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Leo and Virgo rising: its meaning

Leo and Virgo Ascendant in your horoscope

The characteristic of this sign combination is the will to project an irreproachable self-image and to display humble and withdrawn manners. Your Leo Sun defines your inner self which is marked by the sense of honour, courage, and loyalty towards a person, an ideal, as well as to yourself.

Owing to your Virgo Ascendant, when you meet people for the first time, you are cautious and reserved, as if you feared that opening up too much to the outer world might upset the balance of your life. You are fault-finding, and your eagle eye immediately spots the flaws in lines of reasoning or in people. With your analytical and provident mind, you come across as a very serious person at first glance.


However, when people get to know you better, they understand that your Leo Sun is ready to roar, and they discover your daring and easy-going nature tinged with aristocracy.

You lack diplomacy because neither Leo nor Virgo show leniency with human weaknesses. These two signs have in common perfectionism and incorruptibility.

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Examples of charts with the Sun in Leo and the Ascendant in Virgo

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The Ascendant and the Sun in sign

If you have a doubt about your sign or your Ascendant, you can get it immediately.

The rising sign, i.e. the sign which crosses the eastern horizon at the moment of birth, is a major element of the natal chart because it describes our general behaviour and our outward appearance and indicates how people perceive us when they meet us for the first time.

It is important to grasp the difference between the Ascendant sign - the rising sign - and the Sun sign, i.e., the sign in which the Sun is posited at the moment of birth. Unlike the Ascendant, the Sun sign refers to the deepest part of us which is more genuine but less accessible because it is meant for our friends and relatives only.

Leo sign

Your Sun sign is Leo, which means that it is only when people know you well that your Leo traits become obvious. They may be different from your outward appearance, which is influenced by your Ascendant sign.

Virgo Ascendant

Your Ascendant sign is Virgo, which means that, at first glance, people feel the influence of Virgo on your outward appearance It may be different from your inner self, which defined by your Sun sign.