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Analysis of Matthew McConaughey's astrological chart

Daily news regularly puts the spotlight on all sorts of famous people. Although we are not fond of juicy information, we inevitably have an idea about a given political figure, a movie star, a Royal Highness, or a skilled sportsman.


Those well-known faces draw our interest and seem familiar to us, because we watch their successes or their setbacks day by day.

Astrology may also be considered as an interesting filter to better define their personality, and to guess whether the events they experience are confirmed by their planets' activities. Astrology does not reveal everything, of course, but using the dominants and other peculiarities of the natal chart, we can see whether the astrological portrait matches the collective image or offers unsuspected additional nuances.

After Stephen King and Gisele Bündchen, here is an article about the charming Matthew McConaughey.

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Focus Astro celebrity: Matthew McConaughey

During a long time, the whole world believed that Matthew McConaughey was but a handsome guy with protruding pectorals, often seen bare-chested doing press-ups on a beach. Not the type of actor which people believe to accept anything for a scenario.

But what a surprise! Matthew McConaughey is certainly not as plain and hollow as he may seem, since he has the Sun in Scorpio. A sign which, on second thought, fits a person capable of any metamorphosis...

But before reaching this point, the actor rather endorsed the roles of young handsome heroes, since he is marked by a very prominent Air element. His Gemini Ascendant probably gives him his mobile and active side, as well as the tastes of the eternal adolescent, which blends with a Libra in which three planets are posited, including a beautiful Venus in domicile and conjunct Jupiter. It is difficult to imagine a better configuration in the areas of relationships, affection, and even finance! It is true that, very early, good luck played a major role in the life of this Texan. After a few walk-on parts, he became a very promising top billing in the '90s, revealing his power of persuasion in Spielberg or Zemeckis' films. But too much choice kills the choice! In the 2000s, a bit like a weathercock, the comedian got lost in not too demanding romantic comedies, in which he is more appreciated for his lovely face – and his pectorals – than for his acting skills. Choosing the easy way is typical of a Gemini-Libra combination. Sociable, adaptable, with the gift of the gab, Matthew McConaughey has no problem seducing women, who swoon, as well as men, who want to identify with him.

However, Mars in Aquarius gives him a "new man" look, and may be tricky because he forms a T-Square, therefore a conflicting aspect, with Mercury and Saturn. This configuration adds a less superficial hue, owing to the fact that it is in fixed signs: Mars in Aquarius, Saturn in Taurus, and Mercury in Scorpio. The latter planet is powerful in the natal chart, for it rules the Ascendant. Moreover, this Mercury makes many aspects (the T-Square and a sextile with the Moon in Virgo, also ruled by Mercury). In other words, with such a chart, sooner or later, McConaughey was bound to ponder over existential issues, since Mercury also represents the intellect, contrary to the cliché which sticks to him too often.

Therefore, one day, Scorpio woke up in him. He told the press how an initiatory trip enabled him to discover the deepest layers of his soul, and how he understood that he could not content himself with flimsy success. Indeed, let's not forget that the demanding Sun, conjunct Mercury, although less involved in the T-Square, confirms that McConaughey's personality is made of bronze, even though it is concealed behind light manners.

What the astrologer finds most intriguing is to see that the roles in which McConaughey shone after this sloughing seem based on a Scorpio-Libra combination. We are referring to the character of a stripper for Soderbergh, in 2012, which mixes seduction and sex, values pertaining to these autumn signs. Then McConaughey reached the top with The Dallas Buyers Club, in which he plays the role of a man diagnosed with incurable AIDS, and which earned him the Best Actor Oscar in 2014. Yet, during the months preceding the shooting, frightening pictures of McConaughey were released: extremely emaciated, he looked like he could hardly stand up. The best proof that when a Scorpio is willing to personify destruction, he does so very well! If we add a touch of Uranus – already discernible in one of McConaughey's first roles, Dazed and Confused in 1993 – we understand that he is a hard-liner.

Nevertheless, beneath this last professional and social ambivalence, McConaughey has a tremendous asset: he is blessed with the best possible, or almost, astrological energies in the fields of romance and finance. Indeed, there is a splendid and fulfilling Venus in domicile and Jupiter conjunction, which receives no challenging aspect. Furthermore, Jupiter rules the Descendant, the House of marriage and partnerships, and ensures that legal unions and contracts with business partners are highly successful. As if it were not enough, the Sun and the Moon are in sextile, indicating that the way he understands a man-woman relationship, or simply the way he considers women, is very balanced and healthy.

Author: All-Pro Reels from District of Columbia, USA
Credits: Flickr
Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0
Born:Tuesday, November 4, 1969
In:Uvalde (TX) (United States)
Sun: 12°28' ScorpioAS: 12°33' Gemini
Moon:13°01' Virgo MC: 25°34' Aquarius
Dominants: Scorpio, Libra, Aquarius
Mercury, Venus, Uranus
Houses 6, 5, 4 / Air, Water / Fixed
Chinese Astrology: Earth Rooster
Numerology: Birth Path 4
Height: Matthew McConaughey is 5' 11½" (1m82) tall
Pageviews: 228,997

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Since the beginning of 2014, Matthew McConaughey has been under the influence of the retrogradation of Mars in Libra transiting his Jupiter-Venus conjunction three times. This may explain the current success, because the aspect brings about charisma and power over people. This summer, Mars enters Scorpio, the other prominent sign of the natal chart. However, in this position, Mars may provoke a few tensions or too much action. Later on, in February 2016, there will be a transit by a slow-moving planet, i.e. Saturn on the Descendant: it is most likely that McConaughey will be more restrictive in his relationships, with a tendency to shut himself away, almost wise, all in all.

His 2013 and 2014 progressions underline the exceptional period he is currently experiencing: the Moon has already passed on his Saturn and reactived the T-Square. A progression in the 10th House, which highlights his career, probably with the stress which goes along with his performance. In November 2014, the progressed Moon will be opposed to his Sun in Scorpio, bringing in her wake a nice trine in Earth signs. It seems that this time Matthew McConaughey will have established very solid foundations on which he can rely to continue on his path as an actor.


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