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Astro Compatibility Beyonce - Jay Z

Astrological compatibility: Beyonce and Jay Z

N.B: when this article has been written, we thought that the time of birth which has been sent to us by email for Jay-Z was reliable. In May 2015, we have found that it was not. So the issues regarding the astrological houses of Jay-Z in this article must not be read.

Beyonce and Jay Z enjoy very high compatibility ratings, particularly as far as communication is concerned. This couple, the wealthiest of the world in 2012 according to Forbes, with a fortune of 78 million Dollars, ranks first, before Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady, Victoria and David Beckham, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, then Will Smith and his wife. They have been living together for seven years, and they got married in 2008. They enjoy huge popularity, especially Beyonce. Indeed, each month, there are approximately 20 million Google searches for her, and 5 million for Jay Z.

Beyonce and Jay Z

Like in the synastry of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, there is also a Moon-Jupiter conjunction, a guarantee of well-being and security for the receiver, in this case, Jay Z. The physical compatibility is also very strong, with a splendid trine from Beyonce's Mars in Leo to Jay Z's Venus in Sagittarius, in signs of fire. This trine is also formed conversely, from Jay Z's Mars in Aquarius to Beyonce's Venus in Libra. Therefore, the contact between them is magnetic, not to say electrical.

Compatibility indexes for Beyonce and Jay Z

The weak elements are mainly the mutual Moon-Mars squares, indicating potential annoyance for both partners when their exchanges get out of control. The square formed by Jay Z's Mars on Beyonce's Moon is the tightest of the two squares. Therefore, Jay Z ought to give in and take the first step towards reconciliation. In any case, the series of harmonious and powerful inter-aspects between the two charts extend strong protection for the couple against dangers of premature split.

Synastry chart for Beyonce and Jay Z

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