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Wed. 29 May., 08:38 AM UT
Sun  8°28'   Gemini
Moon 20°43'   Aquarius
Mercury 20°42'   Taurus
Venus  6°46'   Gemini
Mars 21°54'   Aries
Jupiter  0°48'   Gemini
Saturn 18°37'   Pisces
Uranus 24°01'   Taurus
Neptune 29°37'   Pisces
Pluto  1°57'  Я Aquarius
Chiron 22°09'   Aries
True Node 14°03'  Я Aries
True Lilith 11°16'   Libra
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Waning Moon, 65.78%
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Thu. 6 Jun., 12:40 PM UT
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Hangsa Keith's biography

Hangsa Keith comes from Far East Asia. She was born in a society which resorts to astrology for every event of everyday life, major ones such as choosing a fiancé, as well as more ordinary ones such as having a haircut.

Although she has always been keenly interested in astrology, geomancy, and tarot, she discovered the value of Horary astrology in the late 90's only. Her personal practice and the free consultations she gives on one of the most acclaimed international astrology forum have enabled her to check that the answers of the Horary Oracle are surprisingly reliable whenever the Querent follows the rules for asking questions.

After a fulfilling career in the international civil service, mainly in the fields of Education Sciences and Human Empowerment, she has settled in France where her three grand-children live. She is proud to put her astrological know-how at the service of Astrotheme's customers.