reputation is important for a romantic relationship. It endows Letizia with leniency and generosity towards her ambitious but reliable and strong husband.

We also observe that children undoubtedly offer traditional joy and fulfilment, since in Letizia's chart, Venus is in the 5th House, and well-aspected, while in Felipe's chart, Jupiter is also in the same position.

Regarding dissonances, both Felipe and Letizia must pay attention to the transits to their respective Mars. Felipe has this planet in Pisces, a sign opposed to his wife's Sun sign, and above all, to her Mars! As a result, the quality of the energy has nothing in common, Felipe's being slightly blurred, and Letizia's, nervous.

If we add the always thorny influence of Letizia's Saturn in Gemini, which is part of a harsh T-Square in her own chart and challenges her husband's Mars, we note that these features must be watched closely in this synastry which, otherwise, is full of assets.

Although this is no easy feat, the chances of success are high, provided that the couple is careful not to be destabilised by the transits and directions of slow-moving planets in mutable signs — around 20-23 degrees — given the vulnerability of Letizia's T-Square, the Sun-Mars-Mercury focal point of which is precisely in the 7th House, the House of marriage.

You will find below the synastry chart for Felipe VI (outer circle) and Letizia (inner circle):

Synastry chart for Felipe VI and Letizia

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