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Astrological Compatibility Victoria - David Beckham

Astrological compatibility: Victoria and David Beckham

David Beckham is the wealthiest football player of all time, with his 5-year contract with LA Galaxy amounting to 250 million dollars. His success in sport enabled him to rise to tremendous international fame, which became even more dramatic owing to his advertisements for Coca-Cola and IBM, among many others.

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham

Victoria Beckham was one of the Spice Girls, in the nineties. Her career as a solo singer was more or less a failure, but her change of profession to embrace the fashion industry is a success. The couple seems strong despite rumours of split. They have three sons, Cruz, Romeo, and Brooklyn.

Discover the free compatibility report of Victoria Beckham and David Beckham.

Compatibility indexes for Victoria Beckham and David Beckham

Their conjugal compatibility is above average. In their synastry, the conjunction of David Beckham's Mars on Victoria's Venus in Pisces indicates that their physical chemistry is most likely to be excellent. Indeed, this planet is part of a stellium (Jupiter-MC-Venus), a configuration which is synonymous with success and life placed under the public eye. This Venus-Mars conjunction is mutual, meaning that it is also forming conversely in the sign of Gemini. It is supported by their natal Uranus, which increases the intensity of their sexual compatibility. Negative elements are not very strong, among which a Moon-Sun square active both ways, and a square from David Beckham's Mercury to Victoria's Moon. As a result, there may be discrepancies between the couple's ideals and their way of life, and Victoria may be hurt by her husband's sudden or caustic words, in some instances.

Synastry chart for Victoria Beckham and David Beckham

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